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Step Too Far. KTH 🔞

Party our asses off

Getting ready for the party, I put in a little more effort than I usually would. After taking a nice long shower, I'm now sat at my vanity, trying to get my makeup to look perfect. After applying a smoky eye, I let my naturally wavy hair fall to the side. I can't wait to see the look on Jungkooks face, maybe now he'll think twice about picking up all those extra weekend shifts.

"Come in!" I yell after hearing a light knock on my door.

"Hey princess. You almost ready to go?" Tae asks as he steps into my room.

"Almost. Can you just give me a hand getting my dress on?" Swinging around in my chair I turn to face him. Jaw dropping as I see him stood in front of me. "I don't think I'll ever get used to your new look Tae" I smile.

"You don't like it??" He questions, tugging slightly at his bandana

"I love it" I smile once more as I slip off my dressing gown.


"What?" I question, looking down at my body that's only covered by my lace bra and panties. "Oh come on Tae. It's not like we haven't seen each other in our underwear before." Shaking my head, I slip on the dress and turn around for him to zip me up.

"Y/N, you're wearing a t-thong" he stutters

"Yes Tae" I sigh. "Are you gonna help me out or not?"

Feeling his fingers graze my bare ass cheek as he grips the zipper sends shivers down my spine. The painstakingly slow speed he's fastening it also isn't helping with my now flustered state.

Biting my lip, I feel his breath hit the back of my neck, causing me to close my eyes and take in a deep breath.

"Tae" I whisper


"You done?"

"Y-Yeah!" Feeling him step back from my body, I turn to see him now looking at the ground, face all flush. Slipping on my gold heals I give a small twirl.

"So, what do you think? Think I look good?"

Casting his eyes up to meet mine, he eyes me up and down, slowly biting his lip. "I think Jungkooks an idiot"

"Not now Tae" I sigh. "Let's go, we're already late." Grabbing his had I pull him out my bedroom, only to bump into our parents in the hall.

"Wow" my mum gasps "you two look like a young hot Hollywood couple. Maybe you two should date." She giggles.

"Little inappropriate dear" Taehyungs dad chimes in, placing his hand on her shoulder.

"Right! Have fun kids. Don't do anything I wouldn't do" she winks

Actually, when it comes to my mum, there isn't much she wouldn't really do, so that was the worst parenting advise she could have given us. She's always been a carefree spirit. I always joke that she's living in the wrong decade. She's definitely a modern day hippy. Tae's dad however, is a little more conservative, loves a routine and sticks by the rules. That's why they are so perfect together, he reigns her back in a little, she helps him loosen up.

Arriving at the party, I slip out of Tae's car smoothing my dress down in the process. "Y/N! Tae!" Our friend Jimin yells, running over to us and pulling us both in for a group hug.

"Woooow!! Y/N! You look hot!! How about you forget that boyfriend of yours and come see what I can do huh? He asks, wiggling his eyebrows.

Feeling Tae step closer to us he clears his throat, throwing Jimin a look.

"Sup Tae? College seems to be treating you well, looking good man" patting him on the back, he starts to lead us inside.

Stepping in the party, it's a sea of bodies, loud music filling the entire house, some people dancing and grinding on each other to the beat of the music, some just grinding on each other for the hell of it. Taking my hand, Tae leads me through the house to the kitchen. "Drink?" He asks as soon as we reach the home made bar. Nodding, I scan the room looking for my boyfriend.

Seeing him stood in the corner with our other friends, I make my way over, tapping him lightly on the shoulder.

Spinning around he gives me a smile, pulling me in for a hug. "You look good baby"

Just good????

Leaning in for a kiss, we are abruptly stopped by a cup of beer hanging between our faces. Taking the drink from Tae, you could cut the tension between him and Jungkook with a knife. Just looking at each other. Trying to suss each other out.

"She looks stunning, right Kook?" Tae asks, flopping his arm over my shoulder.

"Yeah she looks nice"

"Just nice? Your girlfriend puts in all this effort and all you can say is nice?" He scoffs

Before he could defend himself, Jungkook is interrupted by his phone going off in his pocket. Discretely pulling it out, he swipes the screen and lets out a slight chuckle. "Um babe, I've gotta go"

"Seriously Kookie?? I just got here. We hardly spend any time together anymore." I pout

"Yeah babe, I know. But it's work" giving me a quick kiss on the cheek he runs out the door. Not even giving me a second look.

"Where does he work again?" Tae questions.

"The local supermarket." I sigh, looking down at my feet that are already start to ache.

"And they call him in this late on a Saturday night Y/N?" He queries, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm an idiot aren't I Tae. Tell me the truth"

"No Y/N, I already told you this. He's the idiot." Pushing my hair from my face, he gives me a tight lipped smile. "Come on, lets get drunk and dance"

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