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When Kim Taehyung, the rich Boss's sex slave, escapes his grasp, he hires the best shot in town Jeon Jungkook to retrieve him. He's got orders to bring him back in shape or else kill him if he tries to escape again. The story of an escaped slave and a skilled gunman. Top! Kook Bttm! Tae

Action / Romance
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"I told you Lee, I don't take orders from you anymore, " Jeon said, puffing out a heavy bunch of smoke from the cigarette out of his mouth.

"Watch your mouth, it's Boss for you." The man seated in front of him replied, with a tint of annoyance and madness. He had to get Jeon on his good side again, after all he was the man he needed the most at the moment.

"I no longer work for you, I think you're forgetting that." He says as he brings the cigarette to his lips again. He wasn't clearly buying whatever the boss was saying. As if he was waiting for more, something worth the deal.

"Maybe 5 million won won't do. How about 7? " He increased the price and so did Jeon raise his brows, questioning him.

"Argh, more? 8 million. What do you say now? " Boss Lee says again and this time he finally opens his mouth. "Alright, 10. Now what's the last deal? "

"You haven't changed the least bit. Fine your shot, it's 10 now. " He said and shoved a little portfolio in his face, sprawling it all over the table.

The portfolio only opened to reveal half naked photos of a massively gorgeous boy, honey toned skin, hair dark and gorgeously spreading around in certain parts of his face and lips tinted beautiful pink. As he flipped the pages of the portfolio, he seemed to be surprisingly drawn more and more to this unnamed boy.

"Beautiful, isn't he?" Boss said and Jungkook kept staring at his photos more and more. He was beautiful indeed.

He looked unreal, like the ones that you see in dark and mature rated movies. The ones you can take a bullet for even if they turn out to be the ones behind the gun. He was that aesthetically beautiful. His face had absolutely no flaw and his eyes were delicate and seemed to be calling out for him.

He tried not to be drawn so heavily, as he crushed the tip of his cigarette on to the table and turned his gaze towards the boss. "What about him?"

"Kim Taehyung, 23, Daegu. I found him, here in Busan a year back from another Boss that used to be here before me and kinda made a deal. I used to pay him up for sex; he was my sex slave. He used to be with me most of the time until a few days ago when he escaped. He's done that a couple of times before too, but I've had my men to catch him before he got too far. But this time, we really can't track him."

"Let me guess, you want me to get him back to you? " He shoots his eyes up to his and Boss Lee smiles sluggishly.

"It ain't as easy as it seems. He's hiding somewhere in Daegu, his hometown maybe. We've got a few sources telling us a few places where he could have possibly hidden."

"So you want me to find him and bring him back here?" Jeon asked, wondering if Lee was stupid enough to not cover his tracks.

"Of course not. I keep changing the tracks kid, you know me well. Not here, somewhere else I'd let you know. Just keep the boy safe."

He nodded and listened as he spoke a bit more.

"There's one more thing I need to tell you, " He came in closer as he scratched his beard a little, "I want you to keep him alive for the most part of it. But if he tries to escape again and seems to go outta your grip, I want you to kill him right there and then." His last statement left him in a state of utter confusion.

"You're paying about 10 million won for this thing. Then why kill him?" His question seems way too obvious.

The Boss smirked.

"If he isn't gonna be mine, I don't want him to be anyone else's either. I just want my hands on him, no one else's. Also, that boy's precious to me. So if he isn't gonna come back, he deserves to be killed. Hope you understand that." He says and Jeon just nods, not fully taking in what this guy's thinking of.

He doesn't exactly get what's the deal with him, like how is he precious to him if he's just a sex slave. But the fact that he said he doesn't want anyone else's hands on him made sense.

Why would anyone wanna give out such a beauty to someone else?

It wasn't a big deal for him, like kidnapping that boy and bringing him back. He isn't usually the one easily hired but that an amount seems tempting.

"Will do, Boss. Let me know when to start." He said and Lee smirked. He motioned his men to hand him over a briefcase full of money, that carried around 2 million won.

"Here's your advance. Remember, if you bring him back safe, you get all the money. But if not, you don't get the rest 8. Deal? " He says and puts his hand out. Jeon puts a casual look on his face and shakes his hand slightly, "Deal."

"Brilliant." He says as he hands him over a cell phone.

"Take this, this has all the contacts of my necessary men. You reach out to us whenever you feel like, and I'd be reaching out whenever I need to give out my instructions. We'd be sending out messages and calls and you're supposed to check them out. Doesn't matter if you reply or not, we'd just know."

"Sure." Jeon takes it right away. It was a pretty basic cell and contained what seemed like a hundred phone numbers along with his. He figured it had a strict GPS system that could track him whenever this phone was operated.

"Probably this is the last time I'd be needing you, then you'd free to go. Hope you don't disappoint me like you never did before. "

"I never fail in my purpose. I don't think I'm gonna disappoint you." He said and got up. He took a final glance at him and the men and gave him a slight smirk. And without a word, grabbed the briefcase and left.

Getting into his car, he shoved the briefcase back into the back seat where his guns were sprawled freely. He remembered not having enough time to carefully hide them up.

Going back to his place, he was reminded of the boy's face once again. He was pretty sure the cell phone contained at least one picture of him so that he knows who to search for but he didn't need to see his face again to recall it. It seemed like his brain had already memorized all his features.

It was weird but somehow he wasn't able to remove those perfect lips, eyes and the bare face from his eyeballs. It seemed like they were tempting. Those perfect features of his wouldn't leave his brain for nothing.

But he's seen pretty faces in magazines and books before. He just wanted to know if he's actually the same for real, keeping the deal aside.


That beautiful, special boy needed to be found.

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