Once I get horny nobody can stop me from turning you to your damn extreme. ................................ .............................................................. Once a bot was born He was named as Yoongi Uncle drowned to praise it's laze Not knowing that it was the augur of his gaze With a preety face which he had His feet toured him out and back Leaving all the people outside numb He found interest in none But his heart was never to leave The golden ratio of Min Raehee The girl who conquired him more Dominating his mind from all chores Never was he linked to a beauty that beholds Nor he planned to be in touch But the reflex which he ensured Turned to enamour the gracious broad Raehee was his obsession Whom he desired to take under possession Failure was the wicked witch Who made him sting her with his sour glitch. Beware of this passive slay Hide thy soul in chest of pray.

Scifi / Thriller
Kim Gits
Age Rating:

I: Just a start

Kim Gits Creations 2020✓

All rights reserved ©®

It's completely a work of fiction which can also be included in the world of science fiction and fanfiction. So please don't make unnecessary comments and go on reading.^^ Hope You'll have a nice journey all throughout.

Here you go......

The birds were twittering at the pink and shy, graciously clear and well-nigh perpetual sky. They were probably waiting for the disclosure of a new being in the world of immortals.....


A middle aged fellow, probably 40 years, was working with his new invention, a human robot. The pieces of sensors, effectors, actuators, wires, etc. were laid all over the table and floors. The computer's screen directed some notifications as he carried out his tasks. The wires sprang out of the mechanical tough body just like the spokes of a cactus.

As he screwed in a pin into a screw hole of the chest part of the robo, there was a light red siren on the flashed flat face of the computer. He knew that his hard work's fate was progressing. He read out what was written on the screen as it penned ," Your system is activated for the tracker test."

"Eureka! Yes it's working! That's amazing!" shrieked out the old medial aged chap.

He rubbed his robo's uncarved face as a drop of tear rolled down his cheeks.

"Uncle! Uncle Jake!" screamed a little girl as she delightfully glided into the laboratory.

"Careful Raehee! Don't get tripped! Slow down." called out the present man.

The girl tiptoed nearer to the large table which was just at the centre of the room. She hopped onto her little feet as she tried to look upon the contents on the table top.

The generous robo scientist took the girl in his arms and held her right before the immovable body which laid over the table surface.

The girl chuckled out in wonder, "Wooah what is it uncle Jake? It looks so very similar to Irona of Richie Rich!"

The man giggled as he said,"Well it's her brother then cuz it's a 'he'. He's male unlike Irona who was female."

"Woow that means he will be able to do everything just like what Irona does?" uttered the child as her eyes sparkled with excitement.

"Nope. Infact he'll be able to perform much more than that." spoke the man with a wide smile across his face and lips.

"Oh my! Can I touch it?" requested the toddler.

"Of course! Here you go!" said the fellow as he bend down towards the body on the table top in order to let his niece have a nice observation of it.

"Uwu! It feels amazing! Well will his face remain as this forever?" expressed the kiddo to her dearest uncle on earth.

"No I've designed a perfect cute face for this second son of mine. Wait lemme show you." said the man as he made the little girl occupy a small space on one side of the table top just beside the robo and he himself hurried to his study desk.

The little girl sat quietly and observed the new mate while dangling her young legs in the air.

Soon the man returned back to the girl child with a photograph in his hand. "See here. This is how he's going to look like." said the man as he handed over the sheet of photopaper to the girl.

"Oh my! He looks so cute! Is he a cat faced robo just like Oggy?" said the child.

"Oh no no. He looks like a human you see properly. However he might have some similarities with the face of a kitten though. And my child, Oggy isn't a robo. But he is! Oops but I haven't decided any name for this robo yet. Do you have something in mind Raehee?" spoke the man as he looked at the little girl with warmth and love in his eyes.

"Mmm how about Yoongi?" said the child.

"Nice and what about his surname? I want him to live just like an actual real human being. So he needs that too." said the man while caressing the child's cheeks.

"MIN YOONGI!" pronounced the child.

"Miraculous! That's such a cute name for your cute friend. I'm impressed Raehee. You are maturing." remarked the man.

"I know Mr. Min Jake. My teachers also say the same. And since you said that he's your second son, so definitely his surname will be Min!" gushed the child.

"My sweet Raehee. Come I'll give you a big chocolate for giving such an authentic name." said the man as he pulled her back in his arms, pecked her cheeks and strolled outside the experiment room.

Must be wondering who the child was isn't it? Well that's me, Min Raehee.

15 years later....

"Ah Yoongi, today you're going to watch this colourful world with your own eyes. Just let me finish with the power button."

Mr. Min Jake, my uncle, was very happy for the fact that finally his hard works for which he had spent 15 whole years of his life would come to life today.

He finished with the screws and bradawl and kept away his tools. He took a deep breathe in before he turned Yoongi on. There was no movement noticeable in him but a faint noise could be heard just like the sound of a 10 year old microwave oven. Uncle was a little confused as to why Yoongi isn't showing any sign of being awakened. However a few seconds later....



Something was wrong in the immovable. Soon Mr. Min noticed some sparks of fire from the sides of the robot's hips.

"Oh no! Yoongi!"

One last sound was heard.

Creak crack!

Then it was all silent. Mr. Min stabbed his fists on the table.

"Useless. Absolutely useless. I again have to fix this junk. Urghh!"

He walked out of the laboratory, leaving behind the senseless bot on the table.

Mr. Min joined the other family members at the dining table.

"Good morning uncle! So how're your experiments going on?" I asked while taking little bites of the sandwich I was holding.

Mr. Min heaved a sigh before he spoke, "Not good Raehee. He's again having some trouble in his wires and actuators. I've gotta deal with him again."

"Oh no worries uncle. I know you'll succeed." I expressed with a shiny smile on my cheeks.

Uncle was a little turned off. He really hoped that his invention would be successful that very day but may be it was his misfortune that he missed it.

"Uncle come on. Cheer up!" I tried to convince my dear uncle who quietly went on crunching his salad.

"I think he's really hurt. Fine I'll get him his favourite latest set of golf sticks. Then I guess he'll feel better."

I was then 22 years old, a cheerful, kind soul who always wanted to devote her life for the welfare of other citizens. I was a doctor at SNUH. It's been just a year that I joined the hospital but my colleagues at the hospital liked me so much that I felt like it's been decades since I have been working there. But there was one clingy mortal who was always keen to deceive me. It's Miss Sandara Park, an opthalmologist under course.

My parents were always hooked to their business and used to be really busy with their own stuffs. Hardly they got the time to have a check over their child's whereabouts. But I never faced any problems cuz my uncle and aunt took really well care of me just like my own true parents.

Anyways I was almost done with my breakfast, just was left with the grape juice when suddenly my phone buzzed.

Bweep bweep!

I picked it. "Hello? Yeah I'm on my way. I'll be there in 10 minutes."
The call was dismissed. I drained the glass of juice down my oesophagus and ran out, dangling my car keys.

"Bye uncle! See ya!" I raised while slipping out of the door.

Uncle thought to himself, "I guess I should go see my friends today. It's been days since I saw them last. Besides I think there's no use of wasting time on that steel body right now. I also am not left with any more actuators and effectors. I've gotta get them as well."

He also left after taking the breakfast.

In the evening...

"Uncle! Aunt! I'm back!" I screamed while strolling inside the lobby with a huge heavy bag of golf sticks in hand.

"Ugh this is so heavy, uncle!!" I screeched while resting the bag on the side of a couch.

My aunt, Mrs. Min came sauntering over to me.

"What's wrong Raehee? Why are you shouting?" asked aunt with a thoughtful look.

"Oh nothing much aunt. I just decided to get uncle a new stock of golf sticks. So I brought one." I exposed, resting my back on the couch.

Aunt nodded but then said,"Again you wasted your money for his golf sticks? Raehee you should spend them for your own needs. Why do you get some new sticks at the end of every two months? Once he gets his hands on the new ones, he totally forgets about the existence of the older ones."

"It's okay aunt. I just want him to be happy. Anyways where's he?" I enquired.

"He isn't home yet. He'll be back so...." Aunt paused at the middle as her eyes caught uncle sauntering through the entrance with some plastic packets in his hand.

"There he's back already." said aunt as she crossed her arms before her chest.

Uncle walked over to us and immediately was pulled into an interrogation by his wife.

Aunt asked,"So what did you bring today? Golf balls? Ball Retrievers?
Chipping Mats?Coolers?Golf Gloves?
Golf GPS? Grips?"

" No there are just some transponders, effectors and actuators for Yoongi." exposed uncle.

I rolled my eyes and poked in, "Aunt please. Now don't start yelling at him again. By the way uncle, I bought these for you." I pointed to the pack of sticks by the side of the couch.

Uncle shouted out delightfully,"Ohho! My Raehee! Thank you very much princess! You're the only one who understands my needs in the house."

Aunt flattened her eyes as a dart. "Yeah yeah. She might be doing so but I'll ask her to stop shedding her love for you cuz it's spoiling you."

I chuckled," It's okay aunt. A little spoil isn't cruel."

"Yeah my girl!" Uncle exposed giving me a high five.

"Fine do whatever you two feel like. Just come in time for the meals. That will do." Aunt said before tapping away her heels.

"So Raehee, where did you get these from?" asked Mr. Min.

" From Callaway Golf Korea, Ltd. There was a new range on sale. So I bought them for you." said I.

"Okhay let's go now. I'll give you a nice treat once I successfully fix Yoongi." voiced uncle.

"I know you will." I presumed. Uncle ruffled my short hair before heading to our respective rooms.

After dinner, I resolved for going to bed a little early because it was quite a tiring day for me. The whole day I had to run up and down the floors in the hospital on account of the surgeries I had to perform.

So I got changed into my night dress and slipped inside the covers by switching the lights off.

A few hours later, nearly past midnight, I was awakened by some slightly loud unusual sounds. I flipped my eyes open and sat up on the bed. I nicely scanned the room but there was no sign of anything creepy. The sound paused after a few seconds. I thought that I have been dreaming. So I once more attempted to lay down but again was startled by the same sounds.

The beats were coming from outside, most probably from the corridors. It sounded like something hard was tapping on the floor.

Clack clump clunk!

I got hold of my pillow and quietly but slowly advanced to the door. My hands trembled as my warm palm came in touch with the cold metal of the door knob and I flung it open.


Here's a new book. Please give it some warmth. Hope you'll like the tracks. I purple you all 💜. Love ya INFINITE!!

"Don't think of robots as replacements for humans -- think of them as things that will help make us better at tackling many of the problems we face."


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