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One Direction Preferences.

Your first kiss

You and Louis have just started dating right now. Louis can't help but cup your face in his hands and slowly puts his lips to yours. As soon as they connect you get sparks in your stomach. It is the best kiss of your life.
It has been a full week since you both started dating. Harry takes you into his loving arms and puts his lips on yours. He has pecked your lips before. But this time it was a kiss. Full of passion and love. You loved every second.
Niall had just finished his show. "Now I wna tot introduce you all to my beautiful girlfriend Y/N." He says to the audience as he takes your hand and leads you on the stage. Everyone in the crowd cheers. You notice Niall staring at your lips. He slowly moves his lips closer to yours until they were touching. This was your first real kiss wit Niall. You have been dating for three days.
You have been Zayns crush since you could remember. He only had the courage to ask you out the day before leaving to audition for the X-Factor. As soon as you agree to being his girlfriend he gives you the most passionate kiss ever. It was so passionate, so full of emotion and gave you butterflies.
You and Liam have been dating almost two weeks now. Liam has just got back from the studio. Your in the couch wat hing your favourite TV show.
"Hey babe." Liam says to you.
"Hi baby." You reply getting off the couch. Suddenly Liam cups your face in his hands and kisses you. It was heaven. Too good for words. Perfect.
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