Lovable Murderer (Completed)


Arnav Singh Raizada, who had been the topmost businessman of India once is getting released from jail, after spending four years in jail for murdering his wife Yasodha who lived with him for only one month. What happened in his life? Why did he murder his wife? Will he see Dawn in his life after coming from jail? will he find his soulmate who could love him truly unlike his first wife? You will get to know when you read the story...

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Arnav is in RM

Part 1 Arnav is in RM

Gupta House

Shashi Gupta was eating fast.

“Slowly… you may get choked,” Garima said while passing him a glass of water.

“I have to go. Or else, Arvind will go alone.” Shashi said while stuffing the roti into his mouth.

“Did he ask you to accompany him?”


“Then why are you flying?”

“It’s not necessary for him to ask me anything because I’m his friend. I know what he feels.”

“I’m not talking about it. What if he doesn’t want you to accompany him today?” she asked contently.

Shashi stopped eating and looked at her.

“What do you mean?”

“Arnav may feel ashamed to see you…”

Leaving the plate half-finished, Shashi got up.

“Don’t get upset, Babuji. Aman is right.” NK said.

“Haan, Arnav is coming from jail, not from the tour. In these four years of jail life, he would have changed a lot. Don’t think him the old Arnav.”

Shashi sat on the couch upset.

“Poor boy. How happy he was… that ***** ruined his life.” Shashi gritted his teeth.

Garima gestured him to see Khushi who just stopped eating, hearing an uncultured word.

“I’m a sorry beta.” Shashi apologized.

Khushi continued eating after throwing a mild smile at Shashi.

“Arnav should have been lived happily. Poor him…” Shashi felt bad for him.

“What’s the use of talking about what we can’t change?” Garima said.

“He could have escaped from the case if he had wanted but he didn’t. He himself surrendered in the police station. ” Shashi said sadly.

Khushi and NK spared a glance at Garima.

“I just can’t forget the moment when I saw him sitting in the police station with his shirt full of blood strain.”

“Neither he agreed to meet his parents nor did he agree to come on bail, but why?” NK asked.

Shashi nodded yes.

“He was that much weary not to see any of crying face. He asked me to make Ratna understand before going to jail.”

“Arvind Bhai should not have made him marry that girl,” Garima said something which happened four years ago that can’t be changed anymore.

“What would he do when his business partner wanted Arnav as his son-in-law? And adding to it, her daughter acted as no one exists in the world like her….”

“Yes, I saw her at a birthday party before Arnav got married to her. She didn’t even take part in the party and sitting at the corner as if she doesn’t like those celebrations.” Garima said sarcastically.

“I just don’t want to talk about her. I’m going.” Shashi stood.

“Call Arvind Bhai and ask him what he is going to do.”

“No need. I will get back if he feels something like that.” He left GH.

The trio ate silently.

“What Arnav is going to do further? Did Dad say anything?” NK asked Garima.

Garima nodded NO.

“I don’t think Arnav has any idea about his future,” Garima said sighing.

NK nodded yes.

“He should not have gotten angry that day. Just because of someone’s mistake, he lost his life.” Garima said.

“How won’t he get angry in such a situation? Anyone in his place would have done the same. How would he have felt when he saw his wife with someone? I can’t even imagine his condition, Mom.” NK said wrathfully.

“I can’t believe she married him for her boyfriend, just to get Arnav down in his business,” Garima said helplessly.

“That’s why Arnav killed them at the same spot,” NK said wearily.

Khushi was eating without interfering with their talks. She was taught to be silent when elders speaking. She finished eating and went to the washbasin to wash her hand.

“Khushi…” NK called her.

She again came and sat before him.

“What are you going to do next?”

“What do you want me to do?” she back questioned him.

“Do masters.”

“I’m thinking of searching for a job.”


“I will do masters through postal.”

“Is it enough of enjoyment?”

“We can enjoy anytime no matter where we are.”

“Say straight that your friends are not going to join masters.” NK chuckled.

She nodded yes.

“So what if she is not joining? You will get new friends from college.” NK said.

“No Nanne. I’m not ready to take risks in friendship. I have enough friends and it’s enough for me. I don’t want to get hurt in the name of a new friendship. All are selfish you know.”

“If you are so much scared of friendship then what will you do if your sasural is not up to your expectations?” He teased.

“That’s why I have no expectations of my Sasural. No expectations… no disappointments…” she smiled.

“Don’t worry, beta. Dad will find a good Groom for you who will stand by your side.”

“Mom… we can’t predict anyone here because people are skilled in hiding their flaws with a mask. The mask can fall down anytime…just like Yasodha… Arnav’s wife.”

Garima was speechless. She didn’t know Khushi could have such a deep vision about relationships.

Central Jail Delhi

Arvind and Shashi reached jail. Yes, Arvind waited for Shashi in RM. The friends started together to receive Arnav. Before they reached the place, there was a person, waiting for Arnav. He is none other than Arnav’s best friend Aman.

They saw the gate opening. Arnav got out with a simple outfit which was given by Arvind. In no time, Aman hugged him and cried burst out.

“AS…R….” He didn’t say anything more than his name. He just can’t…

“This is why I avoided meeting you guys,” Arnav said calmly.

“Shut up… I’m angry with you…” Aman shouted.

“Ok…” Arnav said without expression making him sigh.

Arvind hugged him emotionally which Arnav couldn’t deny. This is the reason he didn’t want to meet anyone during his punishment days. They became emotional and make him emotional.

Arnav broke the hug.

“How are you uncle?” he asked Shashi.

“How are you Beta?”

Arnav nodded yes.

“Let’s go. Ratna is waiting for you.”

Arnav became nervous. There will be a big drama in RM. Facing his mother is going to be the worst phrase.

But to his surprise, Ratna stayed calm. No emotional drama… no tears… and no feeling filled dialogues.

Circling the thali, Ratna welcomed Arnav. Arnav wondered, seeing her not creating a scene and he was glad about it.

“Go and get fresh… “ Ratna said softly.

Arnav nodded yes and went to his room. He stopped at the entrance, looking at his room. It was just like how he left four years ago…but only with HIS stuff. There were no things that make him remember HER.

Of course, Ratna removed all HER things from his room. But, would he forget her and what she had done to him? He can’t…. until someone enters into his life and makes him think only about his future.

To be continued…

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