His tears burn through cloth..


this is a story i'm working on there is more explanation at the end of the story!

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I won't let go..

His tears burn through cloth..

I won't let go..

“I’ll try but it will be really hard...but if i can’t deal with the pain anymore you guys have to promise to let me go…” deku said with a serious voice.

“........Okay…….” aizawa said softly but sadly.

At todo’s home deku finally came over :D

“Mido! Are you okay?!” Todo ran over and gave him a hug

“Yeah...I’m okay todo..” deku hugged todoroki back

“That’s good! I love you so much!”” Todo kissed his forehead.

“I love you to…” he said sounding a bit tired

“Are you tired, baby?” todo ask softly.

“Yeah..i am…” deku said yawning a bit.

“Alright, Come on let’s go to my room” Todo walked with deku to the bedroom.

“Mkay…” deku said softly.

They walked over to Todo’s room and sat on his bed.

“Here’s a spot for you.” Todo had deku lay on his bed.

*deku yawns a bit* “T-thank you..”

“No problem baby..” todo said with a smile

deku falls asleep

Todo pats his head and snuggles up next to him.

Deku woke up before todo and he was trapped because todo was snuggling him

“Umm...todo i can’t get up…” Deku said tired.

“Mhm….Okay…” Todo didn’t move

“Todo we have school today...we need to get up…” deku said petting todo's head.

“Fuck school...Im tired…” Todo yawned

“I mean yeah fuck school….but Aizawa sensei is gonna kill us….and mainly me because i forgot to tell him i came over here….” Deku smiled.


“Well maybe if we get up we won’t get murdered by aizawa sensei….” Deku said with a slight yawn

“Ugh..Fine….Whatever…” todo sighed.

“Heh...we’ll be able to snuggle after school okay…” deku gave todo a warm smile

“Fine…But you promised!” Todo looked at deku.

“Heh...i know….” Deku smirked.

They finally got up and went to school and it was already time for lunch when they got there

“Hey Mido, how’s your day been going?” todo asked.

“Oh..well i guess it’s been going fine! Thanks for asking!” deku smiled warmly.

“That’s good…” Todo sounded tired still.

“Hehe..well how has your day been going Todo?”

“I guess..Good?” todo was unsure of how it's been.

“Well at least it’s been good and not horrible!” deku chuckled a bit.

“Yeah the only bad part was that i had to get up!” todo complained.

“Hhm..weirdo.” deku smirked.

“I’m not weird!” todo exclaimed

“Heh..yeah you are.” izuwu smiled again.

“Lies you say!” todoroni then exclaimed again

“Well if you’re not weird then you’re cute!” The broccoli giggled.

“..Thank you..” Todo turns red

“You’re welcome cutie!” teh child said once more

“STOPP…!” Duckoroni exclaimed.

“Awwwww but whyyyyy!!!!” Izuwu tilted his head.

“Because you’re the cute one!” todoroni pulled a uno reverse card.

“N-no i’m not!” Deku blushed.

“Mhmm And bakuhoe is not a jerk.” the peppermint smirked.

“...i’m not cute…” broccoli sighs.

“You sure cutie?” Duckoroni said once more.

“////// y-yes i ammmm!!!”

“I don’t believe it cutie~”

“S-shut upppp i ain’t cuteeeeeeee!!!!” Deku covered his face

“Oh no~ Let me see your cute face!~”

“T-todo stoopppp! You’re the cute one not meeee!!!”

“Nope im handsome, your cute~”

“N-no! You’re cute and I am a rat!”


“Fine then we’re both cute, ya adorable candy cane!”

“:0 yASSSS”

“And you said you’re not weird.”

“I stand by my words.”

“Heh okay, love you weirdo!”

“I love you more~”

“No i love you more~”

“Nope I love you the most!~”

“Well I love you more than I love all might!~”

“That’s a lot of love!”

“Yes, yes it is~ dat’s because I wuv youwu a wot~” Deku says in a cute voice and pulls todo into a hug and kisses him

“Oh wow, I have been seduced.”

“What the absolute hell todo!”

“Wut? Did I make the baby mad???”

“I am not a baby first of all! And you said you have been seduced that’s fucking weirrddddd ya candy cane uwu!”

“Oh baby boo! No cursing! Your teacher will call your parents if you do!”

“So what?”

“And you don’t want me to punish you~!”

“Ohhhh right sowwyyyy!”

“Good boy!”

“Okay, well we better get back to class!”

“Most definitely.”

They walk back to class and aizawa tells them they are late and need to go to detention

“You two are late, please head to detention!”

“Okay sorry sensei me and todoroki-kun will head there now!” Deku grabs todo by the hand and they walk to detention

A day later at lunch deku was alone and he was about to take his shoes off to jump off sadly

Just as I was about to take my shoes

Off on the rooftop there I see

A boy with messy green hair there before me

Despite myself I go and scream;

“Hey! Don’t do it, please”

Whoa, wait a minute what did I just say?

I couldn’t care less either way

To be honest I was somewhat pissed;

This was an opportunity missed

The boy with messy green hair told me his woes

“You’ve probably heard it all before;

I really thought that he may be the one

But then he told me he was done”

For God’s sakes please! Are you serious? I just can’t believe

That for some stupid reason you got here before me

Are you upset ’cause you can’t have what you wanted?

You’re lucky that you’ve never gotten robbed of anything!

“I’m feeling better thank you for listening!”

The Boy with Messy green hair then disappeared

“Alright, today’s the day” or so I thought Just as i took both my shoes off, There was but a boy short as can be despite myself, i go and scream

The petite boy told me his woes “You’ve probably heard it all before; Everyone ignores me, everyone steals, I don’t fit in with anyone here.”

For God’s sakes please! Are you serious? I just can’t believeThat for some stupid reason you got here before me ’Cause even so, you’re still loved by everyone at home! There’s always dinner waiting at the table, you know?

“I’m hungry” said the boy as he shed a tear

The boy short as can be then disappeared

And like that, there was someone every day

I listened to their tale, I made them turn away

And yet there was no one who would do this for me

No way I could let out all this pain

For the very first time, there I see

Someone with the same pains as me

Having done this time and time again

He wore a yellow Backpack

“I just wanna stop the scars that grow

Everytime that I go home

That’s why I came up here instead”

That’s what the Boy in the Backpack said

Whoa, wait a minute what did I just say?

I couldn’t care less either way

But in the moment I just screamed

Something that I did not believe

“Hey! Don’t do it, please.”

Agh- what to do!? I can’t stop this boy, oh this is new!

For once I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew

But even so, please just go away so I can’t see

Your pitiful expression is just too much for me!

“I guess today is just not my day”

He looked away from me and then he disappeared

There’s no one here today, I guess it’s time

It’s just me, myself and I

There’s no one who can interfere

No one to get in my way here

Taking off my yellow backpack

Watching my braids all come undone

This petite boy short as can be

Is gonna jump now and be free

Deku jumped off the ledge only to be stopped by someone with a familiar voice….

“Kid, what are you doing!?” Hawks yelled at deku.

“I-i!?...I’m sorry i wasn’t thinking..!” Deku told a slight lie and sent hawks a fake smile.

Hawks sighed, “I hope that’s the truth...if you’re lying I should get you some help…”

Tell me if you want more and this is my first time making fanfiction and i know it's not great but i tried and i know it's a cliff hanger but i can still make more! :3
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