Through the Flashbacks

Chapter One:

I would like to make it very clear that I do not own BTS. I am simply borrowing their names and images for the story. BTS is owned by Big Hit and the members, not me. All of the images and or videos in this series do not belong to me, but their owners. All of the writing in this book is my own though, so if you plan on using it in anytime please ask me first! Have a great day!

You were awake, even though you didn't appear to be. You always waited for him to "wake up before you" so that he got to wake you up. You don't know why, but whenever he rubs gentle circles into your arms and cuddles your closer, you just feel so safe, so warm, so happy. You heard his content sigh before you felt him shift beneath you, gently, as to not wake you up. His lips brushed your forehead in the place right before your hairline ever so gently, and you couldn't help the soft smile that formed on your face.

"Good morning beautiful."

His intoxicating voice filled the quiet room. Even in the morning, after just waking up, he's still perfect in every way.

"Good morning"

He pulled you impossibly closer to him than you already were, and rested his cheek on the side of your head. Your eyes drifted to the glass that frames three of the walls in your room. The rising sun was a sight to be seen, and you've never been as happy to see it rise than you are with him. The beach house that the two of you are currently residing in is located on a private island of his, and you must say, even after all this time, you're impressed. He always finds a way to one-up himself when it comes to giving you gifts, and you have to say that you don't mind one bit. You usually don't like materialistic things, but you love each and every thing that he gives you. Your eyes drifted from the sun's slow rise to the soft ripples of the ocean waves. A slight wind must have blown throw some of the palm trees on the island, causing the slow whooshing sound to join the crashing of the waves.

You slowly turned and looked deep into his eyes. They had little imperfections that only made him even more attractive. His stare was soft and loving, yet he still found a way to challenge you to be the first to look away. You eventually did, but only after hesitating for a few seconds.

"I love you so, so much Y/N."

You felt a blush grow on your cheeks. You love hearing him say that he loved you, as well as hearing him say your name. Both rolled off of his tounge in an intolerable perfectness. You gave him a small but genuine smile, and you responded without any hesitation.

"I love you so much more Yoongi."

(Author's note):
Hello, beautiful ARMYs! How are you today? I hope you've liked the story so far! I know it's a bit boring right now but it'll start to have more action soon! I should put out chapter two soon!
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