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Stone Cold [Min Yoongi]


‼️ Very Mature ‼️ Age Gap story Smut In which Kim Y/N loses herself as she tried to win over the love of her long time crush, Min Yoongi. How far is she willing to go for him?

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter One

It had been forever since you’d known Min Yoongi. He practically grew up with you and your brothers, they saw him as just another sibling. But, you? You couldn’t see him that way. No. Not when your heart beat sped up at just the mention of his name. Not when you got all giddy and excited whenever you were near him.

It was impossible to see him as a brother.

You were currently in your bedroom, sprawled across your bed, thinking of him when an idea suddenly popped into your head. You quickly sat up, reaching over onto your nightstand to grab your phone. Since you clearly couldn’t get him off of your mind, why not just message him?


can we go on a date now? i have liked u since 4ever and u know it, yet u still treat me like a little sister! im 17 now im legal!

No. I told you multiple times that you're too fucking young go and do some fucking homework Y/N.

You internally groaned as you read his reply. He was so fucking stubborn, always denying you. Your eyes stared at the contact name you’d given him. It was a bit cringe you had to admit, but you didn’t care. All your pride disappeared whenever you were talking to Yoongi. Nothing else mattered.

if u gave me a chance u would see that im not young! i can do everything an older girl can do!

besides, ur only 6 years older than me, that's not much of a difference. hmph 😤

Lmao I'm old enough to be your daddy Y/N. Give up on there being an ‘us.’

Butterflies erupted in your belly as you read his message, ‘Old enough to be your daddy.’ Was he teasing you? Okay.

u can be my daddy 👅 want me to show you how?

Yo Y/N! Cut it the fuck out before I tell your brothers!

joonie is on punishment for breaking mom's favorite vase, taehyungie adores me too much to scold me and jinnie is in college he can't do anything to me

Look I know you have a small crush on me or whatever and I find it cute... but I'm way too old for you, please find a guy your age who will treat you well.

i don't want a little boy who treats me well, i want u

once u have me, u'll never wanna go back 🥳 this pussy will have u falling in love boy

Okay, maybe that was a bit too bold for you, but as stated before... Min Yoongi brought out a different side of you.

*This user has went offline*

“Ugh!” You kicked your feet into the air as you let out a muffled scream into your pillow. It was so hard being in love! I wish school taught us how to deal with this. I’d pay more attention in a class about love than I will in a class about math. Tch.

This is my first time publishing through Inkitt. If they’re any readers who came from wattpad, you’ll see that the story is a bit different, but it’s the same plot. Only a few changes here and there.
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