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A Liaison in the Great Greenwood

Chapter 2


The great oaken doors of the throne room creaked and strained, a gush of wind flowing in as they were opened. Thranduil caught the scroll he had been reading with swift fingers before it had the chance to completely fly away. He smiled as he placed the scroll back onto the table, ready to welcome the return of the group to his halls. He started towards them then, taking long, regal strides, his silven white hair flowing like a stream down his back.

“I welcome your return!” He called out to them. However, seeing their demeanour forced a concerned expression to cross his face. It was then that he noticed two of the members were absent presence.

“Where is my son?” He asked solemnly as he looked over the five elves of the present group. Their heads were bowed and their eyes downturned.

“And where is the Lady Adlanniel? Did they not return with you?”

“Alas my great lord, they did not.” Replied Idhrenion, the tall and robust captain of the guard, as he stepped forward to take responsibility for the couple's absence. Thranduil’s eyes widened in both disbelief and concern from the words that Idhrenion had spoken.

“You. Idhrenion, are the captain of the guard! Did I not solely task you with their protection and safety? Or did your elven ears not hear me correctly? Because I thought I had made that fact quite clear!” Thranduil was clearly flustered at Idhrenion’s apparent incompetence.

“To the very least, tell me that the follow shortly behind.”

“They do not, my king...”

Thranduil’s glowing eyes had changed from their pale cerulean hue to that of a brewing storm.

“My great king...” Idhrenion bowed himself deeper in obeisance, clearly frightened of the impending wrath of the Elvenking.

“The prince assured that he and the Lady Adlanniel would be perfectly safe, as they would follow us hither in due time....”

Thranduil wanted to throttle Idhrenion then and would have if it wasn’t for his wiser judgement.

“Were either armed?”

“The prince was armed with his swords, the lady I believe had a dagger.....”

This dismayed Thranduil even more so. Legolas, famous for his unrivalled ability with the bow, without such? Indeed, Legolas was well versed with the sword also, but to venture out without his bow was unheard of to Thranduil.

“Nan ear adh in elin!” He cried in dismay.

“Obviously you are none too wise as your name portrays you Idhrenion! To disobey the direct orders of your king for those of his heir! Are you honestly not aware of the horrors and evils that still lurk in those woods; those that you are well aware still threaten our borders?”

Idhrenion’s throat felt as dry and as brittle as the wastelands then. He rightly knew of the dangers Thranduil warned about. However, despite the prince’s commands being lesser than those of his father’s, it was difficult to disobey his closest friend to whom he owed his life. The thoughts of defying his great king over being obligated to give leeway to his dear companion spun like a tangled web in his mind. It proved difficult to fathom as he was fiercely loyal to both.

He opened his mouth and tried to reply, but the words escaped him. He bowed himself furthermore.

“Goheno nin, aran vuin.” Idhrenion said remorsefully.

Thranduil was glowering down at him, the poor elf cowering in repentance.

“Then return to the forest and retrieve them!” Thranduil bellowed, furiously pointing towards the entrance doors. “If none of you returns with them by the time the sun wanes, I shall send the army after you all and have your heads on spikes! Now get out of sight!”

The five elves bowed in respect and, making their leave to the king, made haste for the door.

For a long while, Thranduil paced the great throne room, furious that his son had disobeyed him, yet severely concerned for their safety. He could not conceive what may happen to them if they were to encounter danger, though unlikely, and he did not want to envision what mischief they may have been up to alone.

Thranduil let out a long, deep sigh as he slumped himself back onto his intricately carved oaken throne. He put his face into his hand in exasperation, remembering the times when he too had been young and rebellious; times though fondly remembered had often been met with the severe ire of his own father during those days.

Elvish - English translations

Nan ear adh in elin! = By the sea and the stars!

Goheno nin, aran vuin = For give me, beloved king

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