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Lillian Grace Snape


Lillian Grace Snape is going to Hogwarts! At 10 years old, she is the youngest person to attend Hogwarts. Oh yeah....her dad is the potions master Severus Snape. What secrets will she learn at Hogwarts? You’ll have to read to find out.

Fantasy / Humor
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Your name is Lily Grace Snape.
(You are 9 years old)
"When will I get to go to hogwarts with you?"
"Soon. I promise."
"Like how soon?"
"The more you ask, the more time it will be."
"Okay. Can I go practice potions?"
"No. You're just learning. I don't want you to mess anything up."
You go off to the basement and get out your cauldron. You set it on your desk.
"I think I'll be okay if I just brew one potion." You say.
You start to brew your first potion without your dad nearby. But, the mixture is not going as planned. Soon, it explodes in your face.
"Crap!" You say as you try to hide the evidence that you brewed the potion.
Your father came downstairs......
"What is going on here?" He says raising an eyebrow.
"Um...I was...making a craft?"
"Step away from your desk..."
You don't move.
"Now..." he says and walks towards you.
You move out of the way. He finds your cauldron under your desk.
He turns to face you. You are nervous as crap.
"Lily, I told you no potion making."
"I know."
"So then why did you make a potion?"
"Because I wanted to. It's not fair that I don't get to make potions!"
"Well, this might have escaped your notice but life isn't fair."
You stayed silent.
"Look, I know you're growing up without a mom. And that must be hard. But, that does not give you an excuse to be in this rebellious phase you have been in the last few weeks."
"I know. I'm so sorry."
"I know you are. But, this can't just be ignored. You are not allowed to do magic for 2 weeks. Hand over your wand."
You give him your wand reluctantly. He reaches under your desk and takes your cauldron. You follow him up the stairs where he locks your stuff up in the closet in the hallway.
"Go to your room." He says.
You walk to your room.
"It's my own fault." You say. "I'm the one who disobeyed."
After about an hour, Snape comes to your door.
"Follow me."
You follow him to the kitchen.
You sit down in your chair at one end of the table. Snape sat down in his at the other end.
"What's going on?"
"What do you mean?"
"You've been acting different. You usually follow the rules. You usually don't do something I told you not to do. You usually don't get into trouble."
"I don't know!"
"Well, this isn't you. I know it. And I think you do too."
"Well." Snape said looking at the clock. "You need to go to bed. It's 10:00. The Malfoy's are coming over tomorrow and I want you on your best behavior."
"Yes, father. Goodnight."
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