Through the Flashbacks

Chapter Two: Comfortable Quiet

"What do you want to do today, babygirl?"

You blush at his pet name. You always loved all of the sweet things that he called you.

"I haven't really thought about it yet. Maybe we could go down and swim?" You asked with hopeful eyes.

You've loved water ever since you were a kid, and Yoongi always kept this in mind when he chose where to take you.

"Of course" he said as a smile crept on his face

He figured that would be what you wanted to do, which is exactly why he chose your vacation to be on his private island. It was romantic and still had activities that you both loved to do. Even though Yoongi hated the water, he would never say no to you.

The smile that lit up your face made his day, and he instantly knew he said the right thing.

"Ok! Uh.. I'll go get ready!" You said as you sprinted up the stairs and back to your room. You look back at Yoongi, who was very charmingly making the two of you breakfast, and then you return your dash to your shared room.

Yoongi's POV:

"I haven't really thought about it yet. Maybe we could go down and swim?"

Her soft voice filled the air as she said exactly what I thought she would. Y/N had always loved going to beaches, lakes, swimming pools just anywhere with water, Y/N loves. I couldn't help the smile that spread across my face.

"Of course." My response was simple, like they all were, but she didn't mind that. Y/N instantly became ten times happier as she said a few words and ran up the stairs. I turned my eyes away from her running form and back to the kimchi pancakes I was making for the two of us. Once I had flipped them, I looked out the window. The waves were still gently lapping at the shore, but the sun had risen a bit. I smiled contently to myself as I thought of all the fun things that could happen today.

Y/N's POV:

(Imagine your favorite swimsuit)

You got dressed in your swimsuit and slowly walked back to the stairs. You peaked your head out from behind the hallway wall and watched as Yoongi looked out the window. You smiled softly and bounded down the stairs.

"Is breakfast ready?" Your voice filled the quiet as you sat down at the breakfast bar. Yoongi turned his head back towards you and a smile tilted the sides of his lips.

"Yes it is. Here you go." He said as he handed you your plate.

You took it from him and dug into his delicious cooking. There are a lot of things that you love about Yoongi, but his cooking was definitely in your top ten favorite things about him. He sat down as well and began to eat. He had turned on the Tv while you were changing and the soft murmur of the newscasters voices filled the comfortable silence as you two ate. You normally weren't a very quiet person, but when you were with Yoongi, you don't need words to express how you feel. He just gets it. As you finished your food, you turned towards the Tv and started to listen to what they were saying.

You wish you didn't. You wish that you didn't have to remember the past that haunts you still. But wishes don't always come true, and from that point on, they rarely did for you.

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