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Maisie Black is Sirius Black's adopted daughter and she doesn't know about magic... yet. On her 16th Birthday, Sirius thinks that Maisie is finally ready and he tells her about the Wizarding World and sends her to Hogwarts. But when Maisie gets sorted in to her house, everything changes... She meets a boy who isn't everything he seems and neither is his family. Maisie's life is about to change. Is it for better or worst? ----------------------------------------- Although incomplete this will contain bad language and sexual references. Please do not read if these things offend you. Most names of places are made up and do not exist.

Fantasy / Other
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Leaving Brittletide

Hi, my name is Maisie Black, I'm 15 years old and I go to Wisdom College in Brittletide, United Kingdom. I have long, wavy, black hair and emerald green eyes, which some people could swear glow in the dark but that's ridiculous. I wasn't a very tall teenager, I was 5"4 and I'd stopped growing, I was the shortest in my friendship group and was often used as an armrest by the taller boys, it was all laughs though. I often had these weird dreams about me turning in to a cat, I've had these since I could remember and they were quite fun, I loved the thought of being able to turn in to a cat whenever I wanted.

After I was born I was left at the doorstep of a place called The Burrow which is a house in the middle of a field and is owned by the Weasley family. They took me in and raised me as their own until I was 12, after this my adopted father Sirius Black raised me to be the girl I am today. He raised me in London in a place called Grimmauld Place, until we had to move out because it was no longer safe to live there. We were living in hostels until we were able to find this house in Brittletide.

Our house is quaint, it was more like an old fashioned cottage than a house but we loved it either way. We loved sitting by the old, brick fireplace in our living room, drinking hot chocolate while telling stories, and laughing in to the late hours of the night. Dad would go to work from 6am and then he would always be there when I finished school to walk home with me. I may not have known my real family, but Sirius and the Weasley's were the best family a girl could wish for.

The day my dad didn't meet me at the school gates was a day I really started to worry. I ran home as fast as my legs could take me and when I got to the door I burst in to find my dad in the front room with all of our things packed.
"Dad? What's going on? I don't understand, are we moving?" I asked, completely startled.
"Yes, my dear, we have to go back to The Burrow to live with the Weasley's" he was looking down when he said this with a sad look on his face "Those bad people from London have found us again"

Bad people. I knew exactly who he meant too, I think they were drug dealers or something, but my dad never took drugs so I don't know why they would be after him. When we were in London they chased us for so long one time I thought I was going to pass out from exhaustion. They were very strange because they wore black cloaks that hit the ground and silver masks to hide their faces, the cowards didn't want us to know who they were. Maybe my dad wasn't being chased by drug dealers, maybe it was some form of a cult that he managed to escape and they were trying to get him to go back? Oh don't be silly Maisie, cults don't just chase people in the middle of the day.

I put my hand on my dad's shoulder and reassured him "Dad, it's fine, and if anything, living with the Weasley's is going to be fine. It'll be fun and you know those people never find us when we are there. We'll be safe and looked after!" Saying this made my dad smile, he looked up at me and gave a look as if to say "You're right as always Maisie" and he hugged me tightly.
"Right, let's go" as he said this we grabbed our suitcases and headed to the door. Dad opened the door and looked all around to make sure we weren't being watched.
He went to the car first and popped the boot open so we could pile our luggage in, then gestured to me that it was okay for me to walk out. It was about 7pm and it was warm but as always, there was a slight breeze to match, it was so perfect. I hauled my cases into the boot and slammed it shut.

Dad and I turned and looked at the house that had been our home for the last 2 years and admired its beauty, I really was going to miss this place. I was worried about school too. Another new school, new friends, new everything.
"Dad?" I asked "What about school? I don't want to leave my friends behind"
He laughed and said "Don't think you'll be missing school miss. You'll still be going to Wisdom"
I sighed with relief, I'd still be able to go to school with all my friends. There was absolutely no way I was leaving my best friends, Callum, Shannon, and Luke behind. I loved that school far too much and I enjoyed all the classes I did, I didn't want to have to start again.
With this knowledge, we got in the car and started driving towards our old but new home. The drive wasn't short but it wasn't long either, we both always loved the drive here because it was so peaceful. It was quiet too, which meant that we could talk without interruption from anyone or anything but on this drive, we were silent the whole way, mainly because I was fast asleep.

"Maisie, darling, wake up, we're nearly there" I could hear dad say softly.
I opened my eyes with a groan but I was soon wide awake at the sight of the road. It was a bumpy mud track with holes everywhere, it really needed sorting. This was the track which leads to The Burrow and I couldn't contain my excitement, I screamed which startled my dad and I gave him a look of "Sorry but I can't wait to see everyone." We hadn't seen the Weasley's for a long time, 8 months at least, and oh how I wanted to see them.

We eventually pulled up to the house and before the car had even come to a halt, I open the door and ran like lightning to the door. I couldn't wait to see them all, especially the twins, Fred and George, who were my all-time best friends. I know I had best friends at school but George and Fred were different, I grew up with them. They used to tease me something terrible but they also used to support me with school and my hobbies too.

Running to that door was the best feeling in the world, but stopping in front of it was even better. I could smell Molly's cooking, apple and strawberry pie I think, my absolute favourite, she must be expecting us then.
I opened the door slowly and peeked in and no one was about, they must be busy. I walked in and could see some freshly baked muffins on the side, I took one and started picking at it, delicious as always. Molly always knew how to bake such perfect cakes, the texture always was nice and they were never too soggy or too dry. I sat down on one of the wooden chairs alongside their big, wooden dining table and breathed it all in.
"Maisie?" I heard a male voice say from behind me. I turned around and there was Ron stood looking puzzled.
"Ron, hey!" I got up and ran to hug him.
As we embraced he asked "What are you doing here? We thought you were in Brittletide"

I sat back down and told him everything and he looked concerned for my safety before saying "So you both came back here? But, we weren't expecting you at all, that pie is for my friends from school which are coming to stay tomorrow before we head back to school"
"Oh, right" I was a bit upset at this but it was understandable, dad was never too good at telling people we were coming.

Ron went to a private boarding school for gifted people, they all did. Despite the fact they weren't rolling in riches, they all had different, special gifts that they never told anyone, not even me. Arthur, the man of the Weasley house, worked for the Prime Minister which was exciting but didn't really bring them much income. However, although poor, Molly and Arthur still managed to send their children to private school, Education over money I guess.
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