Baby Girl

Chapter 6

Pouge was already waiting at the Danvers mansion when they came back. Evelyn, Rosalind, Glenn, Meredith and Joseph were all present. The kids rushed over and went inside. "Dad? When did you come back?" Tyler asked.

"A while ago. I'm sorry all of you had to know it this way. Christopher told me the whole thing." Glenn said

"Christopher?" Catherine asked Caleb quietly.

"Pouge." Caleb answered quietly. "Don't laugh." He said quietly. Catherine just nodded.

"Sir, if you could excuse us and Christopher for a moment." Caleb said politely. He has always been liked by the parents for his manners. "Just for a moment."

"Sure. But hurry back, we have some news about the Putnam's boy." Joseph Garwin said.

"Well, we wanted to talk about that too." Caleb said as he went and joined the group. Catherine trailed behind him still clinging to his hand like she always does when there is more than just the five of them. Glenn glanced to see Rosalind. Regret was clear on her face.

"We met Chase Collins or Mr. Pope just now." Catherine announced.

"How did you came about to know about him?" Evelyn asked.

"He was one of the sponsors in my school. I didn't know he was Chase Collins. He looks too old to be a teenager or even in his 20s. He looks old." Catherine said.

"We sort of met him just now. A long story." Caleb said uninterested in elaborating any longer.

"You boys have to guard your sister at all times." Glenn started. "Chase is back for her power. Catherine, you do not ascend at 18. You ascend at 16. Which is this month. Among all, you are the most powerful. Your powers wears out your body just like the rest of us, but the difference is that you will not age rapidly. You will be fine after a while."

"I don't understand." Catherine said.

"Well, when you use, your power, if you use your power, you will never end up like William. You can never age like us. You just age like other people. No matter how much you use it." Glenn said.

"If I were to will my power, can I give it in parts?" Catherine asked suddenly. Nine pair of eyes stared at her. "No. No one asked me to do it. Don't worry. I'm just asking. What if. If I wanted to will my power, will I able to will it to only one person or to any amount of people?" She asked.

"Why would you want to do that?" Tyler asked, slightly worried.

"Ty, even with these gift, ability or whatever it is, I'm still human. I don't want to live on medication all my life." Catherine reasoned.

"What is wrong with you sweety?" Meredith Garwin asked.

"I thought you told them." Catherine said smacking Pouge in the arm.

"I didn't. It didn't came up. She has blood cancer." Pouge said. Catherine made a silly face at him.

"Doinks. You are so undramatic." Catherine said. "I have AML, stage 4 and undergoing treatment forced by 4 guys that waited for me the whole night and haven't had any sleep for 3 days." Catherine said.

"We didn't force you." Reid argued. "You let us decide."

"Well yeah. Decided by them." Catherine corrected.

"What do you mean in parts? Like you want to split and give them to these wise asses?" Joseph Garwin asked.

"Well, yeah. I mean I have two half brothers, one step brother and one well, weird and quirky yet helpful friend that I consider like a brother. Just to give one of them is a little unfair I think. What do you say, Uncle Joe? " Catherine said.

"It has never been done in a while. It was said it is possible. But I don't know how. None of us does." Joseph said.

"Entre les quatre d'entre nous, je crois que vous choisissez Baby Boy feriez-vous pas?" Pouge teased. Rosalind just smile at them.

"Peut-être. Peut-être pas. Qui sait. Christopher. That is why you hide your name card from me." Catherine said.

"What do you call him then?" Glenn asked.

"Never mind that, sir." Pouge said before Catherine would say his name.

"I think it is better for you kids to go up. You've got school tomorrow." Evelyn said. Catherine just nodded. "Different rooms. You're not a child anymore." Evelyn said to Catherine.

"But mom…" Catherine tried.

"You are 16 not 6 my dear." Evelyn said. She knows whatever it will be she would crept up to Caleb's room at night and sleep with him.

It was not until later that night; Catherine crept into Caleb's bed room. "Cal?" Catherine said as she enters the room. Three other boys are sound asleep on the floor as Caleb was still working on his works. "Working hard aren't we?" Catherine teased her brother.

"Not all of us are blessed with super-intelligence you know." Caleb said as Catherine sat beside him. "Can't sleep?" Caleb asked. Catherine just shook her head. "What's wrong, princess?" Caleb said as he set his pen down and turned towards his little sister.

"It's nothing, Cal. Really. So you need help?" Catherine said trying her best to change the subject.

"Hey, you know you can tell me anything right? What's wrong, princess?" Caleb asked again as Catherine hesitated. "Hey, I know that, well, I am not your…" Caleb trailed.

"If I ever hear you say that word, I will never to speak to you again, Cal." Catherine said as she stood up and walks out of the room.

"Princess, wait. Listen to me. We were able to tell each other anything, right? What difference does it make?" Caleb said.

"Everything. They would never be a brother that of you are to me, Cal. That's what matters. 3 years doesn't change what you are to me. I was angry at you. I told them not to tell you so that I maybe, just maybe, you could then feel how I felt. But I was wrong to do that." Catherine replied.

"Then, tell me. Tell me what you feel. Just anything. Don't shut me off. Please." Caleb pleaded as they sat on Catherine's bed.

"Tell you what? You know I'm dying. You know that because of these things I have that makes me still alive. Cal, I was said to have 6 months. That was a year ago. You never got my massages, which is the reason you did not reply my e-mails. I'm not dumb; Cal. Mom would do anything in her power to separate us. Anything to make me feel sorry I ever came into your lives." Catherine said.

"Stop doing this. It's not any of our fault that daddy died. None of yours at all. Why would you think it is at all your fault?" Caleb said demanding an honest answer. Catherine just looks down. "Because of what mom said?" He tried. Catherine just nodded. "We both know daddy loves you. He did that so that you are safe. You did not do anything."

Catherine just smiled at her brother. "Well, you've been telling me that since forever, but I could not shake this feeling that I am the cause of it." Catherine said. "Truth is, me, Tyler and Pouge suspected something was unclear when I tried to kill myself. I told Pouge that maybe I am not a Danvers, he said that could never be, he said if I am to be anyone's sister, it's yours. We're too alike." Catherine smiled.

"Why?" Caleb asked. Catherine just looked at him. "Why did you try to kill yourself?"

"Because that way, everyone would be at peace. I would be with daddy and mom don't ever have to see me again." Catherine replied.

"And me?" Caleb said.

"What about you?" She questioned.

"You didn't say anything about me." Caleb replied.

"The only reason that I am not dead. That's why I am here." Catherine said. Caleb just smiled. "Hey, about earlier, I know you would not approve of me willing my powers, but considering my condition, I hope you'd understand." Catherine said at last.

"The marrow transplant is going to make you better. Don't quit now. Like Pouge said, at least do it for me." Caleb mocked.

"Haha… very funny." Catherine said.

"Hey, I took French just to know what you two were saying. At least give me some credit for that." Caleb said.

"Yes my dear brother. I'm glad you did. I'm going to go through it, but the chances are still 50-50." Catherine said. Caleb just rolled his eyes. "Alright. We'll see how it goes." Catherine smiled. "Alright, stinky. Better get some sleep." She said. "Oh wait, here's a copy. Just in case you need them." Catherine smiled as she hands him a copy of the math home work Caleb were stuck doing.

"You have no idea how much of a life saver you are to me." Caleb said kissing his sister on the forehead as she lay on the bed.

"You saved my life once." Catherine said as she closed her eyes and drifted into a deep sleep.

Caleb opened his eyes as he heard Catherine rushed to the bathroom. He pinched the bridge of his nose. Catherine barely slept last night as she was being too cold at times and too hot the other. She did ask for Caleb to go to his room but he insisted on staying.

"Hey, you okay?" Caleb said from the bathroom door. Catherine just nodded as she continued to splash some water on her face. "You sure you want to be in school today? It's okay if you're not feeling too well." Caleb said.

"Come on, Cal. I'll be fine." Catherine said trying to reassure Caleb. "I'll always be around you. I promise." Catherine pleaded. Caleb just nodded. As Caleb went to his room, Catherine dressed up for her first day at Spencer's.

All Caleb could do is shook his head at the condition of his house. "Looks like mom still haven't gotten over the habit yet, huh?" Catherine said as she steps down the stairs trailing behind Caleb. "Where are the guys?" She asked.

"Still in the room." Caleb said. Catherine just laughed. She knows how long it takes for Tyler to fuss over his hair and of Reid to get his arm wrap just right and Pouge, well Pouge, he takes the longest in the bathroom.

"Something smells nice." Catherine commented. Their mother never cooks. No matter what, she never cooks. Both of them went to the kitchen only to see Glenn was cooking them breakfast. "Just like daddy did." Catherine whispered to Caleb as she saw the smiley pancakes in several plates.

"Hey, good morning, Caleb, Andy." Glenn greeted them as he set two plates in front of them. "Rosalind and I will clean the place up later." He said.

"It's fine. I'll just do it after school. I'm used to it." Caleb said.

"I know you kids must have heard what your mother said yesterday. I'm sure she did not mean it. She was drunk." Glenn said. Catherine just smiled as she eats her breakfast slowly. Caleb was angry for the way his mother reacted last night and her comments she made.

"It's not an excuse. Forget it." Caleb said.

"Hey, she's drunk. What haven't we hear from her when she's drunk." Catherine said softly to Caleb. Caleb just smiled at how tough his little sister had become, but he still could feel that she is hurting with Evelyn's word last night.

As the boys came down and eat their breakfast, for the very first time since she was 7, Catherine felt like she is in the family. Rosalind is truly a mother and Glenn is a pure father figure. 'Tyler is so lucky.' Catherine thought quietly.

"So, baby girl, we have the first class together. Want to ride with me and Reid or you want to go with your brother?" Tyler asked. 5 sets of eyes locked on him. "What?" he asked. "I mean, with Caleb." He corrected himself.

"I was thinking of riding the bike with Po, Christopher, actually. But that is if it is okay with you." Catherine said to Caleb. Caleb just stood there quietly. "Okay, I think I'd better go with Caleb. Or he'll come in my every class today." Catherine said.

"I didn't say anything." Caleb said defensively.

"But I know you." Catherine said back. Making faces at him. Caleb does the same back at her.

"It's undeniable that, you two are truly above others." Pouge said as he grabbed his leather jacket and heads for his motorcycle. "Thanks ma'am, sir." He said before he walks out the door.

"Pouge. Wait up. I'm going with you." Catherine said quickly. Caleb just smiled looking at Catherine. "Sorry, Cal. Bike? Convertible? I choose bike." Catherine said as she kissed Caleb on his cheek.

"Andy." Caleb called before she stepped out.

"Got my meds. I'll be fine." Catherine reassured. Caleb just nodded. "Don't worry too much. I'll see you in Calculus. Bye guys. Thanks ma'am, sir." Catherine said as she ran after Pouge.

"You'll be a fine father one day." Glenn said to Caleb as he gathers up the dishes. Reid and Tyler burst out laughing. "You really know how to take care of her." Glenn added. "You're a fine young man Caleb, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You have a great heart."

"Why did you want to ride with me?" Pouge asked. Suddenly as they rode on the Ducati. "Andy?" Pouge spoke as he turned his head.

"Eyes on the road, Pouge. I'm fine." Catherine said, with her eyes freeze towards the scenery towards their school.

"What's wrong? A fight with Caleb?" Pouge asked as he tried to fish out an answer from Catherine.

"It's not that. It's nothing, alright. Forget about it." Catherine replied. She just kept quiet the whole remaining way to the school.

"Hey, anything I should know?" Pouge tried again before they went into their classes. Catherine just smiled and shook her head.

"It has been a while since I've been on the bike. I just need to get away sometimes. You know how Caleb can be." She said.

"And I know how you can be." Pouge replied. "It's not like this is the first time. Come on Andy, what's wrong?"

"Fine." Catherine gave up. "You know about, well, I was reading about the wiling the powers thingy, just don't tell Cal, I'm not supposed to be reading that thing. But then, the more I read about it, the more I realize that it is not possible." Catherine said disappointedly. Pouge just smiled.

Translation for French dialogue:

"Entre les quatre d'entre nous, je crois que vous choisissez Baby Boy feriez-vous pas?" Pouge teased. Rosalind just smile at them.

Translation: "Of the four of us, I guess you'd choose Baby Boy would you not?" Pouge teased. Rosalind just smile at them.

"Peut-être. Peut-être pas. Qui sait. Christopher. That is why you hide your name card from me." Catherine said.

Translation: "Maybe, maybe not. Who knows. Christopher. That is why you hide your name card from me." Catherine said.

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