Baby Girl

Chapter 7

Tyler yawned as he copied the chemical formula on the board as the teacher explained each and every term. Catherine did the same only that she was not blindly copying the words on the board.

"Alright, Mr. Simms. Now, what is the systematic name for this compound (Na3AlF6)?" Ms. Jensens asked as she saw Tyler yawned for the twentieth times that class. Tyler search for any clue for an answer in his book, unfortunately they were not. "Mr. Simms?" The teacher asked again.

'Sodium hexaflouroaluminate.' Catherine wrote on his book. "Umm… Sodium hexaflouroaluminate?" Tyler answered.

"Thank you Mr. Simms. Ms. Danvers, do let him answer the question himself." The teacher said as she turns and wrote down some more formulas and names on the board. "I want all these answered by tomorrow; send it first thing in class." She said just in time for the bell to ring. "Ms. Danvers, can you stay for a while?" Catherine just nodded. Tyler stayed behind as well.

"I think you should go. I'll see you in class later." Catherine said to Tyler.

"No. I'll wait for you." Tyler replied.

"Yes, ma'am?" Catherine said as she walks down towards Ms. Jensens. The teacher just pointed to a paper in front of her. A sheet of question differs from other student's question. Catherine took it and nodded. "Thank you ma'am." She said. The teacher just smiled in return.

"Catherine, you're a good student. Try and not to miss too many classes. That is to be done as soon as possible." Ms. Jensens said referring to the sheet of paper she just gave Catherine. Catherine just nodded.

"Ma'am, if I may, umm, I'm not sure if my brother gave the notice to you about why I did not come to class before." Catherine started as Tyler joined her. "Well, not to ask to be excused for my work or anything, but just, so that you know." Catherine tries to explain as Tyler chipped in.

"She has cancer and she's just back from The UK. We're settling her in and she is going to miss more classes." Tyler said.

"Mr. Simms. I get it. I was told." Ms. Jensens said. "I understand. Is there anything else?"

"No ma'am." They said in unison. "Thank you ma'am." Catherine said.

"What?" Tyler said as soon as they step out of the class room.

"I can tell her myself. Why does every one treat me like I'm sort of like some invalid or something?" Catherine asked. "Tyler, just stop. I'm big enough. I'm sick. Leave it at that." Catherine said.

"I thought… fine. I'm sorry okay." Tyler said. Catherine just kept walking till she enters her next class. "Andy, come on. I'm used to finishing your sentence and all." Tyler said as he sat beside Catherine.

"Forget about it okay." Catherine said. "Why are you in this class? You're not taking AP calc. Baby boy, you'll be late for class." Catherine smiled.

"Oh shit. Haha. Funny." Tyler said as he walks out of the room.

"What was that?" Caleb asked as he sat beside Catherine. Catherine just shrugged. "Okay, I did tell them to keep an eye on you, but not follow you all the time." Caleb said.

"Well, it's Tyler. You know how he can be." Catherine reasoned. Caleb just nodded.

"Alright class. Pop quiz. Get a piece of paper and answer the question in front. You will have 25 minutes." Mr Bourdon said as he walks in the class. He looks up at the students and realized that there was an extra student in his class. "Class. Before that, we have a new student in our class today. Ms. Danvers please stand up." He said as Catherine stands. "Alright then, you will be excused from the quiz, and the rest, the question is not to be copied down. Just submit your answer as usual." He said.

"Sir, if I may. I would like to answer the quiz." Catherine said as soon as the teacher finished his sentence. The man just nodded.

"You could do it for me and submit it." Caleb said as she sat back down.

"No way." She said, smiling at Caleb. She pulls out a piece of paper and start to scribbles down the steps for the question. With out any effort her pencil was dancing on the paper, while most of the students are sighing and grunting to just remember the formula.

"You have to be kidding me." Caleb said under his breath. "Damn." He swore.

'It's the same with yesterday.' Catherine wrote on the table as she poked Caleb to see it. Caleb just rolled his eyes. Catherine quickly erases the writing on the table before the teacher could see it.

It only took 15 minutes for Catherine to finish the question. She placed her paper on the table, plain for anyone to see her answer. She leans back on her seat, while most were still struggling with the question.

"Ms. Danvers, Mr. Blake. Are you done?" The teacher asked. Catherine just nodded, as did the boy who was sitting across the class from her. She recognize him. He was in her AP chemistry class too. "Alright. You two see me after class."

It was not long for the class to end. Caleb trailed behind Catherine as she walked towards the math teacher. "I asked for Ms. Danvers. I did not recall on calling you Caleb." He said.

Caleb just nodded. "Sir, could it be okay for him to be here? I am not too comfortable without him around." Catherine said as Caleb turned towards the door. The teacher just nodded.

"Actually, I was thinking of promoting you and Mr. Blake to an honors class. As this class seems to be a little easy for the both of you." He said.

"Well, for all due respect sir, I would like to remain in this class." Catherine replied quickly.

"I'd love to be in the honors class, sir." Connor Blake said right after. The teacher scribbled something on a piece of paper and he handed it to Connor.

"After school, go to the Director's office and show him the slip." He said. "You're excused." Connor nodded as he heads towards the door. "As for you, why would you not want to be in the honors class?" He asked.

"I will not be going to college sir. I don't see the point of going to an honors class. I applied for the AP classes so that I could be with my brother. I'm having a medical problem that needs to be watched over at all times." Catherine reasoned. The teacher just nodded.

"Well, if you say so." Mr Bourdon said. Unsure of a reply, no one had ever turned down the opportunity of entering the honors class. No one except Catherine.

"Yes. I know. But somehow, we have to get rid of her. She's stirring up more trouble than we had ever imagined. Even Glenn is on her side. Not to mention your son and the other boys." Evelyn said to the person on the other line. Caleb who was walking passed the study over heard her. Quietly he eavesdrop what his mother was talking.

"Listening to mom's phone calls now?" Catherine teased as she comes down the stairs.

"No. I was just passing through. Want something to eat?" Caleb offered. Catherine just shook her head. "You haven't eaten anything since breakfast." Caleb said.

"I'm going out. Thank you." Catherine defenses herself. "Well, I don't want to throw up in the middle of a class or something." She said.

"Who you going with?" Caleb asked still skeptical with her answer.

"Since when you care so much?" Catherine said. "Come on. I'm 16. I'm just going to Nicky's with some friends."

"Because you are not yet 16 and you're going to a bar with some friends who are seniors. Since then. I'm still your big brother." Caleb said. Catherine stuck her tongue out. "So who, as in names, are you going with?"

"Reid Garwin, Bianca Sommers, Hope Zane, Tyler Simms, and Alex Connor." She answered. "Happy?" She asked.

"No, Pouge?" He asked a little surprised. She just shook her head. "Make sure Reid sends you home before 10pm. Okay?" He warned.

"Aww… you're not mommy. You can't curfew me. And mommy doesn't care." She replied back lowering her voice.

"That is why I do care." He said in the same manner. "But I am your big brother. And I know Reid." He continued.

"Relax. Tyler is going to be there. Next time, listen to all the names not only Reid's okay?" She replied.

"Not funny. And I'm serious, be back before 10." He said before he turns towards the kitchen.

"Why so sad today? I was fine in school." Catherine asked as she sat on the bar stool as Caleb busying himself with dinner. "Cal, stop. Tell me what's wrong." Catherine insisted.

"It's nothing. It's just that, you're doing well on your own, so good that you don't need me." Caleb said as he laid some salad for his sandwich.

"Cal, I'm still your baby girl, right?" Catherine said sweetly. "Nothing has changed. Nothing will. Why are you acting like this? You want me to stay home with you?" She asked. Caleb shook his head. "Seriously, Cal, I can call Tyler and cancel. I mean we're just going out for fun. But it's no fun leaving you like this."

"Go. Have fun. Just take good care of yourself." Caleb said. Catherine just stared at him. "Just, go. And be back before 10."

Just right before Catherine started to open her mouth to reply to her brother, Tyler honked from outside the house. "Last chance. Want to go?" Catherine tried again. Caleb just shook his head. "Promise me you'd wait up for me. We'll finish this later, okay?" She asked. Caleb just replied with a smile.

"Wait, wait, wait. Just before you go, I have something to bother you with if you're not in front of my eyes." Caleb said as he gave her a brand new mobile phone. "And no, this is not your birthday present." Caleb said as a kiss landed on his cheek.

"You know you are the best brother in the world, right?" Catherine said hugging him tightly.

"I'm the only one that spoilt you." He replied. "Don't keep baby boy waiting on you." Caleb said.

"That's true. Okay. See you later tonight." She said at last as she heads out. It's not that he do not trust Reid or even Tyler but a brotherly hunch tells him something is going to go terribly wrong tonight.

Caleb paced in his room; it has only been about an hour since she went out, the urge of calling her is so intense that he knows if he does it he'd seems like an overly protective brother that cannot let his sister out of sight for even a day. But being apart for 3 years makes him realize how much he had missed in his sister's life. He looks at his study table, a pile of papers needed to be taken care of, a pile of work that will take hours for him to finished, but Catherine finished it before she even went out.

Caleb sat down and tries to focus on his work. Maybe by doing that he can take his head away from worrying about Catherine too much. He picks up his pen and starts to answer a few questions as assigned. The only problem is he could not focus enough to even understand the question. He sighed.

Finally giving up on his tries to take his mid of fussing over his sister, he finally picked up the phone and started dialing the number he had already memorized. Before his thumb could hit the call button, the phone rang first. The same number appeared. He sighed he should have stored her number in his phone book earlier, but he was just preoccupied with so many other things, namely fussing about his sister.

"Hey, Cal." Catherine's voice cheery over a loud group of people making noises. "I know you must be almost calling me or getting worried to death. So, I made the point to call and say I'm having fun with the guys and girls. So, don't worry I'll be back soon and help you with calculus." She said the final line in a whisper, hopefully to cheer Caleb up a little.

"Okay, guilty as accused. Don't let them bully you too much though, and don't tease Tyler as much as well." Catherine smiled as she could hear a faint smile from Caleb's voice.

"But, it's fun to make him blush." Catherine said playfully as Tyler snagged the phone from her hand.

"You don't mind if I make her dance do you?" Tyler's voice filled the line instead of Catherine's. "She has been harassing me since in the car leaves your house." Tyler said as Catherine mumbled something inaudible for Caleb to hear in her defense.

"Take care of her carefully. She's your responsibility too." Caleb said. Hurt and relief filled his voice. He hated the fact that he has to share Catherine with the other two of his best friends. "I got to go. Bye." He said hurriedly and hung up.

Catherine was not sure if Caleb was disappointed in her or himself for disobeying the curfew he made for her. She never disobeyed him before and tonight was her first. She herself was not sure why she did it. She was not trying to shove him aside, nor was she ignoring him. It's just that she wanted to somehow tell him she can take care of herself in her own way. That she is not a little girl anymore. Definitely not a little spoilt brat she once was.

Softly, Catherine knocks on Caleb's door. As guilty as she felt, she knows Caleb was also beating himself up over the smallest of reasons. He did not answer her, but she knows he heard her. "Cal, I'm sorry. There is no excuse about what I did. But cut me some slack here. I'm just trying to do something that you will never do. Have fun, have a life." She said through the door.

"Come in, Andy." Caleb said. His voice was a little colder than usual. He sat rigidly on the study chair. The pile of paper stacked neatly into two separate places. One is to be done and the other is done. Catherine enters the room carefully.

"I'm sorry." She said again. Her voice low and full of disappointment. Disappointed in herself. It was never like her to lose control and also to directly disobey Caleb especially.

"I know you are. And Tyler. And Reid." Caleb said. Somehow, he just unsure of how to react to her stunt she just pulled. She did not just came home two hours later than she was supposed to but she also failed to inform both Reid and Tyler and also switched off her phone just so that Caleb would have no contact with her. Well since she also sneakily left both, Reid and Tyler's cell in Tyler's car.

"But you don't sound convinced." She reasoned as she inched nearer to Caleb. Never in her life she had saw Caleb so angry at anyone like he was. Never had she seen Caleb raised his voice especially at Tyler and her.

"You haven't the faintest idea of what I felt when I lost contact with you." He said as he turns back to his work just so he does not have to face her. "Three more days and you are free to do whatever you wish. I'm done babying you and taking in your bull that you pulls every time." He said finally.

Catherine took a deep breath. As air filled her lungs and hurt every bits of it, she just smiled and nodded. "Just what I wanted to hear." She said sarcastically just before she stepped out of the room and head back to her room.

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