Baby Girl

Chapter 9

Caleb furiously yelling at the boys randomly. Accusing without any evidence. Tyler slumped in the corner not believing what has happened in these few months. Reid obviously still not recovered from the ascension was still quite spaced from what was happening.

"He was at home ascending, Tyler was not even here. I was with you. How do you expect any of us to know where she is? The best bet is the tree house." Pouge said, his voice a little upset but calm. "Cal, listen, all I'm saying is maybe, just maybe, Tyler and I could go and find her. while you cool down and let Reid recover a bit."

"No." Caleb sternly snapped.

"All I'm saying is, she needs time from all of us. Let Tyler and I, bring her back and you two can have your moment." Pouge said defensively.

"Call her." Reid said simply. Still trembling a little he punched in Catherine's cell number. "Talk to her." He said tossing the phone to Caleb. "She might be stubborn but she is certainly not dumb."

"Caleb, please, leave me alone. You too Pouge. And Reid. And Tyler. I know you'd call me. But I'm perfectly fine, and save. Bye." Catherine's voice were soft through the loud speaker before it is filled with a dial tone.

"She's at the tree house. The reception is clear." Tyler said.

"I'm supposed to meet her there tomorrow. She was going to tell me something." Reid said suddenly. "Can I go into her room? I need to know something." Reid said. His trembling body is now steady and felling better than he had ever felt before.

"What's in there?" Caleb challenged.

"She was trying to get me here. I didn't know you were out. She certainly wants to tell me something that she doesn't want anyone else to know." Reid said.

"She told me she was going to watch you ascend. And she was supposed to go with Tyler." Caleb finally said.

"I'm supposed to bring her out to the cliff, but she said she was not feeling well." Tyler answered.

"Joe." Reid said one word. "She's taking precaution from Joe. I don't know what he did and why, but I know that it's not for the right reason. Let's go to the tree house. I'm beginning to understand why she is doing this." He shook his head. "Let's go. It's not save here."

Quietly Catherine listens for any noises in the silent night. She knows, if Joseph and Evelyn were to do anything to her, they will have to do it that night and not later. Staying in the house is no more an option for her. She knows she will also not be 'save' at this place but it will do for a time being.

"Andy, if you're here, please answer me." Tyler's distance voice broke the silence of the night. "Andy, of all the things, you know it not safe to be alone. Especially now. Come on, Andy." He continued.

Trying not to even breathe, Catherine stayed as silent as possible. For the very first time in her life she looks up to the heavens in the dark starless skies and prayed. She prayed that god would show her the right path. God would show her right from wrong. Hopefully she is not to late to have her life like she had always dreamt about. The dinner that she had planned for the day after her birthday. But somehow, she could feel that, it will never come true.

"Andy, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for shouting at you." Caleb said full of remorse. "I know you tried to tell me things but I just did not listen. I'm sorry." He continued. "Can you forgive me, Andy?" he questioned his sister I the dark. "Come out, princess. Please…" he begged.

"If you just wanted to just say sorry, you would've come alone." Catherine said softly as she appears from the trees. As clumsy as she is, she is most graceful and as quiet as a butterfly in the woods.

"I would have never found you without them." He smiled trying to soften his tone a little.

"Bull. You've always known where I'll go." She said narrowing her eyes at him.

"Guilty as charged. Forgive me?" He tried.

"What's my middle name?" Catherine suddenly asked.

"Alexandria. Why?" Caleb said puzzled.

"Just checking. And never call me that again." She smiled. "My turn." Catherine said hesitantly. "Well, never mind. Let's just wait in the tree house." She said changing her mind as soon as she thought of the consequences.

"What? Tell me." Caleb said. Catherine cautiously glanced over at Reid trying to decipher whatever was going on, on his mind.

"Maybe we should just wait till prom." She said, hinting at Reid a little.

"Oh, that. Yes." Muted Reid suddenly found back his voice. "I, well. We're all friends right? Well, not really, you guys are practically related." Reid began to rambled a little before even trying to get to the point.

"You're dating our sister?" Tyler guessed. Squinting his eyes a little, sort of accusing Reid.

"Well, I would not put it as dating, it's more like…" Reid hesitated to say the truth.

"I'm old enough to have a boy friend. It's better him than, some other guys, right?" Catherine rolled her eyes.

"How long have this been going on?" Tyler asked disgustedly as they sat on the edge of the cliff, with their legs dangling. Catherine sat in between Tyler and Reid, instead of her usual spot in between Caleb and Pouge.

"Almost 2 years." Reid said quietly.

"And a half." Catherine smiled.

"And neither one of you have the guts to tell me." Caleb accused Tyler and Pouge.

"We didn't know." They said in unison.

"That long?" Tyler asked. "How, when? Mostly why?"

"1 word." Catherine smile, remembering her first time when Reid asked for her to be his girl friend. "Blood." She laughed.

"Whose?" Tyler asked naively.

"Hers." Pouge and Reid said at once as Pouge's hand landed on the back of his head.

"Okay, you bleed on him and he asked you out?" Caleb finally asked.

"No. I'm not that disgusting." Reid responded. "You guys weren't there. It was Valentines. I asked her out. She was the only person I know there." Catherine slumped her face in her palms, obviously not wanting the stories heard by any others. "You know how her nose bleed if she gets too exited or too warm or too cold or too anxious. Well, I sort of made her too excited and anxious at the same time." Reid nudged Catherine to continue the story.

"I was not going to tell them." Catherine said between gritted teeth. Reid just look at her with his pleading eyes. An expression none of them had seen before. None of them except Catherine. "Fine." Catherine grumbled.

"He bought me this coffee cupcake, with toffee glazed and a simple band." Catherine lifts her right arm to show them. "The band was inside the cake. I was excited that he said he'd bring me to the theater, and anxious when I saw the cake, even more when I bite and discover a band in my mouth. Then, my nose started to bleed. Thanks to him."

"Disgusting. And I need to hear no more." Caleb said.

"That's why you asked him to the tree house?" Tyler asked.

"No. That has nothing concerning you." Catherine said.

"They know. I know." Reid said. Catherine shot a death glare towards Pouge. "Not his fault."

"Now that he knows, you think he's okay with us going to prom?" Reid asked. Catherine just nodded.

"He's not my father to say no. Doesn't mean that he refuse to have a life, and so should I." Catherine said. "I heard about Sarah and the girls. If you are afraid of Caleb, you should then be terrified of me."

"I'm a guy." He winced.

"A horny one at it." She replied angrily.

"I'm sorry?" He said as he softly grazed his nose on Catherine's neck. "What can I do to make it up to you?" He questioned.

"If Caleb sees this he's going to make you not only will your powers to him but also he'll cut you up in pieces." Catherine scolded. "Physics, concentrate."

"I have too many distractions in front of my eyes to concentrate." He replied.

"Do I have to send you to Caleb's room?" Catherine narrowed her eyes. Reid pouted. "Not working." She said as she hands him her answer paper.

"Yes it is." He said playfully.

"I'm done." Catherine declared and stacked up her papers and put her books aside.

"You left me?" Reid pouted again.

"I was not the one who was nosing me. And they are in the next room. Are you wishing for your death or mine?" Catherine said.

"Kitty, one kiss. Please. It has been months…" He pleaded. "No more girls. I promise. I swear even."

"Don't swear." Catherine cheery face suddenly became solemn. "I might die on the table and then what? You're going to be all alone?"

"Don't say that. You're not going to die." He said optimistically. "One?" He pleaded. Catherine rolled her eyes and locks the door before she sat on his lap. Slowly her hand rises to his lips and teasing him by kissing his temple, then his eyes. Then down to his cheek and chin only inches away from his lips. As she was about going to kiss his lips a knock fell on the door.

"Coming." Catherine said. Her face flushed, so was Reid. "Why are you blushing?" Catherine mouthed to Reid. He just shrugged and pretends to do his work. "Sorry I didn't realize the door was locked." Catherine said.

"You're blushing and so is he." Tyler smiled. "Andy?"

"Do not tell anyone or I'll… what do you want?" Catherine said a little agitated.

"Chemistry." He smiled. "You're a bad faker, Reid."

"Enough. What is it? The names or the chains?" Catherine asked. He opened his book and stabbed each question lightly with his little finger. All Catherine could do is shook her head. "Fine, find a chair."

"Don't need one. I need the answers." He smiled. "Come on please." He pleaded.

"No." Catherine said and before Tyler could even open his mouth to protest Catherine said: "Even Reid gets to do his own equation so that applies to all my brothers too." She smiled a mock smile.

"Okay." He finally gave in.

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