how dare you! (a supernatural fanfic)


this is in a world where dean Winchester AND Jensen Ackles exist Jensen has no idea dean exists. dean calls one of the writers complaining he was killed off in the finale.

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Chapter 1

summery: this is in a world where dean Winchester AND Jensen Ackles exist Jensen has no idea dean exists. dean calls one of the writers complaining he was killed off in the finale.
Deans point of view:
Thursday, November 19, 2020.
my phone rang, ''who the frick is it now?!'' I struggled to get my phone out of my pocket with my left hand. sense my right hand was incased in a cast that went past my elbow. (it was from a wendigo hunt.) I finally got my phone out of my pocket. I looked at the caller id. it was Robert, one of the writers who helps write the tv show about my life. its called 'supernatural' you might have heard of it, has a huge fandom and when I say huge I mean HUGE. I answered the phone. ''howdy Robert, what is it?''
''the finale is airing tonight I want to know if you like how we did. the beginning of it is the exactly the same, but later on it is a little different from your real life. we needed a way to tie the knot. ya know what i mean?'' Robert replied through the phone.
''sure,'' I replied, ''I got nothing better to do.''
''ok dean,'' Robert started to say but was interrupted by voice that i know all to well. 'Shit' I think.
''who are you talking to named dean?'' i hear. started by the voice I accidently bump my casted arm on the table pain radiates down my arm.
''sonofabitch!'' I exclaim, then instantly regret it. then i hear muffling like the mic was being covered
Then Robert says to the person ''oh Jensen! hi its no one,'' and then he hung up.
''that was close,'' I breathe out, my arm was still throbbing from when i bumped it on the table.
''I stick my phone in my back pocket, and call out to Sammy while limping (cause of my sprained ankle. did i forget to mention that? oh well, now you know) to his room ''hey-a Sammy! the finale of SUPERNATURAL airs tonight!''

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