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Love or not…


This is a Fairly odd parents Fanfic Skip SparkyPants x Chip skylark love story

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

Skip SparkyPants P.O.V:

“I’m worthless, I’m useless, I’m nothing!!” I sobbed as I rolled up my sleeves and cut myself with a rusty blade I found. “I am… nothing…” I sighed before leaning my back against the brick wall that was behind me, I was hiding in a ally.

Chip Skylarks P.O.V:

I walked inside a ally. “I swear I hear sobbing.” I whispered to myself before looking around and my eyes landed on Skip SparkyPants doing self-harm. “DUDE STOP!” I took the blade from the other pop stars hand. Both of his arms were covered with bruises, scratches, and scars. Blood was seeping through Skip’s sleeves of his light blue hoodie making it more of a dark purple-ish color now.

Your P.O.V:

“Why are you hurting yourself?” Chip asked Skip with worry in his voice. “Cause... everybody thinks that I am.. nothing and they treat me like trash.” Skip SparkyPants sniffled before looking up at the slightly older pop star. Chip was older than Skip but only by 6 months. “I think your cool!” Chip Skylark smiles before looking at Skip.

Chip Skylarks P.O.V:

I put my hand out as my eyes didn’t leave Skip. “Why are you singing sensation Chip skylark, being nice to a person like me?” He asked taking my hand and standing up.

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