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To love a beast


My eyes snapped openand i saw my best friend Lisa standing next to my bed "you sleep like a dead person, girl get up we are going to be late" lisa demanded."late for what ?" I said tubbing my tired eyes." Our last day of high school. We are finally done with that chapter of our lifes and i want to end it the right way. I dont even want to be a minute late"she said while trying to pull me out of my nice, warm and comfortable bed.i got up and went to my closet. Lisa was right, this is our very last day of school and i wanted to put on my best clothes, shoes and attitude to make sure i end this chapter of my life with a blast. And after that we will be two, nineteen year old girls agains the world. "I made you girls some breakfast down here, lisa i hope you didnt eat at home because i made you're favourite!"mom yelled from downstairs. My parents considered Lisa as part of the family and i considered her my sister since we have been friends for years now. We went downstairs to join my parents for breakfast, but the dream i had still lingered in the back of my head. We took our seats at the dinning table. "Good morning my two beautiful girls" my dad said sounding very happy. My parents are the friendliest people i have ever seen after they wake up, me on the other hand not so much, atleast not untill i had my wake up cup of coffee. "Good morning, how did you sleep? "I asked my parents." I slept just fine" mom said smiling and putting bacon strips on the table. "You slet pfine yes, but its not when you kick me and steal all the blankets, its like sleeping next to a tornado" dad said teasingly, taking moms hand and gave it a gentle kiss mom just smiled. I always loved watching my parents interacting so sweetly with each other. I hope to end up like them one day , to have someone care so much about me. " How did you girls sleep?"dad asked. " I slept fine Mr Salttsman" Lisa said with a smile. "And you , sweetheart?" Dad asked, my mind drifted back to the dream i had last night buf it didnt feel necessary to talk about it " i had a goodnight's rest" i lied with a smile but Lisa looked at me like she always did when she knew i was lying. " We should get going, cant be late today"i said kissing my parents goodbey. We drove in silence in Lisa's carfor almost two minutes and once again my mind drifted off to the dream i had...why do i even keep thinking about it?.. "Oky.. out with it "Lisa said pulling my out of my thoughts. "What do you mean?" I asked Lisa confused. "Well, you keep looking at the road like its about to crack open and swallow us up, so out with it , whats up?". Its nothing really"i shrugged , "I just had a really weird dream" i said trying to brush it off.
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