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Step Too Far. KTH 🔞


After agreeing to pick up her art loving Step brother who's returning for summer vacation from college, Y/N gets a reality check when she doesn't come face to face with the geek she once knew. This boy glowed up! They had always been close, much too their parents relief, but how close is too close? Will they give in to temptation and risk getting caught? Or will they just have to ignore the incredible burning sexual tension? I mean they're not actually related right...... Spinning me round, he guides me towards the door, holding my hips from behind as he lines himself at my entrance, pressing my hands on to the door "tell him how good you feel princess" Will contain mature themes and smut throughout. You have been warned. I will give no warnings in this book like I have my previous.

Drama / Romance
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We Meet Again


Opening one eye, I pull my pillow over my head, trying to drown out whoever dare to interrupt my precious sleep. Hoping if I ignore them, they'll eventually go away.

"Y/N!" My mum yells once more barging into my room. "Y/N get up! Your brother lands in an hour! You promised you'd pick him up."

"Step brother mum" I groan as she pulls the pillow from my face.

"Oh potato potato. I know you guys missed each other. Now come on, don't make the poor boy have to wait for you in arrivals." Leaving the room she's spins and blows me a kiss before skipping out the door.

She's right, I did miss him, oddly enough when our parents got married two years ago, I was 16, he was 18 and dreading having to live with a new sibling. But as it turned out, we had a lot of things in common and became really close. We would snuggle on the sofa every night watching our favourite shows, go out with our friends together, sometimes share the same bed after a scary movie marathon. He basically became my best friend. And I'm so happy to have him back by my side for the summer.

Pulling into the pick up point, I cast my eyes around, looking for my bookworm of a brother's face in the crowd. Stepping from the car to get a better look, I'm suddenly picked up from behind and spun around in the air.

"Princess Y/N!!!!" Dropping me to the floor, he pulls me in for a tight hug, planting kisses all over my face.

"Hey Tae" I giggle into the kisses. Pulling away, he holds me by the shoulders, smiling brightly.

"Holy shit Tae!" My eyes widen at the man in front of me. "You look.....different!"

"Ah, yeah" he giggles. "I got contacts"

"No Tae! It's not that. You've.... matured! You look so handsome!"

Face blushing he casts his eyes down. Landing them on my chest. "Where'd you get those??" He questions, pointing to my more mature chest.

"Tae!" I yell slapping him "I gained a little weight, I guess it was a package deal." My face now turning crimson

"Nah, I don't see any difference in your weight. You're still as beautiful as ever!" He reassures me.

"Thanks Tae." I smile back up at him. "You ready to go?"

Driving home, I can't help but keep casting my eyes over to my side, taking in the new features of my suddenly smoking hot step brother. How did this happen? My art loving step brother goes to another state for college and comes back looking like a Gucci model.

"Take a picture princess, it'll last longer"

"S-Sorry" turning my focus back to the road, feeling my embarrassment rise in my cheeks. "You just look so different Tae, college must be really good for you"

"Good different I hope" He smiles. Reaching his hand over to my leg and squeezing my thigh.

So good.

"Yes Tae. Very good" I blush

Pulling his hand back, he casts his eyes out the window, watching the world go by. "So, what's the plan for tonight?"

"Oh um, Jimin is having a welcome home party at his place, you know, for everyone coming home from college for the summer."

"That sounds good, be nice to see everyone again. That boyfriend of yours gonna be there?" He questions, raising one eyebrow.

"Jungkook? I hope so. He's been working really strange hours lately so I haven't had much time with him the past few weeks"

"I don't like him" he scoffs.

"Fully aware of that Tae" I sigh

Pulling in front of our house, we laugh at the sight of our parents stood on the porch, jumping up and down as if the icecream truck has arrived. Before I can even shut the engine off, my step dad has opened the door, and proceeded to pull Tae from the car.

"Oh my boy!! I missed you!" Giving him a bear hug, I can't help but giggle as I watch Tae struggle for air.

"Well hello handsome man!" My mum coos as she pulls him from his dads grasp. "You look amazing! Y/N, doesn't he look amazing?!"

"Yes mum" I smile. Struggling to pull his bags from the trunk.

"Hey hey princess, let me get them." He runs over to the back of the car, effortlessly pulling the bags out and swinging them over his shoulders.

"Come on sweetheart, I made your favourite lunch." My mum mentions, linking her arms in his, guiding him through the door.

Sitting at the table, I'm joined by Tae as he sits to my right, opposite our parents. Starting to dig into the lunch mum prepared, I feel his hand grazing my thigh once more. Looking up to see him just focusing on his conversation with his dad. I mean, we have always been very touchy feely with each other, but why this time am I feeling..... flustered?

Brought out of my daze, I see my mum waving her hand in front of my face. "Hellloooo! Earth to Y/N!!"

"S-Sorry mum, what were you saying?"

"I asked what you were wearing tonight."

"Oooh, a navy blue bodycon dress and gold heels" I smile

Clapping her hands together she lets out a whistle "go get it! I wanna see!"

"Okay" removing my leg from Tae's hold, I slide out from the table and run to my room. Coming back with my choice of outfit, I hold the dress up to my body, twirling around "well?" I question looking around the faces at the table.

"Oh yes Y/N!!" My mum cheers "that's sure to show that boyfriend of yours what he's been missing" turning to Tae she rests her hand in his "you see sweetheart, Y/Ns boyfriend has had to work the night shift every weekend for the past five weeks! Poor girl hasn't had a date in months!"

"Really?" he raises his eyebrow, turning his focus back to me

"He's just busy" I move my eyes to the ground, aware of the fact that this news probably pleases Tae. He was never Jungkooks biggest fan. Said I deserved better.

"Im sure he is" He sighs

Think I'm gonna enjoy writing this one ☺️
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