Baby Girl

Chapter 4

Catherine sat in the big black not so comfortable leather chair. The last time she had been in the same position was 5 weeks before she got on the one way plane back to Massachusetts. Caleb, Pouge, Reid and Tyler had to wait outside. The nurse came back in and told Catherine what she had already know. She just listens anyway.

"How much longer do we have to wait out here?" Tyler asked impatiently.

"I don't know. Why are you so worried?" Caleb questioned.

"You have no idea how many times I have been in this position." Tyler said cynically.

"I thought, I was supposed to be the cynical one." Reid said suddenly after being quiet for quite some time. "Ty, relax. Nothing is going to happen. She's going to be fine." He continued.

"Meaning you has been through this before?" Caleb asked.

"Cal, not now." Pouge said.

"Why not?" He argued. "What happened? What did I do that makes she hate me and makes the both of you so weird, around her?" Caleb questioned.

"Tyler, outside. Now!" Reid forced the younger one outside the waiting room to, to be as far away from Caleb as possible. Trying to avoid the young one from making another commotion with Caleb. Even Reid knows that no matter what Caleb did or no matter how angry is Catherine is towards her brother, she will be fine soon. And Tyler would always have to live with the regret that he has defied Caleb. The person he really looks up to. Right now, he is just too angry to contain his own anger.

"Can I know what happened in London?" Caleb asked Pouge. Pouge hesitates to answer the question. Too many things happened. Though never he is going to tell him that. Just in time for him to open his mouth, the doctor came out to the waiting room.

"Mr. Danvers. May I have a word?" He said suggesting for Pouge to either leave or for Caleb to go to his office.

"It's okay, you can tell him." Caleb said calmly. The doctor just nodded.

"Do you know how far advanced is her cancer?" He questioned. Caleb just shook his head. Disappointed in himself, he turns to Pouge for answer.

"We were told about six months ago she had about a year." Pouge said.

"Well it's either she paid the doctor to lie or she had not been going for treatment for a while. In my opinion, it's the later. According to the tests result that we have gotten, which

may I say is not really conclusive yet, she have the most of 2 to 3 months. Though I am not god, to say how long she is going to live." The middle aged oncologist said.

"It can't be." Caleb said. "She had been swallowing these pills."

"Pain killers. Yes. She told me." He answered.

"Is there a way?" Caleb refuses to back down. He felt so accountable for what had happened to his sister.

"The only way is a marrow transplant. But even then I can't guaranty anything. She is in a quite weaken state now." The oncologist explains.

"Have you asked Catherine about this?" Pouge asked.

"Yes. She had given total authorization to the four of you." The doctor said.

"Princess, can we talk?" Caleb asked as he enters Catherine's room. She just nodded. It goes without saying. She knows very well what Caleb is about to say. "Are you giving up?" He asked as he sat at the edge of the bed.

"Cal, lets make the most of what we are sure of. Please." She said pausing as Caleb sat beside her. "And the verdict is?" She asked.

"I can't make the decision for you. It's not up to us." Caleb said. Three pairs of eyes are watching them from the other side of the glass window. "Are you?" He asked again. Catherine threw her vision to the other three guys looking at her brother and her. She just kept quiet. The gravely silent is killing both of them, but she had no answer to the question.

"Have you talked to them?" She asked at last. Caleb just nod, his eyes still demanding an answer from her. "I really don't know Cal. Am I giving up hope? Yes. I am. There is nothing for me to look forward to anymore, Cal." She said. Her words are cold; her eyes are distant when the words are uttered.

"Is it me? Is it mom?" Caleb asked. "I know this might seem a little too late. But is it?"

"No." she protested. "I had them. They came to London all the time. Pouge had been through this with me the whole way. Tyler and Reid, had seen me through the worse of it." She said. "I was scared that I might not see you again. But I was wrong. No. It's not you. It's not mom. It's just that, I don't know. I don't know if I can go through it again. But, if you guys think it is the best for me, I'll do it. 2 months, 2 years or 2 decade, it does not change what was and what will be right?" Catherine smile as she speaks. Caleb shook his head.

"It makes all the difference in the world. You don't know how I regret this. Every second, every minute and every hour. If Ty, didn't do what he did, you would not tell me would you?" Caleb asked.

"Pouge will slip sooner or later. Reid would make me slip. There are a million ways. Just that Tyler, he respects you too much. He's angry at you. But I know that was the only time, he did that, raising his voice to you." Catherine said. Caleb nodded. The restless guys behind the glass window are signaled to come on in by Caleb.

"So?" Catherine questioned them as they came in room.

"Can you go through this just one last time?" Tyler asked her. She stared at him for quite while. "I'm sorry. I really really am. But…" Tyler rambled but Catherine opened her mouth just in time to not make him plead to her.

"You really think I can stay mad at any of you guys?" She said, a smile plastered on her face. "Fine. I'll do it." Catherine said finally.

"Mr. Danvers, I'm afraid you are not a match for your sister. We have to wait for a match for her." Dr. Johns said.

"But she's my sister. There must be a mistake." Caleb said.

"Maybe. I'll have the lab to run it again. Maybe your mother can be tested too?" The middle age doctor suggested. Caleb just shook his head.

"No. Can a stranger be a match to her?" Caleb asked.

"It's possible." The doctor answered. "But it will not be as good as her own mother."

"Excuse me for a minute." Caleb said as he reached for his phone. "Pouge, can you come to the hospital now?" He said instantly as Pouge picked up the phone. "And ask Reid and Tyler to come in too." He instructed.

"Well it can't be. She's your sister. That is just wrong. I mean…" Pouge trailed.

"I don't know, Pouge. She just is not. Are you guys going to help me or not?" Caleb asked. They just nodded. After a few minutes of waiting, the three guys are brought in to an examination room where their bloods are drawn.

Catherine yet again sat in the treatment room alone. It have not been more than half of an hour, she had already beginning to feel queasy. The liquid in the upside down hanged bottle have not even past the half way point.

Silently praying for god to make her stronger; so that she can go through this one final time and spend more time with her family, Catherine shut her eyes. With out realizing a single tear streaked down her cheek. The last time she had had this treatment, Pouge, Tyler and Reid were in the room with her fussing about her every move, her every word. The entire 2 hours seems to be like minutes. But this time it had been like the longest half an hour of her life.

A soft knock startled her. Quickly she wiped the tear away. "Hey." Catherine said as her voice cracked a little. Caleb walks in alone as he closes the door behind him. "You're alone?" She asked, as she motioned for Caleb to seat on the stool beside her. Caleb just nodded. "Where are the guys?" She asked.

"They will be coming a little later." Caleb answered awkwardly.

"Cal, I'm okay." Catherine reassured as she could see Caleb being a little uncomfortable.

"She's fine for now." Tyler said coming through the door. "You should see the after effect." He teased. "You'll love it."

"Very funny, Ty." Catherine stuck her tongue out at the boy. "N'avons-nous pas été ici avant?" Catherine said as she sees Pouge was lost in a distant.

"Yeah." He said quietly. "I'll have to take Caleb for a while. We'll be right in." Pouge said. Catherine just nodded.

Pouge held the door opened until Caleb was out. Totally convinced that they could not be heard, Pouge spoke softly. "Caleb, you know that, our blood type is different right?" Pouge started. Caleb just nodded. "Well, there was once in London, Andy was losing a lot of blood, me and Tyler were able to give blood for her." Pouge continued.

"We'll maybe she is just different from me and Evie." Caleb said not knowing of the point of what Pouge was saying.

"Caleb, I know we were still young when Andy was conceived. But do you have any memories of your mother being pregnant?" Pouge asked. Caleb looks at him demanding an explanation for what he just asked. "I'm not an idiot, Caleb. Did you?" Pouge questioned again.

"No. What exactly are you saying, Pouge?" Caleb asked.

"I don't know. It just doesn't match. You have the same blood type as your mother and father. It is almost impossible for her to be different than you." Pouge said. "But mine and Tyler matched."

"Does she know this?" Caleb asked.

"No. I decided not to tell her until you know about it." Pouge said.

"Keep it that way." Caleb said as he walks and enters the room back.

Catherine and the other two boys were busying them self by telling each other stupid jokes and random stories. Just like they did when she was away. It was the only way for her to get through the chemotherapy with out thinking about it too much.

Caleb was called to the doctor office once again after about 2 hours passed. Catherine, were just showing that her medication were getting to her. Caleb were clueless on what to do. All he could do is watch three people handles his younger sister better than he could ever will. Pouge especially, the way he tends for Catherine's needs seems to be beyond him. To begin with, Pouge was never gentle when he does anything let alone speak, but with Catherine he seems like the gentlest person, yet quick and strong.

"Mr. Danvers, let's put it this way. Mr. Parry and Mr. Sims seem to be a perfect match for your sister. I don't think we should do further tests or even re-test your blood." The doctor said.

"Okay. But if I could, I want to request paternal tests for my sister and both Pouge and Tyler. Can you do that?" Caleb asked. The doctor just nodded.

Tyler wipes Catherine hair off her face as she finally fell asleep on the hospital bed. Quietly, Pouge and Reid went out of the room leaving Tyler in the room to care for Catherine.

"She's okay?" Caleb asked as he saw the two boys coming out. Pouge just nodded. "How come you guys deal with her so calmly?" He asked.

"Because we've been through these before. You'll get used to it." Pouge said.

"We're getting some coffee. It's going to be a long night. Then I, need to replace Tyler for awhile. If else, he will not sleep or eat as long as she is in the bed." Reid said. As he peered and sees that Tyler was sitting on the chair beside the bed. Just sat there looking after Catherine.

Reid took two coffees to go and brings one to Tyler. While Pouge and Caleb sat at the waiting lounge. Just as soon as Reid is totally out of sight, Caleb sat his coffee down on the chair next to him.

"I asked for a paternal test." He announced to Pouge. Pouge who was drinking his coffee, almost chocked.

"You did what? What for?" Pouge asked wide eyed.

"For the truth." He answered.

"You sure you want to know the truth?" Pouge asked. Caleb nodded. "Why don't we have a seat with your mother and ask her. Just us three." Pouge suggested. It was only then; Caleb remembered to call Evelyn to inform her about Catherine.

"No." Caleb said looking away. There was distance in his voice. Knowing the person Evelyn is, Pouge did not want to argue further. "Why didn't any of you tell me about this?" Caleb asked finally. "I mean you never listen to anyone let alone Andy. I mean we are talking about my Andy."

"Well, for once, I promised her that I would not tell you until she tells you herself." Pouge started. "And because, Reid and I know this would happen. You being weird, Tyler gets in trouble with you and this thing about her difference with you." Pouge answered sincerely.

"What else don't I know?" Caleb asked as he turns to look at his friend, best friend.

"Why don't you let Andy answer to that? I don't think you should hear it from me." Pouge said as he rose up to leave for Catherine's room. "One thing that she never fail to tell me every time your name comes up is that how much she loves you and no matter how different she is from you and all, no one will ever replace her Caleb." Pouge turned and uttered each word carefully and then he left Caleb alone under the pitch black night sky.

Slowly dragging his feet towards Catherine's room, Pouge felt sorry for Caleb and felt sad for Catherine. He had been through the worst with Catherine, yet he knows somehow, Catherine always wanted her brother with her.


"Why did you do this, Andy?" Pouge asked as he held Catherine's small frail hand. Catherine just shook her head. "You miss him don't you?" Pouge questioned further.

"Who? Daddy or Cal?" Catherine questioned back.

"Both of them." Pouge said. Catherine just nodded. "But this is not the way. If you want to, I could try to talk to your mother and ask her to bring you home." Pouge coaxed her.

"She's not my mother. I found something I should not have when I was helping daddy. He got real mad when I read the birth certificate. And Daddy is not my father. So is Caleb. He is not my brother, not by blood. I am not a Danvers. They changed everything. Everything except my birth date." Catherine said.

"Maybe it was a hoax. It can't be. As long as we know you are a Danvers. Do you remember anything else?" Pouge questioned further.

"My mother was written as Rosalind Simms and my father was Wayne Parry. I don't know who to trust Pouge." Catherine said. "Sometimes it feels like I am not wanted and I'm being traded for something better. So I think its better for me just to end it." Catherine uttered quietly. "But who ever my brother maybe, whether its you or Tyler, no one can replace Caleb. He sacrifices a lot for me. I love him so much. I owe him more." Catherine said.

"Well that cost for something right?" Pouge said. "At least let him know. The least you can do is be with him even for one more day. He misses you a lot. But he just could not come."

End Flashback

Quietly Pouge enters the room and saw Tyler did not even budge a little since they left him. Pouge patted the younger boy and whispered in his ears, "Go ahead and take a rest. I'll take over." Pouge said. Tyler just shook his head. "Tyler, she's not going anywhere. She'll need your help once she wakes up and I need your help too. So please." Pouge said.

Tyler gave up and went to rest at the waiting room with Reid. Reid was sleeping soundly on the 3 seater couch which leaves the single couch for him to sit on. Tyler closed his stubborn eyes which refuse to sleep. Footsteps nearing him but he just ignores it as he already know whom the pair of feet belongs to.

"She's different." Tyler said suddenly as he opens his eyes. Caleb just stared at him. He pulls a stool and sat on it. "Andy, is acting so differently than she used to." Tyler said.

"How different?" Caleb asked.

"She's quieter. She sort of is accepting this. Like she wants to die. She is not trying to fight it anymore." Tyler said trying to explain to Caleb.

"I think I know why." Caleb said slightly annoyed.

"Not everything revolves around you, Caleb. It's not you. She loves you too much not to take care of herself. There must be something else." Tyler replied.

"Thank you for bringing it up at the restaurant. I'm sorry I got mad at you though. I just could not think straight." Caleb said. Tyler just nodded.

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