All About Me


This book will just be mainly about me & a bunch of random stuff.

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All About Me

Hey! So, I'm just gonna intoduce myself and all the info you need to know about me. Now, where to start?..

Name: Lunar Eclipsa

Age: 15

Height: 5'0/152.40 cm

Purple & Aqua Hair in a Ponytail & Turquoise Eyes
(I am quite attractive in beauty because of my looks)

Purple & Royal Blue Hoodie Shirt with a Moon on it, Black Vest, Black Fingerless Gloves with Gray Starps, Ripped Jeans with a Chain Accessory on it, & Purple Sneakers with Royal Blue Shoe Lace

Solar Eclipsa
(older brother. Pressumed to be dead, but is actually alive),
Akuma Bloodshed
(Half-Brother. Older than Lunar & Solar. An enemy. Wants both of them dead),

A Bit Cocky,
A Little Sarcastic,
A Little Stubborn,

Video Games,
Listening To Music,
Using Her Powers,
Fighting Back,
Boy's Clothes,

Being called "Shorty" or Any Word Related to Short,
Being called "Girly",
Eggplants (Allergic),
Creepy Dolls,
Broken Friendships,
Giving Up,
Not Showing Forgiveness,
When Someone Ask About My Parents (I get mental breakdowns about that),

Super Strength,
Blue Attacks,
Sword Summoning,
Illusion Of Fear (shows people's fear),

I am from another world called UltraPolis. This world is similar to Earth, however its really futuristic & modern at the same time, there is magic & technology, & even humans & all sorts of creatures live there, from mythical, to mutants, to mobians.
I am actually the princess of this world, or I used to be. 3 years ago when I was 12, my kingdom was attacked, I manage to escape & survive, however I found out both of my parents are dead & I couldn't find my big bro, so I assume that he's dead also. I was so devestated & so depressed, I decided to live my life as a normal girl in this world, not letting anyone know that I am the princess of this world.
And pretty soon, I'll get to go to Earth and explore there.

VA: Wendee Lee (Akane Owari from DR2)

Singing VA: Chi-Chi

So that's everything you need to know about me. This will also be information for you if you wanna add me to your stories.
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