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Don't Leave Me...


Tom has played with Tord's heart since high school. One night Tord gets proposed to and Tom is against it. Tord explains that at one point he Loved Tom but now it's over. Can Tom handle his karma?

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Chapter 1

Tom's Pov:

Edd,Matt,and I were sitting on the couch when we heard a knock on the door
I heard footsteps thumping down the stairs and I got up to answer the door
"I Got it Tom!" Tord said running to the door but I beat him.I opened the door slowly and saw a man with a bouquet of flowers but they weren't just any flowers they were lilacs. Tord's Favorite Flowers. I was knocked out of my thoughts when Tord pushed passed me and proceeded to hug the man. "Hey Love....I bought you these" The man said returning the hug and passing the flowers to Tord. "Awhhh Daniel You Remembered!" Put He Paused when Daniel got on his knees. Tord Dropped the flowers then held his hands up to cheeks. Daniel pulled out a little box. Daniel started talking "Tord Larssen, I love you and I can't imagine a world without you, I can't open up to people but when It comes to you I let everything spill...I wanna live the rest of my life with you...So will you Marry Me?" I looked at Tord in disbelief he was crying and sniffling "YES! YES! A HUNDRED TIMES YES!" He squealed Jumping on Daniel. I felt my heart break in a million pieces as they kissed both of them crying tears of joy. Edd and Matt were watching while Matt was crying from the beautiful moment. I heard Tord Gasp and I looked over to see Daniel sliding a ring on Tord's ring finger. "It's so beautiful!!" Tord Screamed and was now Jumping with Edd and Matt. I hear them Talking about Bridesmaid and Who's gonna be the Best Man. I couldn't believe my ears or eyes. I guess I deserved this right? How did I not notice that in high school he loved me and was ready to do anything for me and In return I Play with his feelings. Yea I deserved his cold slap to the face when I told him To leave me alone. All I can do now is sit back and cry silently. I want him to be happy so If he's happy I'm Happy....No...I can't be happy knowing that he's with someone else...He's suppose to be my husband,My life long companion,He's supposed to be Mine! "TORD!" I shouted grabbing his attention. "Thomas? What is it?" He asked looking like he obviously didn't know how much he just hurt me. "What about Us Tord!" You can't just throw me out your life like nothing happened between us in high school!" He was silent for a moment then these three words came out his mouth and hit me like a train. "I loved you" he said looking down at his feet. His Fiance walked in our direction so I grabbed Tord and Placed A rough kiss on his lips. He pulled away and I felt a hand slap against my face. I opened my eyes to see Tord with his hand in the air and Tears forming in his eyes. "Tom! How Could You!" Edd scolded me and Matt did as well. "Tim thats messed up!" Matt also scolded. I look for Tord and see him talking with Daniel. Tord walked over to Edd and Matt and started to Tell them something I'm guessing it was really bad since their facial expressions changed from disappointed to Sad. They all hugged and edd started to Bawl his eyes out as Tord and Matt comforted him. Then I saw a moving truck part in front of the house. I'm Confused at First but then I Daniel go in the house and come out with a Box that read "Tord's stuff do not touch!" Wait...That Means....HE'S MOVING OUT!?. No....I haven't even gotten a chance to apologize for hurting him.... I felt tears flow down my cheeks. "Is That All Love?" Daniel Shouted. "Yup!" Tord answered running into Daniel's arm as Daniel embraced him. "I love you Tord." He said while holding Tord close. "I love you more Daniel." Tord said while standing on his tippy toes trying to Kiss Daniel but I stopped him. "YOU'RE FUCKING MOVING OUT COMMIE?! AND WITH HIM?!" I screamed letting him know how pissed I was. "Hey Dude Stop! He loved you but now He Loves me Can't you be happy for him? He deserves someone who will give him love and affection all the time. Not someone who will lead him on." Daniel Scoffed. I felt my fist ball and In one swift motion I punched him. He was on the ground as I straddled his legs throwing blows at his face while Tord begged me to stop. After I Finished with him I got up and admired my work. Daniel's nose was bleeding, he had 2 black eyes, and His lip was busted Now I don't have to worry about them kissing anytime soon. Tord stared in horror and disbelief at his "Fiance" He ran over to him while Edd called the ambulance . Tord pulled Daniel close while he sobbed. "Danny? Love? I'm Here Look at me!" Tord sobbed. Then After 2 minutes Daniel sharply inhaled and held Tord tight. "Danny!" Tord said still sobbing. "Shh It's alright Love I'm Ok.." as he pulled Tord closer. "Pfft" I snickered. Tord immediately shot his head up and looked in my direction with eyes full of...Hate?. "Jehovah This is a new type of Low! Why Would you attack my fiance when All he said was that in the past I loved you but Now I love him. Y'know What Witness I Hate You." He said still sobbing. I felt my heart drop Did he just say he hates me? I decided to shake it off and go to the bar I'm not even drunk. The ambulance came when I started walking away. 5 Minutes later Tord and Daniel Are Gone and Edd and Matt are mad at me. Oh well...At least Commie forgot a box...I might as well go through it since he left to kansas....

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