Through the Flashbacks


A question loomed above all of us. How far would he go to live out his fantasy life with his dead fiance? Park Jimin had been through many women, none the less, when his beloved fiance died, just how far would he go to still feel connected to her, and how badly would he hurt those around him in the process? Y/N, the unknowing daughter of the second biggest gang in South Korea, is in for a big shock when she becomes betrothed to the biggest gang boss in South Korea, as well as the rest of Asia, Park Jimin. Min Yoongi, a conflicted friend and lover, has to make a choice. Ruin his friendship and save the woman he loves, or leave her to the wolves and avoid a full on war?

Action / Romance
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Hey, ARMYS! Thank you for checking out this story. I really appreciate all of the support that I have gotten from this story so far.
I have already posted a part of this fan fiction into Wattpad if you would have an easier time reading it on there. The title and my username are the same so it should be easy to find if you do.
This is my first time posting on Inkitt, so I’m sorry if it takes me a little bit to get used to how things work on the app.
I apologize for any errors throughout the story. I haven’t had time to edit any of my chapters yet, but I am planning on editing the chapters I have posted on wattpad and putting them here.
Have a great day/night.
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