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One Direction Preferences.


I hope you enjoy. You can decide your boyfriend. Includes happy and sad scenarios.

Romance / Other
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What he buys you for you anniversary.

Liam- Liam has been thinking about what to buy you for ages. He though nd though about it. Finally he came up with the idea to buy you both a romantic holiday away. That way he can sbuy you whatever you want.

Harry- Harry decided he would geg you some personalised jewellery. He go you a matching ring, bracelet and necklace. You noticed he even got himself a matching pair for himself.

Louis- Louis decides that you would appreciate some of One Directions merch. So he bought you some of it. And since he thought that was a bit cheeky he also bought you a memory book with all your pictures in it.

Zayn- Zayn decided that he wanted you to get whatever you wanted. So he gave you £50 gift cards for all your favorite shops. He knew you would be over the moon with it. And you were.

Niall- Niall wanted to get you something that you'd find as special as he finds you. So he bought you a cute Teddy bear. You thought it was very special indeed.
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