thranduil x reader (circa 2015)


An oddly popular story from my Wattpad days... and a spiritual predecessor of a story I’m thinking of writing. Not very good but still something people enjoy? I suppose?

Romance / Fantasy
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A/N This is the worst chapter, it gets better, I swear.

You gave a soft sigh, shifting in your bed. If you could even call it that. You were currently imprisoned in the dungeons of Mirkwood...though you suspected you would be freed shortly. You and your dearest friend Amra had been charged with trespassing on royal property. Amra was armed to the teeth, as per usual, which only incriminated the two of you even further. Luckily for you, she knew how to deal with royal elf kind, having grown up in a rich household, and was clever. She could easily bargain your freedom.

You found comfort in these facts and slowly drifted back to sleep. It wasn't long before you were rudely awakened by Amra being thrown into the cell. She gave a growl, rubbing a red mark on her face; no doubt she was smacked by one of the guards for acting up.
"That no good prissy king can't even fight for himself!" she spat.

"Amra, why must you be so rude." You sighed "We'll only be kept longer i-"

"You, runt, come on." A guard grabbed your arm "The king wants to see you."

You said nothing, and followed.

Heart racing, you ran over anything you knew about royalty. Be courteous. Don't look them in the eye...on second thought, keep your head low at all times. Perhaps if you were careful, they would still think you were an elf. They didn't take very kindly to anyone else.

You were practically tossed into the throne room, causing you to

The king gave an exasperated sigh "You are even more filthy than the last..."

Your eyes darted up for only a split second, cheeks flushing with embarrassment. It was true, you supposed, those guards tossed you around quite a bit. Eyes narrowed, the king slowly stood, making his way down the steps.

You practically trembled as he towered over you, seemingly studying you. Roughly, he pulled your chin up, studying your face. His eyes almost seemed to soften as they met yours. You quickly looked else where, breathing becoming nearly frantic. He let go, hand wandering to your hair. Ever so gently, he brushed a lock behind your ear. "You're human." He stated, voice monotone.

The king stepped back, walking leisurely as ever around you "Now, what is a little girl like you doing here...with a rogue elf."

"S-she is my companion-"

"Why? That uncivilized brat is kind to no one. I've dealt with her in the past."

"A-amra took m-me in...I have nothing else..."

He gave an unsatisfied hum "You're a peasant, a human one none the less. What are you doing here? Come to steal?"

You shook your head "We were lost-"

"Do not lie to me!" He shouted abruptly. You flinched, trembling worsening. "You would not be traveling with that traitor if you weren't a criminal yourself!"

You whimpered, tears forming in your eyes. He narrowed his eyes, again brushing the hair from your face, this time to reveal one of your scars on your neck. "Where are you from?"

"A small t-"

"I meant where were you last. A brothel, perhaps?...or were you a slave?"

You shook your head "I-"

"Who gave you your scars?" He demanded.

"M-my father."

After a silent moment, he called the guards "Free the traitor..."

You gaped, as he returned to his throne "You are to leave. I've taken pity on you, do not think you and your companion will be welcomed here."
You nodded quickly, scurrying out. What a strange elf....
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