BlazeBlue: Knight of Souls


A new threat has come to the BlazBlue universe! How will the cast deal with this new threat? Also who are these kids that keep calling Ragna, Uncle! Read and find out!

Action / Adventure
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Fun at the Manor

Night time at Alucard Mansion was always a great sight. The pumpkin shaped lanterns, the steel fences covered by a long stem of rose thorns. All the while the roses themselves covered the ground so much that one couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by their smell. The cool crisp night air mixed with the scent of roses made it an oddly perfect place for training. It kept a person cool while doing intense training and masked the smell of sweat! It didn’t do a thing for the scent of blood though.

“Ragna! Nolan! You’re both bleeding again!” Celica cried out as she ran over to heal them.

“It’s nothing. Just scratches from all these thorns around here on the ground. We haven’t even grazed each other with our swords!” Nolan told her, moving away in protest as her hands began to glow with a vivid green light. Her light quickly healed the few scrapes on Nolan’s brown skin. It was a shame she couldn’t fix the cuts on his nice black jacket or pants, though.

“Yeah, these are nothing compared to training with Jubei. A lot harder than this.” Ragna told her as she healed the minor scrapes the two received.

“Still, I can’t just sit by and just let you guys keep fighting all beat up!” Celica said defending her actions. “Plus you two have been training for hours now. With no breaks!”

Nolan looked at the sky, ran a hand through his sandy blonde hair, and then at Ragna, “We have? I thought for sure Lady Rachel would have appeared and insult Uncle Ragna over getting all sweaty and bleeding all over her rose garden by now.”

“Quite right. Though it’s no surprise really. You can only expect so much from Plankton, child. The etiquette of proper society is simply too much for a lower lifeform like him to comprehend, let alone execute.” Nolan and Celica both looked up toward the sky and saw Rachael gracefully floating down in front of them.”.

“Hey, Rabbit. Seems like you’re losing your touch if Nolan here can predict you.” Ragna said to her, seemly ignoring her condescending words.

Rachel gave a small smirk, “I think not. It seems more so that he’s gotten used to your behavior patterns and correctly predicted how you would prove yourself to be unrefined.” As she almost landed on the ground, Nago, her black cat, turned into a table. Gii, her pig bat, turned into a chair and parasol. Rachael gracefully landed on Gii and looked at the three before her with mild amusement.

Nolan was trying, and failing, his best not to snicker at her remarks. Ragna groaned and rolled his eyes, while Celica looked at him sympathetically.

“Nah, I think he has an easier time with mimicking how full of it you are when you talk.” Ragna countered, returning her sly smirk with a smug one of his own.

Rachel didn’t even bat an eyelash at his remark, “How amusing. If that’s the case, I’d love to see you try to mimic someone from proper society.” She crossed her arms and turned her back to them, looking over her shoulder at Ragna. “I highly doubt you’ll be able to mimic someone with such grace and décor such as myself, thought with luck, you might perhaps be able to learn when to use the big spoon at the dinner table.”

Celica nodded in agreement, “Yeah, I have faith in Ragna. I know he can do it!”

Nolan couldn’t contain himself anymore, he busted out laughing. “I-can’t. Just-Uncle Ragna wearing a suit and speaking with those airs.” He clutched his sides as he tried to regain control from his laughing fit. “I know Celica would want to help him out too. Maybe even mom. Oh wow, Lady Rachael! Do you think we could get Valkenhmyn on this? This would be pure gold to watch!”

Rachael looked to him, “While normally I wouldn’t bother wasting Valkenhymn’s precious time one such a trivial matter, I do suppose he may do if I asked that of him.”

“Hey! Whoa, I didn’t agree to any of this!” Ragna said shooting a glare at Rachael.

“Oh? So your boasting about my predictability was unfounded? Just simple barking from a dog with no bite?” She asked him with a very smug smirk on her face.

“What? Well-I uhh...”, he groaned in irritation at the whole situation, “Fine. I’ll wipe that smug grin off your face and show you!”

“I’d love to see you try.” Rachel said amused at how easy it was to goad Ragna like this.

“That’s the spirit Ragna! Also, Nolan was right! I’d be glad to help you in any way I can!” Celica told him to show him support.

Nolan tried to sneak away, “Well I’ll leave you two at it then! Good luck.”

“Where do you think you’re going?” Ragna asked giving him a look.

“Uh-”, Nolan tried to think up something fast, “To Ikaurga?”

Ragna kept his gaze, “For?” He asked crossing his arms while looking at him.

“That awesome udon that they were advertising?” Nolan answered into a questioning tone, unsure if he’d buy it.

“Isn’t that in Kagutsuchi?” Ragna asked rhetorically, knowing Nolan was lying.

“Huh? I think it’s in Ikaruga!” Celica said confidently.

“It’s in Kagutsuchi.” Ragna and Nolan both said at the same time with an exasperated tone.

Ragna turned to Nolan and frowned, “What are you, stupid? You can’t just go off on your own like that! Terumi or Relius could come after you without warning!”

Nolan frowned and grit his teeth, fists clenched as Ragna said those names, “Well Kagura and his men are in Ikaruga. Plus Bang and his ninjas. Couldn’t I just shove Retenjjo down Terumi’s windpipe? As for Relius, he can’t fight nearly as well without Ignis, so all I’d have to do is split them up and beat them up. Like you did to Carl and Nirvana.”

“That was different Nolan and you know it!” Ragna yelled at him.

“I can’t just spend my entire life under your watch! Plus I get that their strong and dangerous! It’s why you all haven’t killed them off yet.” He turned to walk away, “Plus my mother is a bigger target! I refuse to just stand by idly! Goodbye!” With that Nolan teleported out the area.

Ragna groaned in frustration and stabbed the ground with his sword. “Dammnit, that kid is such a hardheaded idiot. “ He turned to Rachael,” Why did you teach him that again?”

Rachael sighed, “The child had an aptitude for it and with my guidance managed to learn it without much trouble.” She looked at him, “The true nature and extent of his power has yet to be seen. To be quite honest, his existence itself is a mystery. Thought I can say for sure that as an offspring of “the Successor to the Azure” and that man, he could prove to be a wild card of sorts in the war.”

Celica gave Ragna a comforting pat on the back, “It’s alright Ragna! We can go after him! He kinda reminds me of how I reacted when my sister got overprotective.”

Ragna looked at her stunned, “I’m not anywhere near as bad as your sister was over that! She threw lightning at me when we first met!” Celica laughed nervously, “Yeah, sorry about that. It’s just she really cares about me and can get carried away sometimes...”

Rachael looked at the two with a dull expression on her features, “If you both are quite done with a stroll down memory lane, you should be able to catch up to Nolan before someone notices he’s unguarded and chooses to act on the opportunity.”

Ragna gave her a nod with a determined look, “Yeah, yeah. Let’s go get him before he does something stupid.”

Wandering among the crowded streets of Ikaurga, Nolan casually walked around as if he didn’t have a care in the world. “Finally, now where’s the fun around here? A guy can only train so much before he gets bored.”

“Disciple #4! It’s been too long!” Nolan’s eye’s widened in shock as he turned toward the loud ninja calling out to him unto a rooftop of a restaurant.

‘So much for hiding in the crowd’. Nolan thought to himself as he waved to Bang and went up to talk with him on the roof.

“So what brings you by? Eagerness for more of my training?” Bang asked posing proudly as his minions-I mean, ninjas hid among the shadows around the two.

“For fun, actually. I’ve been training with the Grim Reaper all day with no breaks. I need some fun before I transform into an all-work, no-play old man.” Nolan told him, hoping to avoid more training. Bang looked at him in shock, “You’ve been training with the Grim Reaper? Is that why you’ve been missing from the “Fellowship of Bang” meetings?!”

In truth, Nolan did not take that whole thing seriously at all, but Bang clearly did, so he either could lie to spare his feelings or tell the truth.

“Did you hear that?” Nolan motioned for Bang to look around the area. “Huh? What are you-”, he caught what Nolan was talking about, “I see.” Bang got into his fighting pose and began to yell at the top of his lungs, “Evildoers beware! No one shall catch the great Bang Shishigami off guard! Show yourself!” Nolan had mixed feelings about the whole situation before them, one, he was spared from Bang’s whining but whoever this was could prove dangerous. It would be the one time he managed to go off on his own that someone would attack him. Joy.

He took out his guns and looked around the area, “Do you-”, before he could finish, he was tackled to the ground by someone at an incredibly fast speed.

The Phantom Field, a space between dimensions. A space where memories are gathered and collected, a place where time lines are recorded. It was a space filled with crystals of people’s memories flowing in the air, crystal-like platforms are moving slowly within the bright blue void. Clashes of battle could of heard in the distance, the sounds of metal hitting metal, blows being blocked and countered. Explosions were being ignited due to magical attack being used.

Dammit where is she, where is she?!” Elisa questioned while she hastily scanned the area for her opponent. She was running as fast as her legs could carry her. Her eyes shift from side-to-side trying to locate the other combatant. A shock wave was coming in from above at tremendous speeds. “CRAP!” Elisa exclaimed when she looked up in terror. With her abnormally fast reflexes she hurled herself off the platform she was on and landed on another one that was below her.

“Phew. That was a close one.” She said as she exhaled in relief. “You relax even for a moment and you’re good as dead.” Came a voice from above. Elisa looked up and saw her mother coming down after her with another attack. “Geez, she never lets up does she?!” Elisa cried as she once again hurled herself out of the way.

Es, her mother, collided with the platform with her attack causing crystal shards to fly into the air and creating a explosion of dust to form. When the dust cleared she was standing in the middle of the crater her attack had created. “Are you freaking kidding me?! That could’ve killed me!” Elisa shouted that her mother. “No need to worry. The force of the attack wouldn’t have been enough to hurt you.” Es replied give a smirk.

“Like hell it wouldn’t!” Elisa replied back in frustration. “Anyway our training session isn’t over.” Es said while holding up her sword. “What?! It’s not over?! When the hell will it be?!” Elisa questioned in even more frustration.

Es chuckled with her eyes closed and with another smirk. Almost instantly after she did she was already upon Elisa with a over-head attack with both hands on her Murakumo.

Elisa blocked the over-head strike with the gauntlet that was on her left arm. The block was successful, but the impact of the blow sent a shock of pain down her arm. Elisa groaned in pain. ′Damn that hurts! I had no idea her Murakumo was this strong.′ She thought too herself.

Elisa pushed Es away to gain some distance be to no avail. As soon as Es gained her balance almost instantly, she was already running at Elisa with an attack. Unable to react fast enough due to her mother’s quick recovery time; Elisa had no choice but to brace herself and defend against her mother’s onslaught of attacks. First came a quick attack from the side with the sword; Elisa managed to block it with her left arm again. Right when she did; Es used her momentum to leap off the ground to land a left kick. Elisa grabbed her leg. ‘Yes, I got her!’ Elisa thought happily.

But before she could do anything else; Es kicked out her right leg which was free and was about to kick Elisa in the face. But Elisa got lucky, she dodged the kick and at the same time threw Es since she still had a hold of her leg. Es was sent flying; she stabbed her sword in the ground to stop herself. When she did she looked up and saw that Elisa was already in the air with an kick that was ready to make contact with her face. Es smirked, she garbed Elisa’s foot and slammed her to the ground.

“Argh!” Elisa groaned in pain. While she was still on the grounded Es kicked her in the side which caused her to roll across the platform. Elisa stopped herself by gripping the ground; when she stopped she bolted like a lightning bolt literally; Elisa’s right arm was surging with lightning. “See if you can dodge th-”

“Alright that’s enough.” Es said while putting away her Murakumo. “Wait, w-what?!” Elisa was caught by surprise and nearly fell on her face trying to stop herself. “Are you kidding me?! I was about to make a comeback!” She shouted being even more frustrating than before. “Please calm yourself my daughter. You did great.” Es told her with a smile.

“Hmph, I could’ve had you and you had to go and end training.” Elisa said still irritated. She had long curly dirty blonde hair, a light brown skin tone and amber colored eyes. She wore a black short jacket with a white shirt under it. She also wore a pair of skinny jeans with rips design in them and a pair of brown boots. “My dear child.” Es said while shaking her head and having her eyes closed. “You’re strong, really strong; but you still have a lot to learn.” She added. “Moooom” Elisa started. “Elisa, I’m not holding you back. I just don’t want you to become someone’s tool.” Es said with a sad look in her. “Not like I was.” She then added. “Mom, I-” Elisa started to say, but was cut off by her mother.

“Don’t worry it was a long time ago and that person is dead. No need to live in the past.” Es said cheering up. “Now we are leaving. I have other important matters to attend to. You’re free to roam now. You did want to meet those ‘people’ right?” She asked. “Oh yes. I really do and I do want to go and explore.” Elisa said excitedly.

“Understood, be sure to not get into any ‘trouble’ and look out for any suspicious ‘characters’ okay?” Es told her. “Roger that ma’am” Elisa agreed obediently. And with that said they both teleported.

Elisa reappeared standing in a wooded area. “Hm, where to go I wonder?” She said to herself. “Hm, there is Kagutsuchi, the allied cities of Ikaruga, Hmmm?” Elisa thought to herself. “Ooo I know, how about Alucard Castle.” She said grinning. “Oh yes, that sounds like a very good idea.” She then said making up her mind. And with that said she teleported again.

Elisa reappeared that Alucard Castle was astonished by what she saw. Pumpkin lanterns were constantly laughing, rose vines were growing on the fences, bats were flying from the castle and into the night, the castle itself seemed like a haunted castle, but a real one. And also in the background the midnight moon was bright with a cyan glow, it was beautiful, a sight to behold. But it was not as beautiful as the rose garden she caught sight of. Roses were everywhere and they were a luscious red. The garden, the whole castle was breath-taking. Elisa picked up a rose and sniffed it.

“Ahhhh, it smells sooo good.” she said to herself while being drowned in the fragrant smells of the roses. While Elisa was enjoying her delicate rose she then caught a scent of something that completely broke the fragrant smell of her rose something that she didn’t like. “What the hell is that smell? Is that- Is that blood?” she asked herself.

“Mom told me Rachael Alucard is a vampire. I hope I don’t come across her drinking someones blood.” she said to herself. She then shook her head. “Naw, I doubt she’ll do that.” she assured herself.

Elisa followed the scent of blood as if it was a food aroma. When she found the source of the smell she found a group of people in a rose garden below. One was a man wearing a red jacket and had white hair, the other was a brunette girl whose attire seem been of those of the mage city, Ishana, and the last person was a short young girl wearing a black dress. “So that must be Miss Rachael.” Elisa thought to herself. “I think I’ll go have some fun.”

“Dammit that kid is such a hardheaded idiot!” Ragna shouted in anger as he stabbed his sword in the ground. “Why did you teach him how to teleport again” Ragna asked Rachael in frustration. “The boy had an high aptitude for it and with my guidance he mastered it on his own.” Rachael replied still having her back turned to Ragna and Celica.

“It’s best you find him now before someone chooses to act on this opportunity.” Rachael said looking at the two with a dull expression. Ragna sighed and nod with a determined look. “Yeah, yeah let’s go find him before he does something stupid.” “Right!” Celica responded with even more determination. Before the two could leave they heard a scream. Everyone but Rachael looked around franticly. Valkenhayn jumped out of nowhere into the air carrying a young girl in his arms.

“Let me go you old fart, I mean it let me go dammit!” Shouted Elisa. She was hitting Valkenhayn’s arm try to get free. When they landed Elisa shouted “I SAID TO LET....ME....GOOOOO!” She yelled at the top of her lungs. And with that Elisa vanished from Valkenhayn’s arms into some sort of black mist and reappeared a few feet away from the group.

“You shouldn’t do that; that is a sure way to get hurt.” Elisa told Valkenhayn with a glare. “It is rude to snoop around someone’s property. You could’ve been the one that would have gotten hurt.” Replied Valkenhayn return a glare. “That is enough Valkenhayn. You did well exposing our intruder.” Rachael said to her servant. “I was wondering when you were going to come out.” Rachael said to Elisa now looking at her.

“Hm. I was wondering when you were going to say something.” Elisa replied with a smirk. She keeled down and picked a rose and again sniffed it.

“Ahhhh, I can never get tired of that smell. I must say madam Rachael you take really good care of this rose garden and this castle it’s really spectacular.” she commented.

“You know it is rude to pick someone’s rose from their garden, you child.” Nego pointed out.

“A child, such a child.” Gii said repeating the last word Nego said.

Elisa still enjoying her rose didn’t bother answering them.

“Are you even listening? It it rude to-” Nago was cut off.

“I heard you the first time! Gosh, shut up! I don’t remember animals being able to talk. I don’t believe that you two are beastkin; suppose I can rearrange that. Oh I know, how about a nice stew? Oh yes that will be fine, especially that fat cat. I’m sure that’ll be a good hull.” Elisa said giving Nago and Gii a hungry look.

“WAAAAAH!! P-Princess, p-please protect us” Nego and Gii were now hiding behind Rachael. Celica was shocked to hear someone say that. Ragna had an expression on his face that said ‘Is this girl crazy?’ Ragna snapped out of his shock and popped the question.

“Hey, Rabbit. Do you know this girl?” He asked.

“How absurd. To think I would treat an acquaintance so poorly. But since it’s you, I wouldn’t expect anything more.” Rachael responded still looking that Elisa.

“Wait, what the hell is THAT supposed to mean?!” Ragna asked getting even more tired of her crap.

Ignoring him, Rachael asked Elisa the same question. “Answer me, who are you? Why are you here?”

“Huh? Me? Well I just wanted to see Alucard castle in person.” Elisa replied tossing the rose aside.

Rachael not being quiet satisfied with her answer gave Elisa a dull expression. “You’re not answering my question. WHO are you?” She asked again, but this time with even more demand.

Elisa now giving up on her little game decided to act properly. “Where is my manners? My name is Elisa Storage and what I said earlier was true. I came to Alucard Castle to see it with my own eyes. And I’ve come to make conversations.” She said in a proper manner. “And by the way madam Rachael. You can stop with the slaving red eyes; they’re not gonna work on me. In fact, I find it offensive; so if you can kindly stop.” She asked with a kind smile.

Rachael raised an eyebrow. “Is that so?” she replied. She then dispelled her enslaving spell. “Then I presume you’re not an ordinary girl then. Am I right?” Rachael asked her.

“No, I’m just strong willed.” Elisa replied with a cheery smile. Rachael gave her a look. Knowing she is lying. “So anyway I saw that Uncle Ragna was getting chewed out by you. So I decided to show, well that was until the ‘gentlemen’ over there caught me off guard.” Elisa added.

Valkenhayn too raised an eyebrow at how fast her whole demeanor changer.

“Wait hold on! What the hell do you mean uncle?!” Ragna shouted out. He then thought about it. “Ah shit, did Jin get laid?” He then said out loud unaware he did.

Everyone looked that Ragna. Ragna caught on to what he said and found all eyes staring that him.

“Hold on wait, I didn’t-” He started but was cut off by Rachael.

“Only a lifeform with such intellect as your’s would think of such a thing. How pitiful.” She condescend him.

“Hey come on she called me uncle. What else would you think rabbit? Plus there is only one person that calls me uncle.” He said in defense of what he said earlier.

Elisa’s eye twitched when she heard Ragna say that. Ragna noticed her glare. “The hell is that look for?”

“I know you did not just say that brotherly-loving, psychotic, arrogant, self-centered jack-ass is my father!” She said still him a glare.

“Wait, how the hell you even know Jin? It seems like you hate him.” Ragna said now returning a glare.

“Ragna” Celica started. “Don’t get angry that her. She probably has a good reason why she doesn’t like him.”

“Tch, I can care less if she hates him or not.” He replied back still glaring that Elisa.

Elisa sighed. “Forget it. Sorry I latched out. I just can’t seem to stand that guy. Especially how he treats my aunt.”

“Aunt?” Celica said to herself.

“Still how do you even know Jin and why did you call me your uncle?” Ragna pushed the question.

“Sorry can’t answer that now. I’ve wasted enough time here anyway. Perhaps someone who know may be able to answer that.” Elisa respond giving to smirk. She turned her back to the group. “I hope we’ll meet again it’s been fun. Oh and don’t worry Madam Rachael I wasn’t followed.” She then added. And with that she vanished in thin air.

“Just who the hell was that?” Ragna asked to no one in specific.

“I don’t know, but she seems like a nice person. So Ragna, I didn’t know you had an niece.” Celica said to him smiling.

“Celica were you even paying attention the whole time?” Ragna asked now facing her.

Celica looked up that him still smiling. “Yup, and she called you uncle.”

Ragna was that the point beyond frustration. “Argh, Lets just go already. Nolan is probably already in Ikaruga by now. Rabbit, can you just pleeeease teleport us outta?” he then asked Rachael.

“I couldn’t have agreed more.” she replied. And with that they too vanished in thin air.

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