Doctor Who: The Sontaran Experiment- Phase II (The War Doctor Chronicles)


The Doctor inadvertently walks into a trap as he answers a distress call near a remote desert planet. The last thing he had expected to see during the Time War was Sontarans, let alone to be captured by two of them. But, they have a sinister plan and a very surprising reveal, one the the Doctor himself was not prepared to discover.

Scifi / Fantasy
Jeff Walker
Age Rating:


Hovering around a planet near a binary sun, a ship sends out a distress beacon as it drifts slowly towards the atmosphere. In that beacon, a fragmented voice of a woman pleads for someone to help her. Over and over her message repeats, until the call is heard by the one person willing to come to her aid. Spinning wildly out in space, the familiar blue police box heads for the small space craft and signals back to the person with a message of his own.
“Hang on in there, I’m coming in to see what the problem is.” The Doctor said. “Be with you in a jiffy.”
The Tardis dematerializes out of space and then re-materializes inside of the derelict craft. Stepping out from the creaking police box door, The Doctor emerges into a badly damaged area full of wreckage, billowing smoke and fires dotting through the passage way. He disapprovingly gives a few clicks of his tongue and shakes his head at the sight of it.
“Dear me...” He grumbles. “Can’t even be bothered to clean up for company. Guess they’ve been rather busy”
The impish Time Lord locked the Tardis door and strolled through the devastation as he searched about the ship for survivors. He took out his trusted sonic screwdriver and activated it. Like waving a wand of almost magician like skill, he tried to identify life forms that might be hidden on the vessel.
“Come out, come out where ever you are!” He said, in a jovial tune while speaking. “I’m here to help! Please, if you’re there, come out where I can see you.”
Nothing presented itself. The ship seemed abandoned and lifeless. The only noise was the metal popping from structural fatigue and snap from the warped walls that were now cooling down. The Doctor sauntered in further, hoping whomever sent the signal would appear as he continued to call out; but there was no one—no one at all.
He found a spot that wasn’t so badly ruined and pondered about the possibilities. He wondered if they managed to escape, taking life-pods or having been rescued already, leaving the beacon on by accident. He also thought the crew might have perished, it would be the more likely scenario. Looking down the split corridors, not knowing which direction the command deck would be on, he gave a frustrated sigh and placed his screwdriver back into his worn brown leathery jacket pocket.
“Well, can’t hang about here all day now can I?” Spouting the words loud enough just in case there was someone nearby. “Thanks for dragging me out of the time vortex for nothing! Cheery-bye!”
The War Doctor patted his coat gently for a second, spun his head for one last glance and proceeded to head back to the Tardis. He was almost within range when a sudden flash of light scanned his body. Pausing from the sight of it, The Doctor saw tree lights hidden in the side wall covered in metallic debris.
“Hello?” He said. “Someone there?”
The light stopped beaming on to him and abruptly switched off. The Timelord lingered for a second, thinking it wasn’t finished yet. He’d been in situations like this before and knew there was always other events that followed being scanned. He had expected to see a cluster of armed guards to come barreling out of the shadows, or even single being with a gun pointed at his head asking, “who are you? What are you doing here?”
But nothing like that happened (this time anyway).
“Look, if your going to shoot or stun me unconscious, you’d better hurry up, I’m a busy man.”
Suddenly four glowing pillars appeared from out of the floor; they surrounded him with a growing hum of power building up. He confused by the sight of them and seemed unable to move out of the way in time. It was like he was paralyzed in some form of energy field.
“Oh no...” He uttered in realization. “I’m being transported! This is a T-Mat...”
Before he could finish that verbal thought, he vanished off of the ship.

Materializing onto the planets surface, the Doctor instantly checked himself to see if every part of his body was with him. A sigh of relief came when everything checked out and then took in his surroundings. The world was desolate; a sand filled rocky environment that bore no plant life whatsoever. He turned about to continue to get his bearings, only to come face to face with a weapon pointing into his face. “Typical...” he thought. “Well, it had to be on the ship or on the planet I suppose...”
The being holding that weapon was all too familiar to the galifreian, they were a species he’d not run into for a very long time, and had thought they’d been too busy to show up in this part of the galaxy. All he could do was give a disappointed sigh and contemptibly say their species name.
“Sontarans, naturally....”
The grey helmeted warrior stood before him holding out his weapon in those tri-digited fingers poised to pull the trigger if the man moved a muscle.
“I have you, Timelord!” It hissed in factual delight. “You are now a prisoner of the great Sontaran Empire!”
“Not this again...” The Doctor be-musingly grumbled.
How many times had he been captured by so many enemies? It was becoming a tiresome scenario and loathed the fact that this lone Sontaran had managed to ensnare him.
“Quiet Timelord!” It said, shoving the small hand held laser weapon at him. He was barely audible from the helmet that encased his head. Only two small slit eyes adorned the rounded helmet, the Doctor always wondered how they could even properly could see out of them.
“Alright, alright... don’t get excited.” The Doctor said raising his hands up. “I believe the phrase, ‘take me to your leader’ apples here, yes?”
“Cocky, aren’t you Timelord?” The being grumbled. “Now step off the T-Mat pad and follow me.”
The Doctor looked down and noticed that he was indeed standing on a small metallic platform. The size told him it was portable and probably from yet another ship. From what he could gather, there was no other ship in the vicinity. It begging the question that he felt compelled to ask.
“Strange place for a device like this. Where’s it from, exactly? I mean, you don’t just come out into the desert and say ‘now that’s a really great place to put a T-Mat pad’, eh?”
“It is from our secondary ship, Timelord.” The Sontaran kept saying his name as it was offensive. “We left the main ship in orbit to lure your kind here, then set the transport trap for when you boarded.”
“How interesting and ingenious of you...” The Doctor said, meaning it in total honesty. His expression quickly changed from mild surprise to puzzled concern. “But why are we so far away from the ship on the planet? Looking for a reason to get more exercise, are we? Or did did you just get the short end of the stick?”
“Silence, worm!”
“That’s the answer I thought I’d get.” The Timelord nodded while pursing his lips. “Right then, lead on my good sir, to your leader...”
“Commander,” The Sontaran corrected him. “Commander Sarath is the brilliant strategist that outwitted you, scum.”
“I see...” The Doctor shrugged. “Well, whomever, just take me there.”
The Sontaran seemed put out by his reply and shoved the Doctor forward. They marched though the harsh sandy terrain; the Doctor, hands clasped behind him with a whistle of ‘hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go’, walked casually through the sandy dunes while his overly armoured captor kept his gun aimed at the quirky Timelord.

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