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Baby Girl

By Caitria Mack

Drama / Other

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own The Covenant or anyone involved in the story. It is purely fiction and has nothing to do with anyone alive or dead.

Catherine smiled to herself, glad to be home after she had been away for almost 3 years without coming back at all. She knows her mother was only trying to protect her from harm's way also to not let her see her brother ascends.

Instead of calling Caleb, Catherine opted to call Pouge. She looked for the nearest pay phone at the airport and dialled the number she had already memorised for years. On the second ring Pouge picked up the phone groggily. "Pouge?" Catherine said giddily.

"Yeah." He said, a little lost and questioning. Even with his blurry eyes he could see the number was from a pay phone in Ipswich.

"It's me, Andy." Catherine said. She is so used to go by her second name rather than Katie or Catherine. She always thought the name Katie is a little boring and Catherine is too British for her.

"Funny, the last time I checked, Andy is still in London. Not in Ipswich." Pouge said a slightly annoyed. Assuming it was a prank from one of the boys. Reid.He thought silently. It had to be. No one else would do this kind of sick joke in the middle of the night except for Reid. He uttered mutely in his little heart.

"Pouge, seriously. It's me." Catherine said. Her voice was almost begging for him to believe her.

"Prove it." Pouge said. He was not entirely convinced but he also was not entirely skeptical now. The raspyness of the voice matches the one of Catherine's. But he still would not believe she would come home without informing Caleb or even him earlier.

"You came to me when I was very ill and I made you promise you would never speak of it to any one especially Caleb. And so far you are holding on to your promise." She said. It was their secret. A secret only he and Catherine know of. But it was not the only secret they had been sharing together.

"Hold on. You're back?" Pouge asked completely caught off guard. "I'll be there soon." Pouge said hurriedly. She was alone in the airport, blanketed with the dark starless night sky of Ipswich. The weather had not been particularly great for a few days. She sat there shivering in the cold mid-October night's air.

"Thank you." She said before hanging up. Glad, at last she could convince him to get her and maybe, just maybe she could still have the chance to surprise her dear brother.

As she pulled her trolley bag behind her and sat down at the nearest bench, she reminisces about the last time she was here, 3 years ago. She had been sent back to London in order to protect her from danger, or so did her mother said. She though, thought of an entirely different 

reason of why she was sent away. Ever since she was little she knows Caleb is the golden child of the family and she was the black sheep. Her father loves her very much, but her mother never wanted her to be born. Maybe with the news she came back bearing, her mother would be at peace once and for all. She smiles to herself. At least she would soon join her father in the afterlife.

She had been in the plane for several hours and she was more than tired. She opened her hand bag and reached for an orange bottle. She took a pill and swallowed it dry. She looked in the bottle sighing as she counted the pills. There was only enough for 3 more days. She has to tell Caleb about it, but she was afraid of how he might react.

She waited for about 15 minutes when she heard a loud motorcycle comes in the pickup lane. A handsome lad on the Ducati stepped down from his bike. Excited, she stood up a little too quickly and made her vision spins in front of her. She walks carefully approaching the young man from behind making sure he did not see her coming through the crowd-less crowd.

"Missed you." She said tapping his shoulder from behind and making him turn his head from side to side. "You thought I lied didn't you?" She said looking at his bike then her rather large suit case.

"My god, it's really you." Pouge said in awe. "And you do know that I do not have a car right?" Pouge smiled.

"Ah, right. I forgot. I thought you have traded this for a car after the accident." She reasoned. Pouge of all people would never change, and she knows that well. "Umm, should I call Caleb now? Because he doesn't know I'm back yet. And I'm supposed to surprise him tonight. But my flight delayed and all. So here I am sort of lost in my own town." She said.

"Well, there is always Tyler Simms and his ride." Pouge suggested. Catherine just smiled, shaking her head. Knowing Caleb, she would rather not ride with Tyler. Because where there is Tyler, there is Reid. And where there is Reid, there is trouble. She certainly would not want to cause any trouble on her first day back to Ipswich.

"And risking getting yelled at from, Caleb? No thank you. I'd rather call him and wake him up." She said. "Just that I need some dollars. All I have on me right now is pounds and the exchange bureau is closed." She said.

"Don't you think I had called Caleb the first thing after I heard from you?" Pouge said. Catherine just sighed. So typical of him to tell every single thing to Caleb.

"Do you guys share every single minute detail about each other?" She asked. Pouge just smiled at her.

"I do keep our secret a secret. But you have to tell him soon." He said. "And how are you really?" He asked.

"Still alive and kicking." She said slightly irritated by the comment and the question. "I see two cars. Why are there two cars?" Catherine asked. "Is that, Tyler? Tyler's driving?" She said in shocked.

"Why are you so agitated?" Pouge said.

"I told you to pick me up. Not bring your army to pick me up." Catherine said through gritted teeth but smiling.

"I know you have huge bags." Pouge said pointing at her luggage bag. Catherine made a face and smacked Pouge on his arm. "I know there are more and you could not carry them all by yourself." He smiled. Catherine made a face to him. He just knows her all too well. Maybe a little too well.

"Andy!" Reid said as he jumped out of the car followed by Tyler, as Caleb pulled over beside Pouge's bike.

"You called him and not me? Who's your brother here?" Caleb said as he stepped out from his convertible. Catherine just smiled, not wanting to create any commotion at the airport. She hugged him.

"Well, I don't know. Maybe because he actually went to London for my 15th birthday and not even a call from you." Catherine whispered quietly as he hugged her back. Caleb just smiled, accepting his wrong doings. "Baby Boy!" She said excitedly to Tyler, as they broke from their embrace.

"Hey there, Baby Girl. You grew up." Tyler Simms said back at her making faces. They had been both the youngest, being Tyler is the youngest among the boys, and she is the youngest amongst all.

"Yeah and big." Reid said referring to her bosoms, as they all burst out laughing except for Caleb.

"Relax, Caleb. It's a joke." Catherine said.

"Is it me or you have an accent." Reid commented.

"Well, I'm a quick learner. I picked it up along the way as I actually lived there since I was 7." Catherine said. She was sent to school in London on her 7th birthday. Every year, she would come back for Christmas until 3 years ago. She herself could not remember why she had stopped coming back.

"Alright, where are the rest of your bags?" Tyler asked, fearing there will be more stupid comments from Reid and risk them all being in a fight in a public area.

"Still turning on the conveyor. They all have my name on it." Catherine said smiling ever so sweetly at Tyler and Reid.

"Let's go." Pouge said as he led the two boys inside the airport and leave the two siblings alone.

"I thought your phone line was disconnected." Catherine said as soon as the other guys were out of sight. "I tried to call and leave so many massages, but you didn't reply." She reasoned.

"I'm sorry. I was wrong. I should've kept in touch." Caleb said. "What can I do to make things right, for now?" He asked genuinely.

"I don't know, Cal. I just feel unwanted by this family." She said honestly. Her tone was not much of hurt but more of disappointment.

"I'm really sorry." Caleb said. Catherine just nodded weakly and forced a fake smile on her face.

"I need to go to the ladies room." She said suddenly. And quickly she disappeared into the airport toilet, just seconds before the guys come into view with her other luggage.

"Is she okay?" Pouge asked a little worried.

"Yeah." Caleb said. Pouge was not so sure but he nodded anyway. "Why wouldn't she be?" Caleb questioned.

"Nothing. I'm sure everything is fine." Pouge said. Trying not to get in too much trouble. Tyler nudges him a little so that the other two did not see. Pouge just shook his head.

"Caleb, maybe you should take it easy on her for a while. She's not really herself just yet." Tyler said hinting something was wrong and Catherine and Pouge were keeping something from him. Caleb looks at the annoyed and worried Pouge, desperately searching for an answer from his sole best friend.

"Are you telling me that something is wrong with Andy?" Caleb tried Tyler. He kept quiet. Now he is certain that Catherine had not said a word yet to her brother about why she came back. "Is there something going on with my sister that I do not know of?" He asked. "Pouge?"

"Why don't you ask her?" Pouge said. He respected Caleb more than he respected his old man but he despises Caleb for not caring for Catherine all the time they were apart.

Just in time for the argument to heat up, Catherine emerges back with a paler face and a little weaker. Pouge could see she had vomited in the toilet, he could see that she was in so much pain at that moment.

"Did you see a ghost or did color drain from your face, huh Andy?" Reid joked to lighten up the tense atmosphere that was building between them. Catherine walks a little wobbly and her right hand were clutching her left side of her stomach.

"Andy?" Tyler said as he advances towards her. She was lucky that he caught her just in time as she fainted, just before she fell to the ground. "No, no, no." Tyler said shaking her. "Andy, don't do this to me again." He said barely a whisper; he was making sure Caleb would not hear him.

"Ughh…" Catherine moaned, as she woke up in Tyler's arm and her brothers were surrounding her. "I'm sorry." She uttered. Tyler just nodded as he helped her to the car. He took off his jacket and wrapped around her little shaking figure.

"What's wrong, Andy?" Caleb asked, as he sat in the driver's seat.

"I'm just tired. I'll be fine after I sleep." Catherine lied. With the others trailing behind him, he drove at a tolerable speed towards the Danvers's Mansion.

"Caleb?" she said quietly, breaking the silence. Caleb just turned and looks at his pale and shaking little sister. "I'm sorry I came without notice." She said apologetically.

"Hey, you can come home whenever you feel like it. It's your house too." Caleb said. Catherine just nodded. "Are you okay though? You don't look so well." Caleb asked trying to pry some answers from her. Catherine just nodded.

"I'm just tired." She responded. Catherine is never tired, as far as Caleb is concern. With her weak voice and pale face, and the others obsessing over her, making him feel worse. Like they were hiding something from him.

"Princess, it's not like you to be tired and sick like this." Caleb said. She would only let him call her that when they are alone. No one would call her that or even know he calls her that.

"I missed someone calling me that." She said as she smiled genuinely to Caleb. She missed him. She really, really do. She would do anything for him; she would even give up her own life. But he cannot see that she love him that much.

"Alright, I know you missed me. I got dozens of missed calls and messages not to mention emails." Caleb said but his eyes were still on the road. Catherine's eyes turn glassy as he said that.

"You got them?" She questioned. Caleb just nodded. "I thought you didn't since you did not even reply once." She said bitterly. Catherine could not bear to look at her brother any more. She felt cheated and saddened by Caleb. Her own brother. She threw her vision outside. Looking out at the dark night. Solemn, as solemn as she was feeling that very moment.

"I'm sorry." Caleb said, as he realized he had hurt his little sister.

"Why do you want me to forget you?" She questioned.

"Because, the more, I keep in touch with you, the more I'll make you want to come back. And the more I'll hurt you." He answered honestly.

"I prayed every night that I wished I would never have to come home ever, until…" She said and stopped before she could tell him.

"Until what?" He asked.

"Until I couldn't handle the ache of missing you and missing home." She said. When he was sure, Tyler and Pouge was out of sight, Caleb pulled over and stopped the car. "Why are we stopping?" Catherine asked.

"Because I need to talk to you without the guys." Caleb started. "What is really going on, princess?" He asked. "I already know you are enrolling in to Spencer's. And you are coming in as a senior."

"I take it the guys don't know about it yet." She answered. Caleb shook his head. "I want to come home. This is my home. I do like it over there but I've been there way too long. Just like Reid said, I don't sound like me anymore." She answered.

"Why did you come back, Princess?" He asked again. Really begging for an answer, but she just keep making him guess more.

"Because I want to." She snapped. Caleb gave up and starts to drive again. "I'm sorry." She said. "Just that, I don't want to be there anymore." She said. And the rest of the drive was silent. As silent, as the dark night.

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