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When Love Breaks the rules


"WHAT IS HER PROBLEM " he said , slamming his hands on the table . On the other hand "my problem is you min Yoongi I will make you pay for all your crimes " she smirked . She is a strict , cop , who wants discipline everywhere she goes , who hates people who bribe and cops who get bribed . He is a handsome Playboy Mafia king , a man everyone would want as their partner since he has money and a good looking face . What would happen when their worlds clash ? Hey guys this is Riya and Angelina , this is our first book on inkit . We apologise for any mistakes and hope that you like our work

Romance / Action
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The good one and the bad one.

Smirking , knowing that his so called best friend is a Betrayer , he took a step ahead , then another one keeping his scary gaze towards the Betrayer . His so called best friend started trembling in fear , his legs started shaking , his breath hitched in his throat "tsk tsk what's wrong huh ? Scared? That's why , you should think of the consequences before doing anything and specially if it is betraying the scariest Mafia king , me , Min Yoongi !" Yoongi said , gritting his teeth ,pointing his gun on the betrayer's head . "You are a spy of the police , you are one of them . I trusted you , hoping that you won't break my trust but whatever it is , it was your choice . Now PAY " Yoongi spitted as he let his anger out and shot him on the head many times , emptying his all his bullets "I Hate betrayer's" he said to the betrayer's dead body as he left the place , ordering his guards to clean the mess as he left . This is Min Yoongi , the scariest Mafia of south Korea. He is feared not only in south Korea, but , all over the world . With his Playboy personality and a handsome face , he becomes a guy every girl wants . Along with a Playboy personality and a scary face , he has a job where he breaks as much rules as possible . He sells drugs , kills people , bribes the police to shut their mouth and not get him arrested. He breaks people's hearts , kills people and this makes him cold hearted .

"IS THIS YOUR HOUSE OR A POLICE STATION ?! FIRST YOU PLAY MUSIC ON SPEAKERS AND THEN ROAM AROUND LIKE ANYTHING AND WHERE IS YOUR UNIFORM OFFICER WILLIAM ?! ARE YOU ALL AT A CLUB OR WHAT ?! DID YOU FORGET THAT WE STILL HAVE CASES TO SOLVE ?!" y/n , the head or SHO of the police station , shouted . Y/n has been declared as the head of the police station 6 months ago and has solved many cases and caught the criminals that no one can till the date . Right now , as she had just gave all the officers a nice scolding , they bowed and got back too the work , switching off the music and cleaning the mess they made . Frustrated , she went inside her cabin , slamming the door shut . This is y/n , the sho of a police station in Seoul . She is strict , wants discipline everywhere she goes , she is short tempered , she hates betrayers , people who bribe and people who get bribed . Her main intention of becoming a police officer is to stop this bribing thing as much as she could and to sue the ones who think they rule the country .


Author's note

There is no intention of creating hate for the idol . This is just a fictional story and none of these events have occurred in real life . It is a kind request to the readers for not creating hatred towards the writer or the authors after reading this story

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