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Being Different Year 2

Havoc At The Bookstore

A few days later the family was all sat around the breakfast table when the owls arrived with the booklists.

“Um Remus,” Anne started cautiously.

“Hmm,” said Remus behind his copy of the Daily Prophet.

“Didn’t you say that Gilderoy Lockhart was an idiotic fool whose books weren’t worth the paper they were printed on?” Anne continued.

“Hmm,” muttered Remus as he turned a page of his paper.

“Then why, has the new defense teacher set his entire collected works?” Anne asked.

“I’m sorry what was that dear?” as he put down his paper

“The booklist it’s full of Lockhart,” said Anne as she passed him the booklist.

Remus looked at the list. What competent teacher would set these books? Then again maybe there were no more competent teachers who wanted to risk taking the teaching position!

“Well if that’s what they’re asking for, best run to Diagon Alley today before they run out, I suppose,” Remus muttered.

“Do you need anything else over than books dear?”

“No, just books maybe a few new quills” Anne replied.


“Don’t think so” Harry replied.

“You need new robes, you’ve had another growth spurt, those robes a far too small!!” Sirius pointed out.

“Well that’s not as much as last year at least, we should be able to manage by Flu instead of having to take the car all the way up to London,” Remus said. It took them three and a half hours to drive up from Dorset to London each way so taking the Flu was easier if they didn’t have as many parcels.

“Right then teeth hair and cloaks, let’s go people!” Sirius announced getting up from the table.

Anne rushed upstairs to redo her plaits and tie her ribbons. She then pulled on her cloak and her hair ribbons changed to match her deep purple cloak.

“Ok Harry you go first, don’t forget to say to it clearly!” said Sirius.

Harry stepped into the fire “Diagon Alley!” he called throwing a handful of powder into the fire. Harry disappeared from the fire in a flash. Sirius then went through the fire after Harry.

“Go on dear,” Remus prompted Anne, gesturing towards the fire.

Anne stepped into the fire and took a handful of Flu Powder from Remus. “Diagon Alley!” she cried throwing the powder into the fire.

Anne was whisked away from the room and she soon found herself in the Leaky Cauldron where Harry and Sirius were waiting for her.

Anne stepped out from the fire and Remus soon arrived in the pub. “Is everyone alright?” asked Remus brushing soot off his cloak.

Anne nodded.

“Right, where do we want to go first?” asked Sirius.

“Books last! They are the heaviest and we need the most from there!” Remus suggested logically.

“Ok, Madam Malkins first then, let’s go!” said Sirius who started shepherding Harry and Anne towards the alleyway.

They went through to Diagon Alley and had not been there long when Sirius saw a sign.

Gilderoy Lockhart will be signing copies of his autobiography Magical Me today 12.30-4.30 PM

Sirius checked his watch. The owl post had been late, it was already eleven o’clock. “Bloody Hell, can we please come back another day Moony!”

“I would love to! However, we’ve made it this far, we may as well keep going!” said Remus grudgingly.

Anne was looking around the street. It was more crowded than usual because of the signing and she could tell that the bookstore was going to be a nightmare!

They went off to Madam Malkins to buy Harry’s new school robes and then went shopping for new quills and parchment for Harry and Anne.

They arrived in the bookshop just before 12.30 and Anne and Harry both picked up a stack of Lockhart’s books. They noticed that the Weasleys were also there in the shop and worked their way towards the front of the crowd to talk to them.

“Hi Harry, Hi Anne!” said Ron enthusiastically.

“I still can’t believe we have to buy a whole set of Lockhart’s books the man is a buffoon!” said Sirius exasperated.

“I think he’s wonderful” exclaimed Mrs. Weasley

“Just because he’s attractive Molly, does not mean he knows what he’s talking about!” Sirius replied. Mrs. Weasley stared at him in shock, the children merely laughed.

Anne usually loved it in Flourishes and Blotts but today it was crowded she could hardly breathe!

When 12.30 there was a round of applause as a man with a thick curly head of hair wearing a set of forget me not blue robes came to the front of the shop.

A man with a camera knocked Anne over as he tried to scramble his way to the front of the crowd.

“You alright Anne?” said Harry as he helped his sister of the ground. Anne nodded.

“It can’t be Harry and Anne Potter!” exclaimed Gilderoy Lockheart.

He walked towards and grabbed Anne by the shoulder pulling her in front of the crowd whilst he grabbed Harry with his other hand.

’Nice big smile kids!” said Lockheart grinning showing every one of his teeth as he talked, “together you and I are worth the front page!”

Lockhart finally let go of Anne’s shoulder and she tried to run to Remus and Sirius but Lockhart had put his arm around her shoulder.

“Ladies and Gentlemen what an opportune moment this is! I have an announcement to make!” Lockhart announced still grinning.

Anne was beginning to hyperventilate, there was a strange man with a death grip on her arm and at least a hundred witches and wizards staring at her.

“When Harry and Anne came into this bookshop to buy my autobiography Magical Me, which I will be happy to give them both free of charge!” there was a round of applause. “They had no idea that they and their school fellows would soon be receiving the real magical me, I am going to be taking the position of Defence Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts this year!” Anne even through her panic could see Remus and Sirius’ mouths drop open in shock.

Next thing they knew Harry and Anne were being given a whole set of collected works of Gilderoy Lockhart free of charge, and only then were they free to go. The collection of books was so heavy that Anne was struggling to hold them all. Harry and Anne gave their sets to Ron and Ginny but the Weasleys still had to buy three whole sets!

“Thanks, Anne!” said Ginny as she placed the books in Ginny’s cauldron.

Anne tried to work her way towards the exit of the bookshop. Her head was starting to feel light and she needed some fresh air away from staring faces and strangers who kept pulling her towards the front of huge crowds.

“Watch where you’re going freak!” sneered a voice as Anne ran into someone in her desperate attempt to get out. She looked up and saw Draco Malfoy.

“You watch who you’re calling a freak Malfoy!” said Harry catching up with his sister.

“Well look at her she is a freak,” he said sneering at her, Anne had been silently staring at her shoes and pulling at her plaits trying not to hyperventilate.

“Shes worth twelve of you Malfoy! How would you like to be pulled up in front of a crowd like that?” shouted Ron

“Whereas you Potter loved every moment of it,” said Malfoy. “People fawning over you and worshipping you as the ‘boy who lived’!”

All Anne wanted to do was escape the shop, but Malfoy was blocking her exit route. She tried to dodge her way around him when a man appeared.

“Ah what do we have here?” sneered Mr. Malfoy who had long blonde hair and was wearing well-tailored black robes. “The Potter twins and the Weasley clan! Ah yes, Draco’s told me all about you,” Lucius Malfoy said staring at Ginny.

Ginny was standing next to Anne, she had cauldron full of her books.

“Looks like, they’re still not paying your father properly from the state of these books!” he said picking up several of Ginny’s books which looked even more worn and tatty next to the glossy new Lockhart books, before placing them back into the cauldron.

Mr. Malfoys eyes now turned to Anne.

“Ah yes Miss Potter, Very intelligent topped my Draco in every exam, it’s a shame you don’t have the bravery to back it up! Then again your parents were brave and look where it got them” Mr. Malfoy sneered. Anne wanted to stay something in return, but she couldn’t figure out what, she was starting to feel even dizzier.

“Come on kids its crazy in here, let’s get you lot out!” said Sirius who was followed by Remus, both were carrying collected works of Lockhart.

Sirius then saw who was talking to them. “Excuse me, Mr. Malfoy, if you wouldn’t mind moving out of the way,” said Sirius in the politest tone he could manage.

“Well if it isn’t Sirius Black!” exclaimed Mr. Malfoy. “I was just thinking, maybe it’s a good thing that Anne isn’t as courageous and foolhardy as her parents. Maybe that means that she will be sensible and careful enough to live long enough to see her children grow up even if she is a coward!”

That did it. Sirius had been trying to keep his temper for the sake of the children suddenly passed the books he was holding to Harry and hit Mr. Malfoy on the nose. Before she knew what was happening Mr. Malfoy and Sirius were fighting each other in the middle of the shop, rolling around the floor, hitting each other with books.

“Sirius stop that this instant!” Remus yelled as he and Mr. Weasley pulled Sirius off Mr. Malfoy.

“Let me at him, he insulted James and Lily and Anne” he shouted.

“Speaking of Anne look at the state she’s in!” Remus said looking at Anne. Anne was now crawled up under a table of books a few meters away rocking back and forth hyperventilating.

“Anne,” Remus said gently walking over to her “Anne darling!” he kneeled under the table.

“There’s too much noise too many people, too much fighting” she stuttered still rocking back and forth.

“Anne come on darling let’s get you out of here!” he said reaching out of her.

“No!” she screamed, “get off me!”

“Anne!” Remus pleaded trying to keep his voice calm “It’s me, Remus!”

“Remus?” asked Anne recognizing him.

“Come on darling let’s get you out of here!”. He reached out for her but this time she didn’t flinch away, and he carried her out of the shop.

Remus got Anne outside and tried to calm her down “Concentrate on your breathing Anne.”

As Anne focused on breathing in and out he led her toward a table outside the ice cream shop. He came back a moment later with a glass of iced water.

“Right drink this!” Remus ordered as he passed the glass to Anne who started to sip at it.

“I’m sorry about that I just can’t stand that man,” said Sirius when he and Harry found them. “I didn’t know it would make you that upset!” he added guiltily looking at Anne.

“This is not entirely your fault Sirius,” said Remus looking worriedly at Anne. “She was upset beforehand that Lockhart idiot had dragged her in front of the whole crowd and wouldn’t let her escape.”

“Lets put it this way, if you hadn’t shown up when you did I was going to take on Draco and Malfoy single-handed!” admitted Harry.

“I think its best if I take Anne home,” Remus said looking at the young girl who looked like she was seconds away from breaking down.

“What about Anne’s extra books?” asked Harry

“I’m sure any books you get Anne would be more than happy to read, she’ll read anything!” Remus said.

“Ok,” said Sirius uncertainly, “I’ll see you guys when we get home.”

Remus and Anne headed to the Leaky Cauldron and went home via the fire.

The second that they got home, and Remus and Anne had sat down on the sofa Anne finally broke down. She started sobbing uncontrollably.

“Come here sweetheart!” cried Remus pulling Anne in close. He started to stroke Anne’s hair as Anne sobbed into his chest. “It’s alright now, you’re home,” said Remus desperately trying to comfort her.

After a while, the tears began to dry up.

“Do you want to talk about it?” asked Remus gently.

Anne shook her head.

“That’s alright! You don’t have to, I understand,” said Remus still stroking her hair. “Tell you what I always feel better after a bath, want to give that a go?”

Anne nodded. Remus went off to the other room to run her a bath and went to fetch a pair of clean pajamas from her room.

Whilst Anne was in the bath Remus prepared Anne her favorite lunch, chicken spinach, and cheese toasted sandwich.

Once Anne had eaten her lunch and taken a bath, she did feel a bit better. Anne and Remus were sat on top of her bed her empty plate on the floor.

“You ready to talk now sweetheart?”

“Yeah sure,” said Anne quietly. Anne explained how she had been scared because there were many people there, wanting to run out of the shop when she was pulled up in front of the crowd, but she was being held to firmly, she couldn’t escape.

“I wanted to get out as quickly as I could,” Anne continued trying to keep calm. “I was pushing my way through the crowd and was nearly there when I was blocked by Malfoy. I was starting to feel dizzy and needed some fresh air, but Malfoy wouldn’t leave me alone! Then Malfoys dad come over and started offending me and Mum and Dad, I wanted to say something, but it was like my brain had stopped working! Then Sirius hit Mr. Malfoy. The next thing I knew I was under the table where you found me,” Anne finished.

“No wonder you broke down,” said Remus softly kissing the top of her head, “anybody would have!”

“Remus! Anne!” called Sirius and Harry from downstairs.

“We’re up here!” called Remus.

“We’ve got something that will cheer you up!” they said poking their heads around the door.

“Books!!” they crowed each carrying a stack of least fifteen books tall apiece.

“Don’t worry kid, none of them are written by Lockhart!” Sirius laughed as they placed the stacks of books wrapped in brown paper onto the bed.

“Well go then! I want to see if you like them or not!”

Anne gave a slight smile and started to unwrap the books. There were a few magical history books, one of which was written by the same author as Revolutionaries of the Magical World. There was a huge set of ten extremally detailed books each the size of a large dictionary that detailed every event in magical history from the ancient world to Harry’s defeat of Voldemort. They had been written by the best magical historians in the country including Bathilda Bagshot.

“Wow!” Anne exclaimed. “I looked at these books last time, but I wanted to start off with something a bit lighter,” Anne said indicating the set she had bought last year. Anne was looking enthusiastically as she looked at a page full of complicated tables and diagrams.

“Anne! There’s still more books waiting!” said Harry indicating the other fifteen books sitting on the bed.

There were several books on advanced charms which were Anne’s best subject. She was good at all her subjects, but she had a special knack for charms! And also a few on Herbology which Anne had always enjoyed.

There were also a couple of books on wandless and non-verbal magic that Anne had started to practice in case it came in handy someday.

“I love them!” Anne exclaimed. “I would have chosen the same ones myself. I know for a fact though that that set of history books cost twenty galleons on its own and you only gave me fifteen!”

Sirius fobbed her off. “Look Anne as long as it makes you happy, I don’t care how much I spend on you,” said Sirius who was still feeling guilty about his part in upsetting Anne earlier. “I love you to pieces and I love spoiling you both rotten. Besides it’s not like I’m not spoiling Harry either, I got him a new broom!”

“Sirius! That was entirely unnecessary he only got a broom last year!” Remus protested turning on Sirius.

Sirius grinned guiltily and he and Harry went outside to try out Harry’s Nimbus 2001. He decided it was best to leave Anne and Remus to inspect all the new books safely on the bed.

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