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The RED STRING of Kismet

Chapter 2

After threatening her, he leads her to the door. His hold on her remains on their way.

One whole day without touching her is hell and now that he is near, he can’t stop himself but glue himself on her side. Like an addict that had the refill of his drug. She remains silent and passive.

“Key, please.” He held his hand to her and patiently wait. Her grip on the basket tighten and she remains on her spot. “Please, give me the key if you don’t want me to haul you to the car and bring you to my place. I’m sure you don’t want that.” He whispers in her ears, he grits his teeth to control himself, if they can’t go in sooner, he will take her on her door not caring who the fuck see them. He is not a very patient man and his control is slipping bit by bit because of her response. “Sweetpea, please give me the key.” He begs her.

Another first for him, she is the only one who hears him plead because, in his world, everyone vows to him.

She cast a look at his direction and see the restraint that he is showing. The pleading look on his face is just too much. Nobody should look devilishly gorgeous while showing a weak front.

She takes a deep breath and take her key inside her bag and give it to him to open the door.

The moment that they are inside, he takes her things from her and locks the door.

He takes a seat and holds his arm for her. “Come here, let me hold you, sweetpea.”

“Can you please not call me that. What are you doing here anyway, I thought I will never see you again after yesterday.” She remains rooted on the floor, her emotion is swirling inside her and she doesn’t know what to do.

She wants to be enveloped in his arms so badly but she doesn’t know where to stand in their situation, granted that something happens to them last night and she gave her virginity to him and not just that but her every first.

He is her first in everything involving the opposite sex. At her age, she doesn’t have a boyfriend or a guy that she likes, so for her, everything is new and confusing.

They tell her that she is smart but when it comes to a relationship she is oblivious and naive. Her friend teases her about that every time.

“I don’t want to force myself on you as worked up that I am, so I want to hold first and calm down. I miss you and not able to touch you when I want is pure torture, release me from my agony and come here.” He said in a whisper, his breathing is coming shortly. The panic that he feels earlier when he found the place empty is like no other and another panic is resurfacing once again because she still refuses him.

“Oh God, why are you doing this to me?” She said, pain in her voice. “Don’t you know how I feel when I wake up earlier and find you gone? I feel so cheap that I gave myself to someone and they don’t even care to stay or say goodbye.” Her tears are pouring out without her control.

“Don’t fucking say that.” He furiously said. In second, he is in front of her and holding her at an arm’s length. ” You are not cheap and I’m very sorry if I made you feel that way. Something very urgent came up that needs my attention immediately, I try to get back as soon as I can but everyone is fucking with me today as a problem after problem came up.” He is breathing heavily after his confession. “Stop crying, I don’t want to see you like this and please never ever think of yourself like that. You are the most important person in my life aside from my family and nobody is to trample you without your permission.” He wipes her tears that continue to fall especially now because of what he said.

He reciprocates her feelings. She is not the only one who feels that way. The first time she saw him, the attraction is instant, even if she denied it to herself.

Seeing him inside the supermarket, looking so out of place but demanding attention without even trying is just unnerving.

Tousled dark brown hair that almost black is adorning his head, which glistens in the light. Black coal eyes like a night speaking of its mysteriousness, dark eyebrows furrowed in a frown. A chiseled feature with a straight nose and lips that promise a thousand pleasures.

He carried himself with pride. His body is well built that hides underneath his suit.

And after everything that happened between them, that attraction blooms into something deeper.

He guides her and place her on his lap and hold her tightly. He gave her small kisses and nuzzle her neck. “I miss you today so fucking much.”

“I miss you too.” She silently confesses which earns her a kiss on the lips. A soft kiss, feather touch like.

“I have a confession to make.” He said after a while.

“What is it?” She asks curiously and takes a look in his direction.

“I fell in love with you at first sight.” He said without breaking eye contact with her. She gasps and opens her lips to say something but he beat her to it. “I’m on my home when I saw you and followed you to that supermarket.”

“But you are leaving after you pay for my things.” She says confuse. If he followed her like what he told her, why would he leave so suddenly?

“When you look at me, I need to distance myself or I would do something that will result in you to hate me and I don’t want that. You surprise me when you followed me and invite me to your house but I’m very grateful for that as I don’t want to leave you just yet.” His affection is showing up.

He told her. Everything he said is true and now it is in her hands what she will do with him. If she rejects him now, he will accept it but that doesn’t mean that he will take it lightly and he will back down. No, there was no way that she is slipping within his grasp. He will do anything to make her his.

Seeing her for the first time is like unveiling a sheet of a layer from his eyes. He can’t resist the full that navigates him towards her. Soft brown curls cascade her back reaching her waist and a childlike beauty that captivates anyone at first glance.

Their car encounters a problem hence the reason why he is outside waiting for it to be fixed and that’s when he saw her walking without a care in her surrounding, she seems to be at ease with the place.

A trait you can see from someone who raises there and live for a long time. He didn’t know that he step forward when Geoffrey called him.

“Sir, where are you going?” He asks confusion is in his voice.

“Fix the car and wait for me here. I will call you.” He said without moving his eyes to her.

“Yes, Sir.” He answers instantly.

He saw her enter a supermarket nearby. From there, everything became a blur of events for him.

Being near her is too much and seeing her face up close sent a shiver down his spine, he can’t stop himself to imagine things he would like to do with her, it flooded in his mind. He doesn’t want to scare her so the first thing that he did is to turn his back on her, as the grasp of his control is still intact.

Never in his life he back out from a challenge but she is his biggest conquest to date if ever and he knows that he will surrender his will to her at any moment that she wishes.

When she looks at him so innocently, the restraint that he is grasping tightly within him is begging to be released.

Those blue-grey eyes of her are looking at him, caressing his soul to his very core. People around him never look at him directly, they are intimidated and some say there’s something in him that they became wary about but he saw none of that in her eyes.

Her eyes show confidence and knowledge beyond her age.

An arm circling his shoulder brought him back to the present.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered near his ear. She places her head on his shoulder.

“For what?” He asks.

“For worrying you about me.”

“There’s nothing to forgive, I did it to myself and you are not to blame for it.”

“Still, accept my apologies.” She said stubbornly.

“If you promise me one thing.”

“What is it?”

“Never belittle yourself.”

She hmm and nod her head. “I promise.” She runs her nose along his neck and jaw. “You smell so good.”

His hold on her tighten and he groans. “Sweetpea, don’t tempt me. My control is barely hanging by a thread.”

From the moment that he places her in his lap, she feels the bulging in his pants that begging to be released and from that, she barely controls her arousal. She remembers everything that he did last night to her body and she can’t help herself but press her tight close.

With newly found courage, she faces him and speaks her mind.

“Kiss me.”

His eyes darken with lust. “You ask for it.”

“Yes, please.”

He studies her at first and when he found what he was looking for, he granted her wish.

The kiss soft and calm at first but he can’t seem to get enough of her that he deepens it more.

After a while, he releases her.

“Open.” He instructed.

While catching her breath, she open for him. Their positions change, she is now sitting on him with her legs on each side of his. In that position, his need is directly at her entrance and it’s making her a bundle of a mess in his arms.

“Give me your tongue.” Both of his hand is making a circular motion on her back, on her exposed skin. He makes her so hot and bothered.

She sticks her tongue out and he sucks on it while kissing and playing with her mouth. After a while, she pushes him when the need for air consumes her.

“You are really sweet, my sweetpea.”

“What’s with that name?” She asks, curiosity in her voice.

“You are sweet and small like a pea, my sweetpea.” He smiles.

She raises her brow at that but returns his smile.

“Bed?” He asks.

One word but the meaning behind it means everything to the two of them.

“Yes.” She gives in. There’s was no escaping what she feels for him.

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