Life Without Fred

chapter 2

Minerva stood at the head of the great hall and slowly raised her goblet before clearing her throat. The entirety of the great hall quieted and looked to her. “A toast to those that were lost. But first, Professor Flitwick has prepared a song in honor of the fallen. Would all those he chose to sing please join me up here.”

George watched as several people detached themselves from the group and made their way up the hall. He was surprised to see Hermione walk the length of the hall next to Luna. He was the only person that had known she loved Fred as more than a surrogate brother. Ginny and he were the only people that knew that Hermione had married Ron as a way of staying close to Fred. After about twenty to thirty people had joined the teachers and arranged themselves, Flitwick motioned for quiet before tipping his head at Luna who softly started singing, to be joined by Hermione and on down the line to the rest. Minerva tapped her wand against a strange box and pictures began to play against the stone wall of the Hall. George’s breath caught when he saw Fred’s face. It was a magical projection of the fallen. The pictures had a silver tint around the edges and he realized they were pulled memories from the survivors, enchanted to be seen without the use of a pensieve.

A hand to aid along the road
A laugh to lighten any load
A place to bring a burdened heart
And heal the ache of sorrow’s dart

Who’d willing share in joy or tears
And help to ease the darkest fears
Or my soul like their own defend
And all because they were my friend

No grave could hold so free a soul
I see them in the frisking foal
I hear them laughing on the breeze
That stirs the very tops of trees.

they soar with falcons on the wing
they hear the song that night birds sing
Death never dared them captive keep
they lie not there, they do not sleep.

Hermione stepped forward, and in a sweet clear voice, sang the next lines alone. Her eyes closed and tears running down her face, before stepping back into line.

But there is silence at my side
That haunts the place they used to stride
And my companions can’t belay
The loss that I sustained this day

How bleak the future now has grown
Since I must face it all alone
My road is weary, dark and steep
And it is for myself I weep

As the last notes filled the hall, George realized he had crushed Angelina’s hand in his own. Looking around he saw that some had tears streaming down their faces, while others were sobbing and being held by family or friends. Minerva raised her goblet once again and the hall rang with the sounds of others doing the same. Her toast was short, elegant and to the point as she fought back tears of her own. “To all of our fallen. Brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and parents. They gave everything they had so our world could be free of the tyranny of one man. We thank them. ”

A/N: the song is Heralds Lament by Mercedes Lackey. I debated with putting it in for a long time. if you don't like I'll remove it. I originally had the Parting Glass in here instead.

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