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The Other world.


"Be careful what you wish for." A saying that you never believed because what could go bad if you wish for something? After 9 years you, once again, came back to the Pink Palace but this time you came back with your boyfriend, Jimin. But you wish more than a boyfriend who doesn't even acknowledge you. But then you find a world way better than your world, the other world, the better world but nothing is ever free in today's life, not even happiness, what is the price you have to pay to live in this world forever? It's to sew buttons in your heart, in your heart!

Horror / Adventure
Age Rating:


This book is pure fiction!
I don't own any characters except Y/N.

The book cover is not mine! I found it on the internet so if you are the owner of the fanart, please message me so that I can give you credit.

Any photos, videos are not mine. Credit goes to the rightful owner.

DO NOT copy my work, plot, idea.

Don't be a silent reader, I love reading your thoughts on my story.

This book is copyrighted to me, @Scarlet_2007


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