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The Saltiness of Life


Lila gets her butt kicked by Mari and Adrien

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Chapter 1

Marinette pov.

I sleepily walked down the stairs and sat down at the table.

“Good morning, Marinette,” said Sabine.

“Good morning, Mom”

“Hurry up or else you’ll be late Marinette”

“Really!!! Oh god!!!”

“I packed you macarons from the bakery as a snack”

“Thanks, Mom”

I winked at Tikki who looked at me with happiness after hearing about the macarons.

5 minutes later - At school

“Hey girl,” Alya said as she walked over with Nino.

“Hey Alya, Hey Nino,” I said as I hugged Alya.

“Girl you won’t believe what happened, Lila and Adrien are dating,” said Alya. Then that’s when my whole world started to collapse my crush since freshman year is dating a liar. Correction: a person he knows is a liar and a moron who hates my guts as much as I hate her lies.

I try to mask my emotions and I wondered why Alya was so happy about this. I MEAN SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND. And that’s when it hit me that Alya has been spending more and more time with that bully, Lila Then I run to the bathroom to cry.

Adrien Pov.

I wake up and give plagg some cheese


“Hey, Nino,” I said as I walked up to him.

“Hey, Adrien, congrats to you and Lila,” said Nino. But, I was confused.

“Lila and me???” I asked Nino.

“Oh, don’t be shy, Lila told me all about your confession and your make-out session after the photoshoot you two had yesterday,” said Nino.

“Nino-“I began but then the damn bell had to ring.

We both ran to our class and I said hi to Marinette and it looked like she was crying. As I was about to ask her what happened. Ms. Bustier clapped her hands to get our attention.

“Good morning, students”

“Good morning, Ms. Bustier”

“Now students, get out your journal and write what you are grateful for, and don’t forget to write the date.”

I thought what am I grateful for:

My dad gives me a house but no freedom

An awesome friend whos also a DJ

Marinette and her silly personality.

Alya and her boldness.

Last but not least HAMSTERS< POTATOES AND


“Ok Students times up raise your hand if you want to share”

(FORGIVE ME FOR THIS I might have made my best friend a character.)

“Kim, Max, and Gagandeep” aww I wanted to be picked.

“Um Ms. Bustier call me Gary since I like it better”

“Go ahead, Kim”

“I’m grateful for sports, Ondine, and Chloe oh and that one catfish show”

“Ok, Max your turn”

“Thank you Ms. Bustier, I am grateful for God to give me my brain, Markov, my brain, my mom, and all of my friends”

“Ok Gary your turn”

*In a falsetto southern accent*

“What I am grateful for children is, food, water, all my friends, oh and that girl um- let’s just call her Shaniqua who tried to push her friend down the mountain/hill and then got pushed down her self”

Marinette POV - lunch

Adrien is walking up to me about what to do!!!!!!!

“Hey, Mari,”

“H-hey Adrien””

“I noticed you were crying earlier what’s wrong,

I couldn’t keep it in anymore!


He looked at me with a shocked look.

“Why Marinette, why,” said Adrien as tears burst from my face.


“Um... I am not dating Lila who told you that” sad Adrien.

“Oh but Alya and Nino said-” he cut me off.

“Look I don’t know what they said but its not true”

“Sorry about that, Adrien I should have known that you’d never do that, and- OH MY GOD I called you a coward I’m sorry-” he cut me off again.

“Look you don’t have to be sorry Lilla is a 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 and later on we can hit her with a magical ✨ pan ✨”

“Your magical pan??? Can I see it”

“Come to my mansion tomorrow here’s the address 234 Roady side road”

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