Angel Feathers

Chapter 2

Dean turned the key, and the engine roared into life. AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" blaring out of the old radio, as they drove away from the Green Tree Motel. An hour passed, and then two as the boys quizzed her on where she came from, and how she had gotten from her world to theirs.

"How did you fall into this gate or whatever?" Sam asked over his shoulder.

"I didn't fall, I was pushed." Feona said indignantly "but I don't know who pushed me." She sighed and brushed her wavy hair out of her face. Cas let out a little sigh as she did this. Feona turned toward him, "why do you keep staring at me?"

"Yeah, Cas, why do you?" Dean asked with a knowing grin in the mirror.

"I've... I haven't... seen hair that color before." Cas said all in a rush.

"Oh, is that all?" Feona asked, suddenly quite shy.

Cas was saved from having answer by Dean pulling into the parking lot of a little diner advertising bacon cheeseburgers. "Who's up for some food?" Dean said as he parked the shining black impala and rubbed his hands together. Feona turned from Cas, and putting her elbows on the back of the seat in front of her, leaned forward. She peered out the windshield at the flashing sign. "I could eat." She shrugged. " Let's go."

They all filed into the yellow diner; Feona once again flanked by the men. Sam led them to a booth in the back, and gestured for them to sit. Dean and Cas took the side facing the door, Feona and Sam the other. A waitress with dyed blonde hair, a yellow and red uniform and too much make-up strolled up with menus. Placing them on the table in an untidy stack, she said, "be back in a minute for your order." She winked at Dean and wiggled her hips suggestively as she walked away.

After a few minutes, Sam flagged her down. She strolled over, pen and pad at the ready. "What can I get 'cha?"

"These three will have the bacon cheeseburger and I will have the ... Salad." Sam smiled and handed her the menus. Dean rolled his eyes and Cas sighed.

"Be right up Hun."

"What ,Dean?" Sam said.

"Would it kill you to eat a burger once, Sammy?"

As they ate their food in silence, broken only by contented munching, Dean looked up and out the window. He saw a man and woman leaning on the trunk of his beloved car. Dean snapped his fingers at Sam to get his attention across the table. "Sam, outside, look."

The other three paused and looked out the window.

"Dean, their demons." Cas said around a mouthful of burger, before stuffing the rest in his mouth and standing up.

Dean angrily dropped his half-eaten burger back onto his plate and sighed. "Can't a man eat his burger in peace!"

"What do you think they want?" Sam frowned.

" I don't know, but I'm going to stab them with ruby's knife if they say one thing I don't like." Dean said as he stood up and tossed a few bills down onto the table. As they exited the diner's double doors, the two demons stepped forward.

"Get your blacked-eyed asses off my car, or so help me, I will stab you in the heart." Dean growled at them.

"We're not here for you, Winchester, we want the woman." The female snapped at him.

"Well, i'm sorry sweetheart, but you can't have her. Feona, get in the car." Dean said with a sarcastic smirk.

Feona slowly slid around to the passenger's side and climbed in. Cas kept himself in between her and the demons and stood protectively with his hand on the top of the car door. Feona watched out the back window as Sam stepped up beside his brother.

"Leave or we WILL kill you. Your choice." Sam said as he pulled his coat back to show the hilt of ruby's knife.

"You won't use that in public." The male sneered, flashing black eyes then blinking them away.

"Oh he might not, but you know I will." Dean said.

The female demon grabbed her companion's arm and hissed, "remember our orders!" The male angrily shook her off, but backed off with a glare. They slowly walked backward till they were past the car then turned and walked away. Cas watched them till they were out of sight then got in the back seat next to Feona. The brothers climbed in and closed the doors in synch, then turned to face her.

"Why do the demons want you?" Dean demanded.

"I don't know! I didn't know or believe they existed until today." Feona said.

"I believe I can answer that, but not here." Cas sighed as he looked around.

"Nice, cryptic as usual Cas." Dean grumped as he started the car. Cas gifted him with a Sammy "bitch-face" as they sped away. They drove till Sam pointed out another cheap motel. As Dean checked them all in, Sam checked the hotel for demons and Cas sat in strained silence with Feona.

"Cas, why do the demon's want me?" Feona softly asked as she touched his shoulder to turn him toward her. Cas slowly turned to look at her, his deep blue eyes meeting her darker ones.

"It's because you are important." Cas said as he stared at her before turning to look at his hands in his lap.

"But why am I important to them? I'm nobody in this world, and in my own. I don't even have friends. I don't let people get close to me."

Cas looked up she said this and gave Feona a very sad look.

"I'm sorry for that, that your world is like that." He reached out to touch her hand just as Dean pounded on the roof and said, " come on, room's clear, lets get you inside and find out why the demons want you so bad."

Sam and Dean sat at the little table under the window, while Feona sat on the end of the bed, and Cas stood in the middle of the room.

"So Cas, why do the demons want her alive?" Dean said as he nodded in Feona's direction.

"She is important because of where she came from, and how she got here." Cas explained as he gazed at her.

"What do you mean?" Sam said as he furrowed his brow. Dean remained silent as Cas continued.

"In her world, there are no demons. No monsters. Can you imagine the havoc if the demons used her to get into her world? Where nobody knows or believes they exist. Where nobody knows how to fight them. That is why they need her alive, to find out how she got here." Cas stated matter-of-factly.

Sam and Feona gasped as Dean turned a bit white and ground out through his teeth, "Are you telling me, they can use her to make their own, perfect, hunter free world?"

"Yes." Cas stated simply as he moved another step in-between the angry hunter and Feona.

"Do I get say in this?" Feona quietly asked, looking at her lap. "I don't want them to enter my world and destroy it. We have enough wars there. If I stay here, will I ever be safe from them?"

Sam was about to answer as the door crashed in and four demons charged in yelling "take the woman and kill the Winchesters!"

"Cas take Feona out of here! We've got them!" Dean hollered as he drew his pistol and Sam drew ruby's knife. Cas grabbed Feona's outstretched hand and popped away with her as the brothers charged the demons.

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