Evil Dead The Tale Of The Jefe.


30 years had passed since the loss of every one he held dear.But he will soon learn what is truly in store for him.Disclaimer no copyright infringement intended I own nothing but the story its self.

Horror / Romance
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The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis.

The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis.(also known as "Nocturom Demonto"in Latin),roughly translated as the "Book Of The Dead"is a powerful ancient tomb of Black magic.it stands as a unique book of magic in its own right.

"The books infamous powers enable those who possessed it to harness abilities that The Evil Force has,as well as summon the Evil and its minions.

The Legend Of The Necronomicon.The Necronomicon is said to have been written by mysterious demonic beings called the Dark Ones,bound in human flesh and inked in blood.This text contained prophecies,funerary incantations,and demon resurrection passage's.

The Book is found by Professor,Raymond Knowby found the Necronomicon in the castle of Kandar somewhere in England.Where he takes it to a cabin in the woods to translate it.

He succeeds at the cost of both his and his wives lives."Reading passage's from the book out loud activates the powers of the book.(which also The Evil Forces Power)to awajen evil in inanimate objects.(such as trees),and to raise the dead as it's servants.it can also turn living people into its servants as well,making them Deadite's.(there seems to be no notable physical difference between when a living human being or a dead human being becomes a Deadite).Sunlight,though,can release those infected from the affliction.In addition the passages in the book can be used to open portals to other places in time and space,Also,the book, supposedly,has the ability to return the evil it awakens back to sleep,or restore people to normal.(Though this is suggested to be possible it is never shown to happen.)

The Dark Ones. (Also called"The Old Ones,The Great Ones,The,Elder Ones etc.)Are a race of godlike beings,

Famous ones.being yog-Sothoth,or the dread.Cthulhu."They are the beings,who haunted a mad Arab,"Abdul,Alazhred"(also known as "Abdul Alzeez")" And are the masters of the deadites.

The Old Ones were cast to the mirror dimension long ago by the first Chosen One,"As,were the deadite's.

Little is known of the appearance of the Dark Ones except for the possible illustrations located in The Necronomicon.The illustrations depict beings of vast size and power,though it is likely that the true image of the Dark Ones is unfathomable to humans,and actually seeing one would drive them mad.

The Dark Ones can only be recalled from the Mirror Demention through the proper incantations located in the Necronomicon.The Dark ones seem to be more permanately imprisioned than their servants,for it is difficult to recall them from there confinement.

It is likely that the Chosen One is the only one capable of destroying the Old Ones.

The "Kandarian Demon."is an ancient demonic spirit that can possess anyone with it's mere touch in it's present state,it is a incorporal evil spirit,a poltergeist with the supernatural ability to interact with objects in its vicinity,Furthermore,they have the power to possess a host,to assimilate them into a Deadite form.

The Force seems to have control over objects surrounding it such as trees vine's and other objects.A "Deadite" being a person,animal,or any being with a soul,possessed by the Kandarian Demon.

The origin of the Kandarian Demon (or 'Kandarian')may be traced back to a time predating the age in which the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis a.k.a Naturum Demonto,the original Book of the Dead,had been written by the Dark Ones.According to Professor Ed Getley,the book was written roughly 3.000 years before 1987,or maybe even more then that.(as suggested by Annie Knowby).

The book was written in the Ancient Sumeria,when the seas "ran red with blood".Pursumibly, the Dark Ones were gifted people bearing supernatural capabilities and dealing with outerdementional creatures and demon's running on Earth.in the attempt to exhert command upon these demons and thus having some kind of supremecy In the world,they created the book as a way of channeling some of these obscure forces putting them in check the best way possible.

Long before the book,Kandarians,were running amok.it was a living Evil born in the "space between the spaces",an interdementional demon world.Many events could have brought brought the creature to "lose" it's "life"and become "incorporal" forever (apparently).in that specific time,The Evil Dead had (re)born with a hunger for life,a vital energy once lost.The Dark Ones found the right phonetic incantations to either make the entity dormient and forbid its terrible influence on human kind or awake it and bring destruction and horror.A chance to tame the beast and use it.

As explained by Dr.Raymond Knowby:Throughout centuries and millennia,new versions of the Book of the Dead were written,not with the best intentions.This caused some consistent variations in the way the Evil Dead interacted with the living world and our demention.

The second biggest(multiple)manifestation of the Evil Dead had been in the
13th/14th century in Great Britan,involving the Kandar Castle.it was a ferocious battle between good and evil lasting decades.it was a pivotal moment in history.in the end, The Evil Dead was defeated and all Books of the Dead disappeared from Man's scenario.Until the 1970's.

Possession and Feeding. Basic victims and 'Possession' In order to feed itself and amplify its demonic powers on reality,The Kandarian Demon needs the consumption of a soul and thus nourish its primordial exsistance.

Souls can be obtained in two ways:violent death of the individuals(TED Archeologist,Dr.Knowby,Bobbie Jo)usually dealt by a Deadite or by possession(the Deadites).Once evoked through any of the Books of the Dead,they must first "feed"on the people who recited or just made the incantations "be listened to"in some way (tape recorder).Then,they can subsequently feed on the people who are located in the place where the incantations have been recited.its a sort of "Cycle" The Kandarian Demon must fulfill.

If the number of souls absorbed is somehow limited,then the Kanderian Demon falls in a simi-sentient state,like sleepwalking.Under that modality,it can still interact with the surrounding reality to a certain extent(the very beginning of TED),albeit with no full consciousness or license to possess beings.Generally speaking,The Kandarian Demon spends the vast majority of its exsistance on Earth as a dormant entity.On slumber mode,they can still "influence"some gifted individual's.(like Cheryl who seems to own a mild E.S.P.abillity).Said individuals,Once possessed,present their latent abilities enhanced to the nth degree(Deadite Cheryl).Once the Evil Dead consumated an adequate number of souls,it can overcome it's geographical limits.and the "attraction"of the place where it has been evoked and takes over the whole world.
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