My workaholic boss (JENLISA)


Lisa manoban is ordinary girl. She just finished studying in Busan, and going back to seoul, she wil pursue her dreams and have a decent job there. Before she leaves Busan, her friend Rosé accompanied her to go for a night party, they want to be happy before they leave though. Then, she met this woman that changed her night, Jennie Kim, which she had a one night stand on that day too. She's confident that she will not meet the woman again ' cause first she'll go back to Seoul on next morning, and second, she disguised herself. But unfortunately, she met this woman again in Seoul, would be she able to hide herself from her? Or she'll let her enter her life again? I wanted to say something to all of you: 1. I wanted to share some stories that i like. 2.I don't want them to be deleted by there author 3.These stories are not mine. 4.Please give comments and likes. Thanks for your understanding.... Love you all byeee.......❤️❤️❤️

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Lisa Pov

"Where is the idol unnie of yours? I'm getting irritated now." I complaint to my sister and brother.

"Yah, unnie. I swear if you see her ,you'll fell inlove instantly." sana said.

Sana, she's my younger sister, and I actually hate her now, even my brother too.

"Idol unnie is gorgeous as hell." Jungkook interrupted.

I rolled my eyes on them. They're been talking about 'idol unnie' non stop. I fully regret that I studied at Busan, damn . Maybe that woman stole my position as their eldest when I'm studying.

"Jungkook, are you sure idol unnie is comming"?Sana scolded him .

I shake my head. What the heck is with that girl? If I'll saw her I swear I will kill her for replacing me from them.

'I miss idol unnie '.

'Will she go here?'

'I miss playing with her.'

'I want to dance with idol unnie too.'

Damn that idol unnie! Since I got here they've been mentioning her name!

It's been a week since I got home from Busan. I just finished my studies and I came back here for work. Basically I don't really have to work because we own a company but i want to challenge myself. I want to work on the other companies. Actually my interview is in 2 hours now. I just can't leave my family because they want me to see their 'idol unnie'.

They say she'll be here in a few minutes and she'll go back to work . Tsk, how I wish she will not go here anymore.

I just let them talk about idol unnie, why is she so important to my siblings? I hate her.

"Guys! I'm sorry if I'm late!"

And there I saw a woman from afar wearing a business coat. She's skinny and have a far color. Although she looks like a business woman she can still manage to look hot. What the? What am I saying?

"Idol unnie! " Sana screamed and run towards their idol unnie. Ahah! So you're the one!

I was about to scold her but then the more I get closer to her, l slowly recognise who she is .


She looked at me but I quickly averted my eyes on her, what the heck is she doing here?

What will I do?

Damn , I'm in trouble.

There's a billion of people on earth how come she would be idol unnie? I want to die right now.

I need chaeyoung here now. Right, I have to call her!

I almost slide my phone because I'm shaking.

She answered my call." Hey wassup? I'm about to call you also."

"I will say something important." I screamed while whispering.

"Me too, let's meet at the usual cafe." She dropped the call.

Wow, She didn't know how important this is!

I quickly go to the kitchen and kissed my parents.

"Mom I have to go now, I'll meet Rosé".

Mom frowned, "okay by the way... say hi to our visitor before you leave.

I nodded, now I have to say hi to her? Damn this.

I go back to our Living room and she'll still there, she's so gorgeous.

"Unnie! Come here you have to meet her!" Jungkook shouted. They're so loud.

I immediately wear my sunglasses, this might help so she can't recognise me.

She looked at me. Honestly when you first saw her she looks like a bitch, and right now? She got my attention again , but I still hate her though.

She's looking at me intently, checking me from head to toe, and I fell awkward now. Did she recognised me? I hope not.

"Idol unnie, this is Lisa unnie. I've been telling you for so long, she's pretty right?" Jungkook introduced me, heck this scene is so slow.

"And this is idol unnie, she's Jennie." I smirked, of course I know her name Jennie. It's been a week since I saw her.

She offered a shake hand and smiled at me. Her smile, gosh why does is have to be disarming? Those gummy smile will always made your day.

What? Did I just say that? Heck no!

I accepted her hand. I can feel a thousand of volts was transferring to me from her hand. I hate this felling. I was about to stop touching her but she squeezed my hand gently.

"I- It's nice to meet you too, Jennie." I tried to get my hand but she didn't let me, she slowly played my pulse with her index finger. Damn, she's flirting with me. She's so hot.

"It's so good you finally meet each other!" Sana clapped.

"I have to ho now." I get my hand forcely and leave them , for sure she's smiling widely.

What the hell was that ?


"Park chaeyoung"

She sipped on her drink. "What"?

"I will kill you".

She chuckle,"what make you kill me? I'm a good friend you know".

I just shake my head and think about Jennie again, It's real. She's here.

"Lisa she's looking for you in Busan! I heard she's going back every night to the bar and look for you, aside from yesterday".

For real? Jennie is looking for me? Well I'm too,for the damn whole week my body is looking for her.

"What do you want me to do then"? I sighed, now that she found me, what will she do to me?

She smiled,"maybe she's the one"?

My eyes widened,"What are you saying chaeyoung-ah"!

"Aren't you sad? It's been a year since you had a girlfriend! Don't yell me you haven't moved on yet"?

I massaged my forehead, I already moved on chaeng".

"Whatever, what were you saying"?she suddenly asked.

"I saw her earlier, she live here".

She spits her drink,"What"?

I nodded,"And damn, she recognised me! Good thing I leave before she'll do anything to me!"

"Lisa I swear, she's the one!"She said while clapping

I shake my head,"I don't think so, It's just a one night stand chaeng". But a part of me was hoping. I've been missing her even though I just saw her once.

"Even a night can change everything Lalisa".

"Why? Isn't she amazing?" She asked.

I blushed as I remembered that thing.


"I swear Park Chaeyoung this is so not good". I said while letting her grab me inside the bar.

"Duh Lalisa! It's our last night here in Busan let's just enjoy this!" She laughed at me.

I shake my head,"What if our parents will know about this?"

"They will not." She said.

We entered a wild smokey bar. I hate the smell, liquor and cigarette. Argh.

Since I don't want to destroy Chaeyoung's trip, I just let her go and get to everyone. I'm just here, starting to make myself drunk. I already drink three bottles of beer, I feel hot though.

I scanned the bar to find someone, I want accompanied. i cringed when I saw a lots of people were making out.

And there, I saw someone on the farthest table, I take a glimpse of her thinking she's the hottest women here in the bar. Wow, why I didn't saw her earlier?

She's wearing a crop top covered with a leather jacket, tight jeans and bog belt, She have thia bitch face that make her delicious.

I regret that I refused chaeyoung, I will thank her later. But I will get this girl first.

I walked towards her and sit beside her that she can scan me.


She rolled her eyes," It's it obvious?"

Wow, impressive, "You're a bitch, I like It".

I'm not usual in this, I'm just giving myself this night because I knew everything will be left after this.

She looked at me emotionless, once she looked down I make sure to gently raise my one leg, revealing to her and I crossed my legs. Her eyes widened, I smirked by her reaction.

"Don't talk to me." She adverted her eyes on me and drink her glass.

I laughed is she referring to me? To Lalisa Manoban?

I traced her neck by my index finger to her throat, I see her gulp.

She's so hot .

I clutched her leather jacket and move closer to her," I won't do that." I licked her earlobe."I want you" Saying It seductively.

She closed her eyes, sighing deeply,"Stop doing that you don't even know me miss. You don't know what I can do to you."

"I wanna see what you have got."

I can see her eyes turned into dark one, she stand and grabbed my hand. She started walking fast, my heart is beating so fast right now.

"Wh-where are we going?" Why am I getting nervous? Shit I started this.

She then stopped in front of the door. She slowly opened it and drag me inside.


"Shut up." My eyes widened as she pinned me on the door and crashed her lips with mine.

She started moving with a fast pace . I jus found myself responding to her kisses . Gosh this girl is amazing. She's a good kisser.

I hold on to her shoulder and fell her soft lips . Slowly I realised that this is not good, right Lisa you're in trouble.

She bit my lip asking for enterance, bit I refused. Suddenly she touched my butt that makes me gasped, giving her a chance to explore my mouth.

I pushed her gently and make way to the bed, when we reach the edge I pinned her on it and kissed her hungrily. I'm already addicted to this women.

Her hands are starting to explore my body, and I'm liking it. Damn my naughty mind.

In just a split second we changed position, now she's on the top. I can tell you she's an aggressive one.

We stopped for a moment and catch our breathes.

"Hey, what's your name ?" She said trying to catch her breathe.

"I'm Lisa," I bit my lip.

She gave a peck on my lips,"Jennie

I don't think we can handle a conversation so I grabbed her neck and let the tension rise again.

And we did a wonderful makeout that night.


I blinked for once and think about it again. I can't remember how many rounds we did that, 3? 4? Shit I don't know, all I knew she's amazing and her name is Jennie. Since that night my body is looking for her.

On the next day I just leave her sleeping, not giving any messages or what. I thought I would never meet her again since I left Busan, but that what happen?

It's not that I don't want to meet her, It's so embarrassing that I initiated everything that night. I'm the one who flirts. What would she think of me when she's sober?

"I knew it, she got you. You're sweating Lis, I'm just asking if she was great." Chaeyoung laughed.

"Maybe she got me." I sighed.

She tapped the table." How about let's predict something? If you will meet her again, then you have to get her ' cause she's the one'."

I frowned at her crazy suggestion." What? She's so close to my family for sure I'll meet her soon!"

"Okay okay, how about today? Just this day."

I nodded, even though the thought was crazy.

"Chaeyoung, I have to go now" I said and tapped her head.

She chuckled,"You will be going to work? Heck Lisa your family owns a company!"

"I know, but I want to experience this at least once!"

She shake her head,"Whatever."

"Gotta go bye!"

I drive to the company where the interview will be held. I heard the head of this company were my parent's business partner, so I think I'll be in good hands if I work here.

I sighed,"You can do this Lalisa!"

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