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Edge of Desire


❝ But the star can't shine alone without the moon ❞ "Sooyun." He whispers slowly and quietly, prolonging the letter's as if everything about me meant to be cherished, protected, held close to the heart. In this very heat moment, I can't think straight with him this close, our forehead pressed against each other. Our breath mingling. Sooyun's a normal student, granddaughter of Bang Si-hyuk, and was supposed to be a boy. After her sworn brother took his chances to become a K-Pop Idol, the day of her mother's disappearance, she vows to never leave her father's side. But when a mysterious mail arrives, she's dragged back to South Korea, discovering what a family truly means and that you never walk alone.

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Chapter 1


EVERY TIME I THINK OF you, I imagine you like a flower.

A beautiful rose that’s hidden in the corridors of a palace.

But it’s so blurry from the snowstorm that I can’t tell if you really are that rose in my dream.

Screams and chants surround around the dark dim blue stage. We’re assembled together in a circle, and the light pink haired man, Jimin is at the front before he drops down, then begins with our choreography for Spring Day. Cheers rhythmically fill up the stage as the music soon fades, and Taehyung, Jin, Namjoon, Jungkook, Suga run across the stage, appearing from the right and the left while Jimin hurries onto his feet, running to the right.

The lights brighten and so does the blue as I appear, starting off with the beginning of Spring Day with Namjoon. My steps are light, proceeding to the front slowly as the lyrics flow into a depressed tone.

I walk to the left, turning around just a little, walking backward, and end the line with ‘has become hard’ when Namjoon walks beside me, singing the melody in a rather warm, steady, but a heavy-hearted voice.

There aren’t many clouds in sight, only the chilly wind carries the autumn leaves into the air, including our feet languidly taking light steps so light as if we’re walking on glass, and that my feet kick into a sprint, disappearing from our leader’s side.

He’s saying August still feels like Winter, where the snow has melted from the immense heat of the sun.

The branches of trees are still lonely without their leaves and the sky is blue as the ocean.

Namjoon lightly drifts across the stage even if he breaks almost everything, which is why he received the nickname ‘God of Destruction’.

Jimin stands upright, his eyes glued to the stage’s floor before he spins an arm, drifting back, and twirls like a cloud of dust in the air.

He sings his part while he drops down, sliding across, and pulls himself up, throwing a hand in the air as sadness in his voice escalates before a deep voice flows in after.

Taehyung looks lost, proceeding to the front as all of us come together and burst into fireworks, slow, steady, light are our movements like falling snowflakes, melting at the touch of the sun’s rays.

The others drift apart, going their separate ways.

Jungkook singing ‘I miss you’, backs up against Seokjin, who lowers the tone of the same line, sadness streaming in his dark chocolate eyes.

His face is like covered with snow, losing the warmth of his benevolence features, including all of us.

Jungkook and Seokjin sing the exact line in a soft, depressing melody with their back against each other.

Their head come in contact, and Taehyung walks in the middle of them, so they’ve left each other’s side.

When our movements jolt into a small jump, feet pounding the ground, gently as we’re drifting across.

All too soon, I’m in the middle with the rest at my side, loosely, yet connecting them.

They hoist to their feet immediately when it seems like I’m about to fall— and them too, our hands reaching out to grab before that one person we cherish leaves us.

Time ticks, ticks, ticks by each passing notes, twirls, softly drifting over the sensitive, glass.

By the time we’ve ended our performance with army chanting, screaming, some even jumping out of their seats, it’s a nice feeling, knowing how far we’ve come.

It was like this, a snowstorm back then, but now the sun extends out its bright flames of rays, appearing out from the clouds.

Behind the stage with the curtains close, we’re all panting, bushed, but our smiles are brighter than the sun.

“Hey, great job there!” Namjoon grins wide, his eyes shining as he pants.

We all laugh, smile and huddle together for a group hug.

“I’m starving . . . ” Jungkook breathed out.

A loud growl fills the silence consuming all seven of us, Jungkook looks at us, redness painting his entire face, eyes glowing, “I—That wasn’t my stomach, just because I said I’m starving,” he breathes out a nervous laugh, his eyes crinkling as his lips form into a smile, reaching at the end of his ears.

Yoongi facepalms himself, his gummy smile replacing his cold, aloof, winter struck face as he lets out a chortle.

“We’re all hungry, Jungkook,” he gives Jungkook an encouraging smile which makes the younger beam brighter than before, “wanna eat lamb skewers when we get back to the dorm?”

The raven-haired, short guy says, cracking into his gummy smile and Jungkook nods eagerly.

“Are you kidding? I’m all for lamb skewers!” Jungkook exclaims rather loud that we stare at him in bewilderment, and he lowers his voice, ashamed, “especially when I’m eating them with you, Yoongi hyung!” He yells in a whisper, smiling childishly.

“Yeah, and we can play Overwatch later tonight!”

We all look at Jungkook directly, rethinking if there will be time for playing video games in our packed schedule.

All of us know we’re tired, that we’re almost restless, but we’re each other’s motivation, and can’t ask for a better gift called friendship.

“Jungkook, we can’t be for sure if we have time for playing Overwatch later tonight, though.”

Taehyung sounds despaired, bowing his head, looking at the floor, and looks back at Jungkook with a smile extending across his face.

“But that doesn’t mean we can’t go over our schedule again to make sure!” He grins, however, it fades when Manager Sejin arrives, despondent.

But then he jerks his head up and cracks into an exuberant smile, but then again it fades.

He walks towards us, checking up on us, and congratulate us while he escorts us back to BigHit Entertainment.

After we’ve washed up, changed into a fresh pair of comfortable clothes, almost as if it’s a mistake, I come across a photograph of a girl on Bang Si-hyuk’s desk.

She looks young with medium length brown hair, a smile painting her small features as she stands next to him.

Now I’m confused.

What kind of relationship does she have with Manager PD NIM?

I look more closely, widening my eyes at the sound of a door shutting and footsteps approaching, and quickly run towards a closet, hiding in there.

That picture . . . I still don’t get it. Why does she seem so familiar? And why would she be with Bang Si-Hyuk?

It seems like he entered his office, adjusting himself onto the desk chair. I’m trying so hard not to make any noise, and I want to see, but then I’ll get caught.

Instead, I just listen, holding my breath.

Wow, are you asking to die, Hoseok?

A phone rings, hinting someone has called.

“Yes, hello . . . yes, yes she’s arriving as soon as this month. I want her to be at BigHit Entertainment within two weeks. She has two weeks, are we clear?”Start writing here…

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