By Indiana Jackson


Chapter 1

Just a routine go see a temple, have Jamie gush and babble, take a few pictures, do a little translating type mission. simple. but when is anything in life simple? it was all going so well, until Khory tripped on a rise in the dirt floor and fell forward, placing her bare hand on the smooth obelisk in the center of the floor. Khory felt a hot pain in the palm of her hand then abruptly it faded. She looked down at her hand but saw nothing out of the ordinary.

“Khory, are you ok?” her colonel asked from behind her with a worried frown.
“yeah, just stung my hand when I hit the obelisk.” Khory said, turning with a smile as she subconsciously rubbed her hand on her pant leg.
“if your sure Khory. Morrigan and I will go search the other rooms. You and Cat can stay and keep watch while Major Alexander finishes his translations. And Hey, don’t let those two touch anything they shouldn’t.” Leona said as she pointed over her shoulder to the major and the little alien.

An hour later after looking through several empty rooms and corridors, Cat came running franctically shouting in her little girl voice, “i didnt touch anything, i swear!”
“Hold on Cat, what didnt you touch?” Colonel Leona said as Cat threw her self at Morrigan.
“Jamie was reading a part of the wall, and it lit up, so he poked it. I swear it wasnt me!” Cat explained, the words slightly muffled by morrigans stomach.
Morrigan and Leona shared a look over Cat’s head. “jesus christ, before we left, did i not tell
khory to watch and make sure he didn’t do that!?”

As the three woman entered the main room of the temple, they could see an 8 foot by 4 foot section of the wall was indeed glowing around the edges. like when a light is left on behind an almost closed door. Jamie and Khory stood in front of it arguing. Despite the fact that at nearly six feet tall, Khory toward over the Irish Major, he wasn't backing down.

“the colonel told us not to touch anything! and you poked it anyway! your always doing that!”
“hey, I remember when you touched a certain statue and got stuck as a big meat eating DOG for a week!”
Khory growled at him to say ‘yes, she remembered, no it wasn't funny, and you promised not to talk about it!’
Leona stepped up and grabbed Khory by the collar of her BDU’s while Morrigan did the same to Jamie. they pulled them apart and Leona spun the taller woman around to face her. “do I have to put the pair of you in time out like kids?” levelling her best glare at them.

Khory was stopped from answering as a soft hiss like air escaping came from the wall. Leona and Morrigan raised their p-90′s and trained them on the wall as a section rolled back to reveal a tall, naked man. Khory pulled her dagger while Cat raised her handgun. The man was upright against the back of the space with his arms crossed over his broad chest. as they watched, a finger twitched, then two, then the whole hand, as he started breathing.

“Holy Mary, mother of god... He’s alive” The Major breathed.
The man’s eyes popped open, revealing a glacier blue, as he let his arms drop from his chest, to hang beside him. he stood up and stepped gracefully from the alcove, to stand in front of Khory. He tilted his head to one side as he looked at her, mirroring Khory.

Leona stepped in between them, gun still raised. “hold it right there. what were you doing in the wall? Are you a goa’uld?” she demanded.
“hmmm, strange.” a rumbling voice came from the man. He ignored the raised guns and stepped around Khory in a circle, looking her up and down before coming to stand in front of her again. “I'm shorter than you by several inches.” he ran a hand through his short spiky blonde hair. “my hair is also different.”
“uh that would be because she’s a woman while your obviously a man.” Morrigan stated while Cat giggled.
“hey, you still haven't answered my question, Are You A Snake?” Leona said.
“no.” the man said just as Cat replied with “I don't think so Colonel Topthorn. I cant smell any Naquadah in him.”
“well, that's good but what the hell are you then, the MALP detected no life signs.” Leona said as the team lowered their weapons. Khory slipped her dagger back into its sheath and poked the man in the chest.
“ouch. why did you do that?” he said as he rubbed the red mark.
“see if you were real” she smiled
the man smiled back and said “you touched the duplicator, correct?”
“what duplicator?
“the obelisk.” the man said as he pointed behind them. I don't understand why I'm shorter, and I'm also apparently the wrong gender.”
“what in the hell is a ‘duplicator’?” the colonel demanded.
the man sighed “the duplicator takes the DNA and knowledge from the person that touches it and duplicates it.” he said finally turning to face Leona, and looking at her like it was obvious.
“um, colonel, he smells like Khory. ” Cat stated matter-of-factly.
Her eyebrows flew up as she pointed at Khory, “wait, so your her clone? oh dammit all to hell and back. Cat go dial the gate and radio the SGC what happened. tell them we're coming back with an extra person.”
Cat went running for the gate as fast as her tiny form could take her.
“so if your my clone, why are you a man?”
“it would appear there was a glitch, either you didn't hold your hand on it long enough or its because the device is old and worn out.”
“Oh, that's what was on the part of the wall where some of the words were worn off. Cat and I couldn't figure it out. ” Major Alexander said
“ Your just telling me this now? no, ‘oh by the way, that thingy copies you, don't touch it!’ it would have been nice to know before somebody touched it, Jamie!”
“yes, ma’am. sorry ma’am”
Cat came running back in to tell them they could go. the man turned to leave and follow her, when Morrigan stopped him “Wait, you cant go like that! your still naked!”
the man looked down then back at the group. he shrugged, “so i am. who among you has spare clothes?”
“major, lend him some of yours. your a guy.” Leona stated.
“I cant ma’am. we’re all shorter than him.” he shrugged, helpless.
“oh, hell. Khory yours should fit.” Khory glared but dug into her pack and pulled out a pair of pants and tossed them to her clone. “my shirts wont ma’am.”
The clone tugged the pants on and zipped them up, before looking at the group expectantly. “well, lead the way.”

Hammond stood in the control room looking down at the gate room. He couldn’t believe what SG-23 had radioed in. That one of the team members had touched something and now Khory had a clone. Colonel Topthorn’s team was nearly as bad as SG-1 for getting into trouble.
the gate whooshed then settled as Dr. Janet Fraiser waited behind a few armed airmen.
Major Alexander came through with Morrigan beside him, followed by a tall man, she didn't know, then Cat, Khory , and Colonel Topthorn bringing up the rear. the gate disengaged, but Hammond still only saw one Khory.
“where is the clone, Colonel?” he said through the microphone.
“me, sir. I'm the clone.” the man said as he raised his hand.

in the infirmary, the clone sat on one hospital bed, idly swinging his bare feet, while Khory sat on one across from him. Janet entered with a tray of needles and set them down beside him. “I'm just going to take a little of yours and Khory’s blood. nothing to worry about.” she said with a smile.
the pair groaned in exactly the same tone, with exactly the same expression of distaste.
Janet took the blood, more than a little disturbed by how alike they were. she left the room with the samples saying, “sit, stay and no escaping, Khory.”
Janet returned a little over an hour later. “Khory the test results are back. come with me to the briefing room. Airman, Watch him like you would Colonel O'Neill.” she told the guard at the door before walking out into the hallway with the tall woman beside her and heading up to the briefing room.
“so doc, what's the prognosis?” Leona Asked as Khory sat down.
“he’s, he’s Khory. 100%, right down to the bottom of her DNA. it would appear that because of the glitch you said he mentioned, that his chromosomal switch was flicked, so to speak. ” Janet explained.
“so he knows who my team is, but doesn’t know why?” Leona asked
“something like that, i suppose” Fraiser shrugged
“is he a threat to earth, doctor? "Hammond asked.
I don't believe so ,sir. He knows he’s a clone, and how the duplicator made him. he also appears to have Khory’s knowledge, but not her memories. another possible side affect.”
“he can move around the base then, but he cant leave, and one of you must stay with him. ” Hammond declared.
Khory went with Janet back to the infirmary to collect her clone. When they entered, the pair could hear giggling from where they had left him. Janet pulled back the curtain to find several of her nurses hanging on his every word. Janet cleared her throat loudly and they all scattered with guilty faces.
“right, Hammond says you can stay on base. I don't know where though, with me I guess. sooo, I guess you need a name. Her name is Janet, don't piss her off. Mine is -”
“Khory , yes I know.” the man tapped his temple as he finished for her.
Khory stammered, flustered. it was deeply unsettling to have a clone running around, let alone have them know everything you did. she didn't know how SG-1 did it.
“right, um.. are you hungry?”
“yes, but could I get some clothes that aren't so tight?”
“sure thing, Dupla-Khory, we can go get them from the supply room.” Khory smiled and ushered him out the door.
“no. you aren't naming me that. or repli-Khory either.” Janet chuckled as she listened to them argue down the hallway.

twenty minutes later after getting her clone suited and booted, they were in the mess hall were Cat was introducing him to ice cream and coffee. Leona wrinkled her nose at the large bowl of chocolate ice cream Cat plunked down in front him before taking a big spoonful of her jello. unbeknownst to the group, Jack O'Neill sat in the corner watching from behind a newspaper. Morrigan was laughing as the Khory clone tried it and got brain freeze for the first time, and sat with his forehead on the table groaning.
“I told you to take , Cat get off the end of the table, small bites.” she choked out.
Jack chuckled as the smallest member of SG-23 slid off the table and back into her chair. Jamie reached over and ruffled her hair before turning back to a discussion with his colonel.
Khory patted her Clone on the back sympathetically and took a sip of her coffee.
Jack came up behind the group quietly just as Jamie suggested a name for the man.
“how about K.C?”
“Casey? come on Major, you can do better than that!” Jack snorted and clapped the major on the back when he choked on his coffee in surprise.
“Sir, not C-a-s-e-y, but the letters K. and C. short for Khory’s Clone. Although I guess Casey works too.” Leona clarified for the coughing major.
jack smiled and said, “well, I'll leave you kids too it” he chuckled as he walked out collect to his bet from Walter on what they would name him.
“That's actually kind of neat. I like it.” The newly dubbed Casey smiled.

Within a few weeks the whole SGC had learned that Casey was an amazing mimic. for some reason his favorite person to mimic had become Hammond. He loved popping around blind corners and scaring people by shouting 'Jaysus Christ, what have you done now' in a perfect Hammond-of-Texas accent. After a month, the entire SGC had gotten used to the happy go lucky clone and had come to accept him as one of their own. Because of the risk he wasn’t allowed off-world or off-base. But Casey was fine with that. there was always lots to do around base.
Casey stood by the desk in Leona’s lab, handing her the papers she needed to sign, when suddenly he hit the floor, hard. Leona screamed for help as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and the world went black.
Casey opened his eyes to the gray-white ceiling of the infirmary. He turned his head to the rustle of cloth to his left. Khory sat up from where she had fell asleep in a chair.
“Hey, Janet, He's awake. How do you feel?” she asked after calling for the diminutive doctor.
“how did I get here? I was in Leona’s office...”
“that was two days ago, Casey. you passed out and the med team brought you here.” she sat on the end of the bed and reassuringly gripped one of his feet.
“we all took turns to sit with you. Hammond even came to see you once.” Leona said as she came around the curtain with Janet and the rest of SG-23.
“What happened though? all I remember is my heart felt like it had burst.” Casey said as he slowly levered himself up into a sitting position.
“I don’t know how to tell you this gently, Casey. You had a massive heart attack, and your heart is slowly failing because of it. ” Janet said.
Cat crawled up onto the bed under his arm and he settled an arm around her. Casey tipped his head against her small one as a tear escaped to roll down her cheek. “How long have i got left?”
“a few days. I'm sorry. ill leave you here with your team.”
“a few days...” his breath hitched but he refused to cry in front of them, same as Khory. He hugged Cat tighter then sent her to Morrigan. A silvery tear slid down Leona and Morrigan’s cheeks to be wiped away, and Jamie frowned sadly.
“hey guy’s it okay. I knew it was going to happen, except I was supposed to have ten years, not a month or so. There was so many things I didn't get to do, Sex for one. If I’d known I only had a month, I definitely would have jumped on that.” Casey gave a sad little laugh.
“Leona, when I'm- when I'm gone, can I be buried on the planet I came from?” he looked beseechingly at the Colonel.
“Sure, Casey. Anything you want.” Leona said as she patted his shoulder. “Come on, lets give him and Khory time to say good-bye.”
They all filed out, hugging Casey as they went, till just Khory was left.
“I'm going to stay here the whole time, ok?”
“Thank you, Sister.”
It was a very subdued atmosphere at the base, with everyone finding the time to drop by the infirmary and say goodbye. Leona sat in her office and looked at a picture of SG-23 and Casey in front of the Stargate, all with big, silly smiles, and quietly cried. Morrigan, Cat and Jamie sat in Morrigan's quarters on the couch and watched a homemade dvd of a prank Cat and Casey had pulled on Walter and Siler. While Khory, Khory simply sat beside her Clone turned Brother’s bed and held his hand as he died in his sleep.
SG-23 stood assembled in the gate room. the gate engaged and whooshed, as Hammond said
“you have a go.” As one they each took a hold of a polished silver handle on the casket between them and walked up the ramp to the ’Gate. Casey had held longer then Janet had given him. by strength of will, he had hung on for four days before his heart finally gave out. As the team stepped out the other side, they saw that several Sg teams were waiting beside the freshly piled earth, in front of the temple were it had all started. They slowly lowered Casey’s casket into the earth and pushed the earth back. Sg-23 saluted the grave and turned back to the Stargate and Home.

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