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J.k Rowling's world has obviously changed the whole mindset of all the people!! We love Harry Potter and we ALWAYS will.... this is just a wonderful and sweet journey of our potterhood!!! Hope you enjoy... For the fun stuff we post...please go to wizardorzo.wordpress.com

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Dear reader,

Wake up lazy people🤭🤭!! Go get your Firebolt and come with us to explore the magical world of our little but strong team😉. So, when is the last time you thought of getting an invitation to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry?🤔🤔🤔 Duhh...ofcourse you think it every second!!!!! 😛😛
Our wizardorzo team has brought up a bewildering and mind blowing venture where you can go all innovative and use this silly entertainment box in your creative hands for some really productive and stress reducing fun. 😋😋🥳🥳

Being in a packed and lonely atmosphere might have end all the enthusiasm for fun in you, negative thoughts do come at such times and you may get depressed too🥺🥺...so that's what we are here for!! To cheer you up with our hilarious and memorable incidents of our potterhood, to end the negative thoughts with some heartwarming words of great witches and wizards and boost your mental energy by introducing you to our creative masterminds.🥰🥰🙃❤

The COVID-19 has kept us under the imperius spell and has made us all go in complete lockdown😱😱. But we believe that if we are connected together through this wonderful invention of mankind we can make use of the free time inventively with our own Potter ways and anyways the fear of the name only increases the fear of the thing itself.😌😌

So read like Granger, eat like Weasley and live like Potter!! Come on, get your creative minds to work and join us with our wonderful memories in the past, "three turns should do it."🤗🤗❤

For the fun stuff we post....please go to..
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