The Little Glader || The Maze Runner FF


What if a pregnant girl living among countless glader boys?

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TMR 1: Intro 1

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I'm tapping my pen on the table to deliberately showing the teacher how bored I am in his class. Outside the school window pouring down rain, cooling the room for a few hours. As if the place I've lived in not getting the worst whether enough. It's chilly everyday.

The scenery in my classroom is pretty basic like an average classroom. Coats are hanging as one of the other scenery in this room because everyday there's not a day a students carry less their coats from home.

The class done and I carry on to put my coat on on top of all my school uniform that's going on. There's a label of my school name on the right side of my chest.

By the hall, I come across a few of my friends and I had to hurry to get something from my locker before my sister, Kaya, sternly telling me to go home fast.

Kaia is my big sister. We're 3 years apart and knowing she's about to graduate from this school is breaking my heart. I'm still trying to follow her and be like her since I'm pretty timid compared to her. She's a nice sister and the smartest between us.

I met Kaya in her black long coat by the exit main entrance of the school building. She's already greeted with smile and I showed her my bad score for math in one thin paper that she laughed at.

She pat me in the head. "We'll go over this at home, if- I actually had to go with mom" she said.

"To her lair" I boringly responded, putting my math paper down.

She snickered as her hand grabbing the car key from the pocket of her coat. "She's a scientist. The lab is where she's always going to be".

I morphed my face like I didn't care at all. She eventually never forget to nag me. She took me to run to the car and by the time I get inside, my math paper got some drizzle of rain water.


Now I'm in my house by my room. I lay flat on my back as I'm staring at the ceiling with my legs up like I'm trying to straighten it up. I smiled and laughed by my own company. I have 2 different socks with weird looking animal on them.

I had fun alone when my head turned to the slightly open door. I see a narrowed view of my mom going back and forth talking to someone on the phone. She sounded the same for these couple of days to every phone calling I've been hearing, which is kinda loud, huffy, annoyed, like she's making her own commotion.

I climbed out of my bed and slowly shift my feet out of my room. I peeked my head almost entirely my whole body out of the door. I stepped out after my mom sees me actually watching her.

Kaya come out of nowhere. She mumbles me to come with her. We both left mom to the kitchen.

"I made you lunch even though it's almost evening, but-" Kaya put me on the chair and sighing while standing beside me. "Mom and I have to go to the lab and probably have to stay the night too".

I stared at my food that she's nicely served in a plate. And that's it.

Kaya put her hand on my head after I'm being quiet for a few seconds. "I know it's overdone, but mom needs my help".

"Where's dad? He could have helped her instead of you".

"Mom needs me and dad. He's in the lab doing a few things more for her".

"In other words for dad never gonna get back home?" I look over her in slightly scowl.

"No" she's answering immediately. "Dad will be going home after he's done".

"Done with what?".

Kaya made a peeved huff as her respond.

"I wanna come for once. Mom never lets me. She never listened to me".

"Hazel, no pout ever. Mom is going through a tough time right now. She loves you. She told me to protect you. That's her message to me everyday".

"You wanna know how long dad wasn't home?".


"13 with today".

"Hazel" she takes her seat next to me. "Don't be so childish in the times like this. Mom is in distress and dad is in his busiest moments. You're not losing anyone just because we're not there for you".

"I wanna go too".

Kaya and I connected eye to eye. She doesn't say anything in return and I kinda had to think it myself.

She did let me go with her and mom.

Our mom drives and Kaya is in the front looking at her laptop for one of those scientific things on the screen. She did some typing and ask mom a question here and there.

I'm tighten my coat on me as the place we're trying to reach is getting closer. I've actually been to my mom's lab a few times in my 13 years of living. I don't remember much since last time I was still 10. My mom never wanted me in there for some reason, but Kaya can come there whenever she wants.

We arrived and the first thing I noticed is that the lab has gotten bigger than last time I remembered. I had to move my head 360° full circle to view the whole front building.

"Baby, you're okay?" my mom come checked me if I'm being too cold. She hauled me and Kaya in each hands she got to take us inside from the chaos of what's outside.

The building is pretty remote of society. It's like its own district from the nearest city region. It's pretty busy for a lonely location.

My mom greeted with so many people inside who's in the same coats with each other. My mom grabbed a white that hangs on the wall for her to start wearing and rushes me with Kaya to somewhere.

So many people with mask on their faces, name tags to represent each persons, they're rushing to a different types of room. Each room has a contamination chamber to get sprayed over before they can come in. I think that's pretty cool. It's like a 5 second shower.

With the place so big, my mom feel the need to shout at some people so she can sound louder and get a quick response. Her mask not yet on her face, but she's taking note over everything she sees.

She stopped hauling both me and Kaya. "I gotta go, baby. Stay in my office and don't get out unless I come back" she said...

But it's only for me.

She took Kaya and left me in her office alone. I make a glance at the little window on the door. I see Kaya get taken somewhere and far away from here she's wearing the white coat and the mask. She's gone after her appearance blended well with everyone else.

I got nothing to do in my mom's office. I was fine for 10 to 15 minutes, but eventually I'm getting bored. I got nothing to entertain even on my phone.

So I've found an idea to get out and look around. Well, actually I also wanna find my dad. He's here Kaya said, so there's no reason for him to not be present anywhere in this place.

I come out from the office pretty far from hastily. It was good the moment I knew none of these people are minding me. Now I can just freely explore the place my mom has been quietly mentioned around at home or neighborhood.

At some point in time I smiled and even giggled at myself. I can't believe I enjoyed being sneaky in a foreign environment like this. I'm thinking like I was in a labyrinth playground and I'm finding a treasure.

Now you know why Kaya said I'm childish.

I looked at every room and found the same amount of people inside with the same kinda looking interior. The only difference of each room is the equipment and some room has some sort of screening attached on the wall for these people to analyze, maybe.

By equipment I mean, there so many science stuff happening. The more I peeked my head in one of these windowed door, I see more like those tubes we use in school for science experiment, variety looking those in here and I can't explain it any better than that.

And don't forget the proud logo they have for this place in every corner of the room. In every front door. One big line outside the building spelled 'W.C.K.D' that I never knew what it stands for.

But the fun of my little adventures journey stopped when I found one particular room that's remotely away from the rest. One that I found accidentally by going further into more narrow hall that leads to dark atmosphere.

I go with my legs slightly nervous. I'm nervous because I'm scared of the dark. But this one particularly sparks my curiosity, and I don't know why my head said to go further.

I looked around to make sure I'm not alone, but it's not as expected. I am alone. I am in the dark, but I'm to far to back away now.

Because through the little circle window from the door I recognize someone I'm familiar with.

"Daddy?" I muttered as my steps gets heavy.

He's kinda in different looking figure. I'm going closer to not let my eyes deceived me. I make a run quick to the door and my hand is on the knob to burst it open.

What I thought that my eyes might deceived me has been correct after all for me to realize that my dad is probably not my dad.

I still gasps with hands over my mouth. My legs is turning jelly and my tears that Kaya always says come out every time I'm being too dramatic, is lining down my cheek again.

I'm seeing a man that looks exactly like my dad is in this giant tube chamber that fit only one human body that in this case is him. He shuts his eyes around blue water drowning him. His body float straight upward where tiny little bubbles lively gassing up containing the water.

"Hazel! Hazel!" I hear a faint voice calling me.

The next thing I see Kaya is upfront with me. She tightly want me to look at her and speaks things I refused to listen over my shakiness in continue to act normal after seeing my dad is in that condition.

Kaya pulled me out of the room and mom running over to me with a few people behind her. She searched me and gladly telling her gratitude after seeing me okay.


"No, listen, daddy is okay. He's gonna be okay" she hugged me. She stopped pretty suddenly to told Kaya to bring me back to her office. "Go, I'll be back in 10 minutes for sure. Don't let her get out again" she rushes her sentence.

Kaya does nothing but to obeyed our mom. She hastily bring me back to the room that I was in. We're leaving our mom with those few people to come in to that room where dad is still drowning looking dead.

"Ssshhh..." Kaya embraces me after closing the door. "Hazel, what are you doing? You know this place is not something to play around. There so many things that could be fatal if you accidentally poke around".

"Daddy- he's- dad-" I'm sobbing and drowned myself in her arms. I tightly wanna hug her forever.

After a several minutes later, our mom came. She checked me again to stop crying about the false possibility I'm thinking about dad. She comforted me and convinced me that dad is not in bad condition.

"He's okay. He's part of the experiment. He's- just know that daddy is not hurt or anything" she speaks with warm smile at me.

The end of flashback.

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