Bitten By An Alpha


Your An ordinary Girl Who lives in Mystic hills were Strange disappearance happens everyday You also Have a best friend since Birth and you guys do things Together till it turns The other way around.. your best friend is a trouble maker and your her partner in Crime 😉 *Enjoy the story and remember I'm new and i may not know how to make a Story*

Mystery / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Bitten by an Alpha

Kayla Prov*

It was a late cold night as Tomorrow is a first day of school and i wanted to save half my energy For tomorrow i got in Bed and got under my covers As I almost drifted off to bed i heard something picking at My window thinking it was a Bird i ignored it till it got louder so i got up put my glasses on so i can see i opened it to see my dumb Friend Ariel she been My friend since birth and she like a sister"What do you want Ariel is 1 in the morning and we have School*I rolled My eyes*

"I over heard my dad Saying there searching a dead body in the woods Come on let's look together pleaeeesssss* as she says*it would be Cool looking for a body but it's also like 30° degrees out there as i was about to say something she Said something Again

"come on it would Be fun like old times without me getting in trouble and you'll be there so i won't do anything Stupid Come one pretty please*as she winned and giving me puppy dog eyes

"FINE I'll be down there give me a moment "i said turing around to put on proper clothes on i put on a black Hoodie and blacks Jeans and a black Bennie and my Black boots and grab My inhar and Climed out my window

*as i climed out my window Ariel walks over to me and Was excited*"Finally Let's get going omg i can't wait did you bring your inhaler just in case and your phone for Light"*Shit i for got my Phone*"I for got my Phone"i said kinda worried*As We walked to her Blue Jeep that she loves more than Me*

"Who cares as long as you have your inhaler."as she says

"Alright let's go and after This we are never doing this again Not on a first day of School*as i said kinda annoyed*

*Y/N:Sorry guys Umm...But i wanted To see how you liked it first and if you did comment on tell Me and how i did but remember I'm new i really don't know How to make a story i wanted to do it for fun sorry if it's bad but follow my Tiktoks:Teenwolfstories207
Tvdtostories207 Follow if you want but enjoy it*
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