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A random Ceajose fanfic


Sjdhdhdh Updates whenever. Ceasar feels he has a one way crush on JoJo but he'll never be sure until his feelings get the best of him. If you bully people because of ships they like go away. That's you Giomis haters.

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1: Morning sickness

Ceasar wakes up at 6 AM and decided to go downstairs to eat breakfast early, he had been thinking about his feelings for the last few days and realized he had been keeping some feelings from himself and Joseph. He taps his fingers on the table while thinking about how he should confess, if Joseph even likes him back. "He might think I'm weird." he whispers to himself.

Ceasar sat there pondering, he pushed his bowl of cereal to the side as he got lost in thought. Eventually deciding he wasn't hungry and pouring his bowl out. He went back upstairs and layed in bed, he felt sick. Every good thought he had disappeared in an instant as his mind was fizzing, he heard footsteps and watched as Suzie Q passed the door. She saw him laying in bed miserably "Are you ok?" she asked. Ceasar thought for a long second before responding with "Just a headache." Suzie Q looked worried but left him alone.

He layed in bed for what felt like days, before getting up and checking the time. It was now 8 AM he groaned and got up against his will, he slipped out of his Pajamas and putting on some jeans and a white shirt. He grabbed his gloves but didn't put them on, he just put them on his dresser for later. He walked into the hallway and looked through a window at the rising sun letting the wind ruffle his hair.

He continued slowly making his way downstairs, as he passed the Windows he felt the cool autumn wind softly kiss his face as he made slowly walked through the quiet house.

When he finally made it outside he watched the leaves glide on the wind and he felt even more sick when he heard Joseph walking around downstairs, he heard the footsteps coming closer to the entrance and saw Joseph peek his head out. "Hey Caesar." Joseph says with a tired tone. Caesar just responded with a nod and turned his head a bit to the side so he was just about out of view.

"You ok?" Joseph asks with more question on his voice than police officers. Ceasar just responds with the same dead answer "Its just a headache." When Caesar looks back he sees that Joseph was looking a bit sick too, he was wearing a sweater and some jeans. "Are *you* ok?" Ceasar asks. The worry in Caesar's head was replaced by a diffent kind, worry for a loved one.

Joseph nods. "I have a cold or the flu, I can never tell." he says tiredly. "We don't have training today why don't you go back to bed." Caesar says, desprately trying to cover the worry in his voice. "

Joseph lets out a big cough into his sweater sleeves and drags himself upstairs, Ceasar lets out a big sigh of relief.

(Ceasar is now going on walk)

Ceasar quietly takes a stroll to get his mind off everything thats been happening, it had only been a month since Kars was launched into space. Joseph is still healing from being badly injured in the fight, so even though it has been a month since they were almost killed Joseph still had a goofball attitude. That was what Ceasar admired.

The sun was finally in the sky warming up the air to get ready for the day.

Chapter 1 end
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