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Edge of Desire


Ever since Sooyun's sworn brother took his chance to become a Kpop Idol, she's promised to stay by her father's side no matter what. Days turn into years, and she still hasn't found out the truth behind her mother's disappearance, although she knows from the way her father's smile doesn't reach his eyes anymore. When Park Sooyun receives a letter from her grandfather requiring her to complete an impossible mission, she takes a flight to South Korea. However, the task requires her to pretend to be who she isn't, a boy with a fake name, and with her feelings for the dancer, it's a recipe for disaster. Desperate to not hurt the boys, save herself from heartbreak, and return to her father, she runs away the week before their comeback. But she finds herself far from the truth. Sooyun realizes her heart belongs in Seoul. She's the happiest onstage with the rising K-pop boy group, Bangtan Soyeondan. Her fate was written in the stars all along. Maybe dreams do come true: leading to stars not seen with closed eyes—a family and what blooms in the heart.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


THERE WAS A LETTER LAYING there along with some dollars and change slid across the counter. But there was also a postcard as if someone sent it to me.

It can’t be—and then I’m interrupted from this heavy silence . . . the grey sky rumbled and opened, pouring rain down the damp streets.

On a cold February, heavy rain poured, racing down the now blurred windows as red, yellow, and green lights faintly flicker, and cars honk at one another.

I’m hesitant to read the letter and the postcard. Just before I grasp for the letter, my phone chimes, so I reach into the depth of the pocket of my khaki pants hugging my legs, bringing it to my ear.

“Father . . . are you okay? This doesn’t sound like you.”

“Hello, is this Pizza Hut? May I get—”

Instantly recognizing the voice, my mood turns brighter but I reply bitterly.

“Save it, brother.” I snap at him, hanging up, and then I realize he called all the way from South Korea when he’s supposedly busy practicing for a comeback.

That wasn’t quite nice of me. . . .

“Hey, Sooyun!”


“Soo, please, let me talk to you. ”

“You’re busy, I’m busy. I’m pretty sure Sehun’s asking for you.”

What the actual heck did I just say?

You’re reading fanfictions again, you idiot.

My lips pull into a sheepish smile and all I hear is a muffled laugh as if a hand was covering my brother’s mouth from laughing or gasping. Whatever he was about to let out.

“Hey, shush, let me talk to her!” He whispered and yelled.

“Big brother misses his sister, how cute,” cooed Sehun.

“Shut up, Sehun.”

“Can you guys talk one by one, please? I can’t understand what’s going on.” I’m dumbfounded by their conversation over the phone.

Honestly, it’s not easy when your brother is a Kpop Idol and here you are a normal girl, fangirl to be exact.

“Nothing . . . nothing, how you’ve been?” He says casually, whispering words to Sehun.

I don’t know what they’re talking about, all I just know is the rain and dull weather is never getting any younger, and I desperately want to finish this part-time job, which is, of course, Pizza Hut.

Why in the world of all jobs, Pizza Hut?

“Actually, Sooyun. . . . I’ve been meaning to tell you this,” silence hangs in the air, “I’m taking you back home where you really belong, although it’ll be difficult, I already have it all sorted out. And that letter . . . I know who sent it to you.”

“How do you know about the letter?”

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