The Forbidden worlds


Its about the real world joining with a girls imagination from her story. Her story is about characters she created aswell as some characters she likes from films or programs.

Fantasy / Action
Ella Danter
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Chapter 1 first day at a new school

It's a new day at a new school I'm scared a bit but my friend is coming with me so I'll be fine. I woke up at 6:30am this morning cuse my alarm went off. I got dressed had breakfast then read a book on of my favourites. The door bell rang it was my friend Ellie. I checked my phone it was 7:50 when I got out the door I said bye to my mum, step dad, my 2 brothers and my little sister. Me and Ellie were talking about how scared we were about going to our new school. We reached the school at 8:33am which was really early for us because in our old school we were there at 8:40am. "hey Hailey what do you think of them. "said Ellie. "well there nice looking but not my type because there like the popular kids and plus there annoying they get in the way. " I said because it is true boys like that just get in your way. "I gess your right about that lol." Ellie said. The bell rang to go to class. I had to go to English which was good because I like English because you can read books. Then it rang again then I had to go to art and I liked it because I like drawing. It was 5 minutes until it was break. I was really nervous because I haven't made eny new friends yet. 5 minutes past it was break. One of the popular kids pushed me over his name was eathan I hated him. But then someone helped me up his name was Alfie it was really weird. "hey you need help down there." said Alfie. I said no and then ran off because I was really shy. It was the third lesson it was pd (personal development ) and I was in the same class as him and I was in the class with eathan and Ellie as well so I didn't mind sept from ethan he's so annoying. It's the end of the third lesson. I got maths I hate maths because of out teacher she's so mean like she will tell u off for the stupidest things like writing down notes or something like that. Then I sor some one out side and the I realised that it was nearly lunch time and I told miss and she said "okay you can go now". And I ran towards the lunch area. I was first in line and I asked the lady if I could have a slice of pizza and a hash brown. So she gave me what I wanted. Then I went up into the library to have lunch but I sat by my self until the same boy that helped me up came and sat next to me aswell as Ellie and some of his mates came over aswell. Which was strange. "hi your names Hailey right." said Alfie.
"ummmmm yeah and your Alfie."
"yeah I am. Your cinda cute."said Alfie. I started to blush I never heard people call me cute before but I said thank you. It was the end of the day. I decided because I was bored because there was nothing to do because my mum was at the school picking my brothers and my sister up. My step dad was at work so I decided to write a story. It was about these two worlds. One was real one was not. The one that's not is made up. It's about a cartoon/anime world. I like anime because you can be who you wanna be. You can fined true love. You can fined your soulmate. You can make real friends and go on an adventure. So I started writing the story. I included some of my favourite characters in there and made up some of my own like Ella Black. She is from black butler. She is cousins with ceil. But then all of a sudden I got dragged into a world I recognised it. But then. "oh hi there" said a strange purson. "who's there." i said because I didn't know where I was. "turn around. " there was this tall purson standing in front of me. "oh I'm sorry I'm kageyama tobio" said kageyama. Me screaming inside. "oh oki I'm Hailey. "
"oh oki hi Hailey do you wanna come inside. "
"oki is this your house. "
"yeah it's my house "
"oki" I walk in side his house and there is some small human tangerine there.
"oh hinata this is Hailey. "
"hi Hailey I'm hinata nice to meet you "
"hi.... " I was really shy of meeting new people but me and hinata got on so well then kageyama said that him and hinata was on a volleyball team. So he introduced me to the team me and the team got on really well. But then I got dragged out of the world. I missed them I felt like I was where I was so post to be like I felt I was wanted.

So it's another day at school same thing happened only that when I was taking a test I could see them. "hey Hailey we've missed you so we decided to visit you." said sugawara. I felt like I was about to cry but kageyama noticed and he wiped my tears and said everythings going to be okay.
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