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When Love Breaks the rules

The suspicious minds.

One unpleasant night , at a high secured bank of Seoul , a huge amount of money was stolen , all the guards and all the police there were dumbfounded . The owner was furious and was blaming it on police , saying that the police are supporting the thief . All this news reaches y/n the very next morning , when she came to the police station . Her junior officer came in , with a panicked and drained look "officer Chang , what's wrong , everything good with the bank you were assigned to protect ?" Y/n asked , raising her eyebrow . The officer gulped "m Ma'am a thief broke in the bank and stole all the money without leaving any clues.w we were a all awake and w we didn't see anyone I I don't k know how it happened in my presence" the officer said , looking disappointed of himself . Y/n thought for a while . "Let's check who is so daring to break in and steal in front of the police . Y/n said , grabbing her gun and walking out of the door . Y/n smirked and thought "do you think I will not able to catch you Mr thief well you are wrong then" She shook her head. "Let's go to the bank" Y/n said , sitting in the police car , they drove off too the bank. She reached there and started examining the place but found no foot prints and no finger prints . She talked to the people working there and observed their eyeball movements , body language and finger movements properly but none seemed to be lying . She asked if the owner had any secret security cameras . The owner said yes and took her towards his cabin . She saw the footage one thing caught her attention. Y/n went to the same place where that thing was in the footage and got closer to it , she saw it was a lazer , she told the people to make the place a bit dark by curtains . She wore theshe immediately knew that who did and and that this wasn't going to be that solve since the thrif was very clever. She wanted more proof too confirm her doubt about the criminal . if Lazor is used it will shine a bit in the dark. Y/n just saw the lazor marks and immediately knew who did that because only one person could do that ."tech ninja"y/n said still looking at the footage,everyone gave her a confused look."tech ninja is the only one who can do this.the lazor used in this is only one which is with him,you can't see this unless you will darken the room completely ". Y/n said and On the very next day the thief was caught and she gave him a very strict punishment. It was really hard for people to catch him but she did it in a day.
Whereas yoongi was in a meeting with all the most powerful mafias in Korea. They have set up a meeting to attack their rival mafia group who is in completion with them for the first place. Yoongi is very observing so he would observe almost everything, everyone was trying their best to stay calm and no one was acting suspicious but suddenly he noticed that one of the gang leader is nervous because of his finger Movements. He narrowed his eyes and said" Mr Mark can you explain me about the idea again please? "He nerously looked around then back to him smiling fakely and explained him again. " Do you have any other information about them? "Yoongi asked " No that's all I knew nothing else Mr yoongi"mark said but yoongi kept asking him again and again and now mark was a bit scared which was showing in his eyes. Yoongi noticed his eye ball movement And immediately knew that he is lying. He got up and shot him in the head making everyone shocked. He killed all his gang members too "why did you do that Mr? " One leader asked " It's clearly visible that he is involved with them. Before he could tell our plan to him better i finished him"yoongi said coldly and left the meeting room.
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