TMNT/MLP EG : Love And War


Take places after My Little Pony Equestria Girls : Mirror Magic. It's been a month since the event with Juniper Montage in the special of Mirror Magic. Things have been alot of peaceful recently as Starlight was still enjoying her stay in the human world with her new friends. When suddenly Flash Sentry announce they're going to be transferring to a different school in New York City. And when they arrived at their new school of Roosevelt High not only did they make new friends with April O'Neil, Casey Jones, and Karai. But also unexpected met 4 Mutant turtles brothers who raised in a sewer by a Mutant rat. And with a new friendships bonding, some of the girls may may find a soulmate with them. But what happens when they all get involved with their enemy known as the Shredder who plans to steal their magic for his own evil purpose?, not only that but what happens when he join forces with their old enemy that they hoped to never see again returns. The Dazzlings.

Adventure / Romance
Raven Starshine
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A New Beginning

Our story begins in a peaceful city. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. It was perfectly peaceful.

Somewhere in this city was a little restaurant called SugarCube Corner. Inside were 8 teenage girls who were hanging out inside and having a conversation.

The first teenage girl has bluish purple hair, violet eyes shielded by her thick black glasses, and was wearing a light blue shirt, pink tank top like vest, pink bow tie, purple skirt with a pinkish purple star on it, and red violet heels. Her name is Twilight Sparkle.

The second teenage girl has red and yellow hair, cyan blue eyes, and was wearing a blue sundress, blue leggings, and black boots. Her name is Sunset Shimmer.

The third teenage girl has purple hair, sapphire blue eyes, and was wearing a bluish white shirt, purple skirt with diamonds on it, and purple boots. Her name is Rarity.

The fourth teenage girl has pink curly hair, sky blue eyes, and was wearing a white tank top with a heart on it, blue mini vest, pink skirt with 3 balloons on it, and blue boots. Her name is Pinkie Pie.

The fifth teenage girl has blonde hair, emerald green eyes, and was wearing a white and green shirt, jean skirt, and brown boots with red apples on them. She also wore a cowgirl hat. Her name is Applejack.

The sixth teenage girl has light pink hair, sea green eyes, and was wearing a white tank top, green skirt with little pink butterflies on it, and green boots. Her name is Fluttershy.

The seventh teenage girl has rainbow colored hair, magenta colored eyes, and was wearing a white tank to with a small rainbow lightning bolt on it, blue vest, pink and white skirt, small black leggings, and blue boots. Her name is Rainbow Dash.

The eighth teenage girl has purple hair with a blue green streak, purplish blue eyes, and was wearing a pink hat with stars on it, green and pink shirt, black mini vest, a little watch on her right arm, bluish gray pants with a bit of holes on it, and black shoes. Her name is Starlight Glimmer.

And the reason the girls were hanging out was to celebrate the premiere of the Daring Do movie and the events that happened during it. It has been a month since what happened they were all still doing the best they do which was use their powers to help with the magic of Friendship.

As they were hanging out they were also telling stories about what other adventures they had before that. Especially to let Starlight know about it since she herself doesn’t fully know about all of it.

“I still don’t understand.” Starlight said looking confused from one of the stories. “What exactly happened to the Dazzlings after the whole Battle of the Bands incident?”

“We don’t fully know.” Sunset said honestly as she shook her head. “They just disappeared after what happened. Who knows where they are now.”

“But I don’t think we’ll be seeing them again.” Rarity said believing nothing bad will end up happening. “After all they have been long gone for over a year now.”

“Yeah and its best not to think about how they were using our magic just by making us fight against each other so they could control everyone.” Pinkie said honestly speaking everything that happened at once which was a lot to take in.

“So what exactly are we gonna do now?". Fluttershy asked curiously wondering what will happen after things the adventures they went on before.

All of a sudden as they were talking they heard a door open up from the distance which had caught their attention. They looked over to see a teenage boy walk into SugarCube Corner with an envelope in his hands. He has blue hair, ocean blue eyes, and was wearing a white shirt with a blue shield on it, black jacket, jeans, and black sneakers. His name is Flash Sentry.

“Girls.” He spoke out when he saw them and walked over to them. “I’m so glad I found you.”

Twilight felt a bit uncomfortable as she tried to scoot away from Flash as he was walking over to them. She wasn’t fully sure how to feel about him. Especially since he has a crush on her only because she looks like her pony princess counterpart.

“What’s up Flash?” AppleJack asked looking confused when she saw him wondering what he wanted.

“Yeah and what’s with the envelope in your hands?” Rainbow asked looking confused as well pointing at it.

“Principal Celestia asked me to come to her office earlier after school and she gave me this.” Flash said excitedly as he showed the envelope to them. “It’s free passes and new transfer registrations to Roosevelt High School..... In New York City.”

The girls gasped in shock and a amazement when they heard him say that. “New York City?” Twilight asked in shock as her glasses were about to fall off her face.

“As in the Big Apple?” Sunset asked as she literally had her jaws dropped to the ground.

“As in the city that never sleeps?” Rarity asked as she felt her eyes sparkling like diamonds.

“As in the only place with a street called Bleeker?” Pinkie asked in excitement only to earn some weirded looks from her friends. “What?. It is true you know!.”

“Yup that’s right.” Flash said with a smile on his face. “And we’re all leaving first thing tomorrow morning. Even your friend Starlight has a registration to go to school as well.”

The girls were instantly cheering happily as they were taking the news in. They were excited about the idea of going to New York City and starting a new school. Well almost all of them.

Starlight stayed quiet as she felt a bit hesitant from hearing all of this. Not only was she a part of going to this new school even though she isn’t actually a student here in the first place but she will also end up being away from the portal to Equestria. Which meant she won’t be able to go back home.

A new school....In a big city....Away fron here?. She thought worriedly as she was taking this in. ‘That means I won't be able to go home. And why me?, what will Princess Twilight think and say about this?. She said I can only stay here for a few more days but now.....Oh no, I don't want to end up In any trouble'.

“Wait a minute.” Sunset spoke out as she realized something. “If we’re going to be leaving here that would also mean we won’t be able to use our magic as often or solve any magic problems. Plus I heard some scary rumors about mutants living in the city of New York.”

“That doesn’t sound very reassuring.” Fluttershy said as she freaked out a little bit after hearing that.

“That’s probably just a rumor.” Rainbow said assuringly trying to calm her down. “Besides you never know where magic problems could happen no matter where we are.”

“Plus this is the chance of a lifetime.” Rarity said excitedly as she thought about it. “We need to get ready to go right away. Come on girls. Let’s get to it!”

With that said the girls instantly began to head off to pack up so they will be ready for tomorrow. Before Flash was about to leave he saw Twilight was left behind with a worried look on her face.

“Is something wrong Twilight?” He asked looking a bit concerned as he walked back up to her.

“I don’t know.” Twilight said hesitantly as she fixed her glasses a bit. “I just have this really bad feeling that something wrong is going to happen. Like Rainbow said you never know what could happen with magic wherever we go and...I guess I’m still a bit afraid of what can happen if I lose control.....Like last time during our trip to Camp Everfree.”

Flash couldn’t help but feel bad for her and wanted to help cheer her up. Even though Sunset told him to get over her since she’s not the Twilight he fell in love with he at least wants to give her some friendly advise.

“Don’t worry Twilight.” He said assuringly trying to comfort her the best way he could. “I’m sure that everything is gonna be okay. Besides you have your friends to help you out. Trust me.”

“Yeah. I guess.” Twilight said hesitantly finding this kind of comfort very awkward. Especially since she felt she didn’t trust Flash that much.

“Come on.” Flash said as he motioned her to head off. “We should get going and pack up for tomorrow.”

Twilight nodded as they both also headed home to pack up and get ready to go to New York. It was the beginning of a new adventure. And who knows what is gonna end up happening to all of them.
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