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A random Ceajose fanfic

Chapter 2: Lunch with drunks

TW: This chapter contains alcohol. (//'/-/'//)
(Timeskip to the middle of the day. Yayyyy--
I'm so tired)

Caesar took a long walk to the oil pylon and back just appreciating the last of the leaves before winter came. When he came back Suzie Q was preparing lunch, there was an open bottle of wine on the table and four glasses. He decided he would just have one cup, he didn't want to get too drunk. He poured the glass of wine and put the bottle back in the middle.

Ceasar downed his glass in 3 minutes, he was feeling a bit tipsy but not to tipsy to get drunk after another glass. Or so he thought. After pouring the next glass and chugging it like the first one, he got way more tipsy and felt his vision blur but tried not to get drunk. He placed the glass back down and pushed it away. His gaze was now going back to normal and Lisa Lisa was now sitting at the table with her own glass of wine.

When lunch was ready Joseph came down Lisa Lisa and Suzie Q greeted him. Caesar kept quiet, he didn't want to slip up on his words and say something he didn't want to. Joseph was now wearing his normal attire, jeans and a green tank top. Lisa Lisa had already caught on that Ceasar was on the brink of being drunk and left him alone.

Suzie Q put down some lasagna on the table and took a seat, once they had finished Joseph offered Caesar another glass of wine. "I'm not getting drunk alone." Joseph says pouring Ceasar some wine. Ceasar reluctantly takes some sips of wine. Next thing he knew he had finished his entire glass and was starting to completely go drunk. He looked over at Joseph who was also getting tipsy.

And then my vision went black.

(Joseph POV)

I was busy drinking my second glass of wine when I look over and see Caesar on the brink of passing out. I let out a pity laugh and finish my glass, Lisa Lisa and Suzie Q were going upstairs to do whatever, I didn't care. I had always wondered why Caesar had those face markings, normal Caesar wouldn't tell me so maybe drunk Caesar would. "Why do you have those face markings?" I ask.

"The (GERMAN WWII SOLDIERS) put on people who are homosexual." He responds drunkenly. I just stare at him questioning everything, then it all clicked in my mind. "Do you-"

(Ceasar POV)

I woke up back in bed, hungover. I felt like he was going to puke. He just hoped he hadn't said anything stupid while drunk, hopefully passed out but that was unlikely. He looked at the time, 9 PM. Ceasar fell backwards back into his bed, when he got back up he changed into some shorts and a teal t-shirt.

Before he went to bed he wanted a snack, he walked downstairs and got some cornbread. Walking back up to his room he finished the bread and went to bed.

Before this chapter ends I just wanna say, I'm stuck for what to write.

Chapter 2 end.
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