the lost dragon princess


i hope that you guys like the story because this is my first dragon fanfiction series and i wanna hear what you guys think about this story let me know on what you think about it.

Fantasy / Adventure
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chapter 1: this changes everything

This story is about a girl who was born into the land of dragons every single dragon adored her she pink hair and green eyes they say that she can talk to the dragons, but she can speak through her mind only when she talks to them but there was one dragon who hated her the most it was the dragon queen but the dragon king loved her then his mate but things changed one night when the princess was taken away from humans and took her to the mainland and she became an orphan other kids made fun of her because she different and she was made fun of because of that and ever since then she was enrolled into school and the bullying got worse so she never made a friend the school called her the social outcast and no even dared talked to her until one day someone wanted to talk to her but she turned away from the person and she was never in any bullying sights ever again.

See what’s happens in the story.

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