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Supposed Fudanshi - One Shot

By Tristan McLucas

Drama / Romance

Supposed Fudanshi

Long before Samurai Flamenco was even broadcasted on the internet, or even spoken about within his hometown, or even mentioned. Numerous writings were found on the internet, on various web pages and not only on FanFiction websites. There were hundreds of writings displayed on this website that Kaname Joji stumbled upon unexpectedly; even a new FanFiction was posted every week. He was searching for any updates on Samurai Flamenco’s vigilant ventures that take place within the city, searching for any recently shared videos that were recorded in public on mobile phones. However, he found an unusual web link, a link that had many hearts decorated in the title. Kaname Joji was curious. He was not very impressed with what he had found posted under a name which read ‘anonymous’, almost every FanFiction was explicit in detail. There were pairings such as Red Axe and Harakiri Sunshine, even Harakiri Sunshine and his opponents. But, just recently there were writings of Red Axe and Samurai Flamenco, even Harakiri Sunshine paired up with Samurai Flamenco, along with Samurai Flamenco and Samurai Policeman. Hell, there were even a few FanFictions of Gotou Hidenori and Hazama Masayoshi as a common couple rather than a heroic duo. Now that Samurai Flamenco was known to the public, even his true identity, there were even stories written about him on the web. Kaname automatically assumed the writer of all these stories was Masayoshi, his student. However, that was merely the outline of what happened.

“Hey Goto-san...” Masayoshi whispered, turning to face his husband who was resting beside him, still nuzzling his head into the pillow beneath him as he did so. “I think finally having sex with you might be my duty as a hero of justice.”

“That’s just stupid.”

“How is it stupid, Goto-san?”

With a deep groan within his throat, Gotou rolled onto his side, facing the wall and away from Masayoshi. “Go to sleep, idiot. You obviously need it.”

Pressing up against his husband’s back lovingly, draping an arm about his torso whilst his other remained resting beneath his pillow. Masayoshi hummed whilst nuzzling his face into Gotou’s neck and shoulder, inhaling Gotou’s pleasing scent. Masayoshi loved Gotou, and he was positive Gotou loved him in return. Masayoshi lightly adjusted his form somewhat, leaning up to plant a kiss onto Gotou’s cheek, although pressing his lips onto the male’s jawbone instead. He felt safe within Gotou’s company, he felt safe within his arms. Gotou was warm, he smelled wonderful to Masayoshi, and he was also snugly to cuddle up with.


However, there was an unexpected knock at the front door within Gotou’s apartment, which caught the two males’ attention immediately. Gotou elbowed Masayoshi in the thigh since Masayoshi even coiled a leg around Gotou’s hip. Masayoshi yelped in response, soon rolling away from the other and onto the other side of the bed. It was a few minutes past one in the morning, and Gotou wanted nothing more than to just sleep.

“I think someone’s watching us, Goto-san...” Masayoshi whispered, sitting up.

“Don’t be so stupid.”

Without having to unlock the door beforehand or even wait for an answer, Kaname Joji stormed into the apartment and mindlessly threw the many explicit FanFictions at Masayoshi, whilst being completely oblivious to Gotou beside him. During his hunt he also found a detailed Doujishi of Red Axe and Harakiri Sunshine sharing a moment together; all when he collected every piece of what he thought was pure filth. His expression was sharp, a look of thunder upon his features, Master Kaname Joji was furious at Masayoshi. The child-like male was a fanboy after all, which caused Kaname to automatically assume it was his dirty work under a nameless title. Masayoshi was shy, naive, a dark horse unless he was sharing his secrets with Gotou. It was clear; Kaname even thought he was a yaoi fanboy. This was the first time Masayoshi and Gotou ever thought about having sex with one another, only for the sweet moment to be crushed by Master Kaname Joji and his crazy assumptions.

“Take a look at these.” Kaname growled. “I know these are the fanworks of Hazama Masayoshi-kun, and denying that would only make it more obvious.”

“Huh?” Masayoshi was clueless, casting glimpses towards Kaname and then at Gotou, hesitating under his breath as he tugged the duvet to cover his bare chest nervously. “W-What’s happened, m-master?!”

Gotou sat up, furrowing his eyebrows with annoyance, looking towards Masayoshi and clearly wondering what the heck he’s done now. Just by how Kaname entered the apartment, and how he was acting towards Masayoshi, Gotou knew it was something stupid Masayoshi had one. Something else he thought was stupid.

“I know it’s you, Hazama Masayoshi-Kun.” Kaname stated bluntly, crossing his muscular arms over his chest as he kept his glare fixed on the younger male sitting on the bed. “Such acts are prohibited between tokusatsu heroes, in reality.” Closing his eyes with frustration, Kaname could not even take another look at Masayoshi without growling with distaste. “I know you’re the anonymous that writes superhero erotica.”

A luminous blush dusted Masayoshi’s chubby little cheeks at Kaname’s words, his eyes widening with worry, even a sparkle within his greyish-blue orbs as if tears were building up. Masayoshi was frightened, feeling panicky, especially since he knew it was not him who wrote these explicit FanFictions. Gotou was even snickering quietly within the background, whilst shaking his head lightly with amusement. Both Gotou and Kaname would automatically think this of Masayoshi, after all it seemed obvious that he would write something like that and hide it under an unnamed title. Masayoshi was speechless, even tears eventually beginning to swell within his eyes. He did not even learn about sex until this moment with Gotou, and thus it was bound to be impossible that he was the culprit behind these works. However, Kaname never really knew what episodes took place within Masayoshi’s little child-like brain. He could be thinking about anything, even now.

“You cannot deny it even if you cry about it, Hazama Masayoshi-kun.”

“B-But!” Masayoshi gasped. “They aren’t mine!”

Who was the real culprit?

Relieved as she was when finally returning to her apartment, she had quite an episode repeatedly playing within her mind during today’s Mineral★Miracle★Muse commercial. Now it was her free time to express what she wanted, what she was frequently daydreaming of throughout this entire afternoon. She had a particular idea in mind, something revolving around the idea of Samurai Flamenco and Samurai Policeman as more than a heroic duo, especially since she overheard their news about them finally getting married in June. She never took an interest in lesbian acts; they were never her thing. But she was never oblivious to Mari and Moe’s bond, especially since she was often the one to sort out their relationship every time they argued. Nobody really knew what happened behind the curtain within the Mineral★Miracle★Muse group, other than Mari and Moe sometimes choosing to display their affection for one another out in public. Mizuki was never a part of their romantic relationship, even if the female idol group was often seen as a lesbian trio to both Mari and Moe, Mari particularly. Moe really loved Mari; even Mizuki could sense that of her. Much like the time when she stated at King Torture’s burrow, earlier during their superhero venture as Flamenco Girls, Moe confessed her love for Mari repeatedly. She even admitted that she would practically die for her, that Mari was the only reason she even continues on living. Of course, Mari automatically assumed she was trying to make herself look superior in front of the enemy. Not much was known about Moe as an individual person, her personality was mainly based on her one love. However, there was one thing Mizuki was keeping from the two females, she had a secret. Other than being the leader of the Mineral★Miracle★Muse group, being from Kansai, and also taking the position as Flamenco Ruby in Flamenco Girls. Mizuki also had a secret, something she kept from the group seeing as she was worried of being rejected by the two girls. Mizuki had a passion for writing. She was never as open as Mari was, but she also knew Mari was the ignorant type. If words slip and Mari finds out about Mizuki’s darkest secret, if Mari ends up thinking ill about it in fact, Moe would agree with her. Ever since the beginning of Mineral★Miracle★Muse, Mizuki kept her one passion a secret, and thus only expressing it during her own time.

‘Hmm, so Samurai Flamenco and his fellow policeman...’

She thought, letting out a little sigh as she drew nearer towards her laptop, parking herself onto the mattress of her bed moments after she collected her notebook from the nearest furniture. Despite today’s Mineral★Miracle★Muse commercial almost wearing her out, it was a miracle that she had enough energy to start writing this one FanFiction. Mizuki also had her own personal blog in where she posts every FanFiction written by her, although under an anonymous username. Long before Samurai Flamenco even existed to the public, Mizuki spent the majority of her teenage years writing stories about Red Axe and Harakiri Sunshine, along with other superheroes that showed up within tokusatsu shows. For almost a year already, Mizuki had a passion for writing about Samurai Flamenco and his Samurai Policeman. Mizuki absolutely adored their love for each other. It was something she always kept as a secret from both Mari and Moe, especially since she knew how much Mari fancied Gotou Hidenori’s police uniform. Not to mention how Mari had a fascination with the policeman himself, cherished to the point she became jealous of Masayoshi. Oh no.

I’m not sure if I should just wait for their wedding before I attempt writing this... or if I should just set the scene during their honeymoon that I’ve already arranged for them. I was thinking, perhaps they could enjoy a moment together within a cabin... or maybe that sounds too romantic, I don’t know.′

As the Mineral★Miracle★Muse group was in charge of the wedding in reality, Mizuki mainly managing the date and time, along with the other details such as the location and their honeymoon. Mari was in charge of Masayoshi’s outfit, especially since she thought he had terrible taste in clothing. As for Moe, she simply followed Mari; helping her with the tasks she was given. Not only was Mari in charge of the outfit, Mari was also in charge of composing a song for the ceremony as well. Usually Moe would be responsible for the wedding outfits, but Mari wanted to make sure Masayoshi looked his very best for Gotou. Instead Moe was accountable for Gotou’s tuxedo, having a white suit in mind; she especially wanted to add a flowery decoration into the pocket. As for Masayoshi’s tuxedo, Mari thought of a silver and black suit, either with a silky texture or another type of fabric. There was no denying the fact that she wanted to make him look glamorous for the wedding, especially for policeman Gotou. Even though the ceremony’s chosen date was towards the end of June, the girls were excited to start preparing for it now. After all, the Mineral★Miracle★Muse girls were responsible for a wedding between two handsome grooms.

‘I know that Masayoshi would most likely end up begging Gotou to come with him to a tokusatsu convention, or to the movies as a honeymoon treat...’

A few faint giggles summoned at the thought whilst her nimble fingertips started to tap away on the keyboard of her laptop, thinking many possible ideas for her FanFiction.

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