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D e S c R i P t I o N uwu

Tom Rosewood,Matthew Harvey, And Edd Golden have been bestfriends Since Well...Diapers. Now their in high school and are currently going their separate ways.
Matt being the popular one out of the Group, The Jock, The heartbreaker, The one with the Eros type body and The Most Egotistical out of the the trio. Then It was Tom, The school bully, The one easily persuaded to follow others, and the who doesn't give a fuck about school,He owns a band called "Y.O.L.O" and was known for his vulgar words and his signature sarcastic smirk. And Last but not least Edd, He was The Shy one out of the group, The Mom-Friend,Colaholic, Artist,and was sorta popular in the artist world for his art blog,Edd is tall but chubby type masculine body.
And Tord Larssin (soon to make the Trio become best friends again and possibly make the trio's friendship worse than before.) Fresh Outta Norway with his Thick Accent,He has a more feminine body then muscular.
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